Is this going to be my first Christmas in Lagos? No! But it is going to be my first Christmas in Lagos as an adult! There's a whole lot of difference. As a child Christmas was about what your parents, uncles, aunts, big cousins e.t.c could do for you-it was dependent on them! As an adult, you're OYO: On Your Own! I wouldn't claim to know all the hot spots in Lagos, but I can recommend places and activities, and you can recommend too by leaving your comments!
  • LEKKI LEISURE LAKE - Lekki lake is great for physical activities like Jet Skiing, I loved it the last time I was there and I believe you can make a day out of this. See the REVIEW HERE
  • LEKKI CONSERVATIVE - If you're interested in nature, this place is definitely for you. The last time I went there people were camping out. How about you take your family out and pack a picnic? It will be something different. See the REVIEW HERE
  • LA CAMPAIGNE TROPICANA - Never been there but I have heard so much about it. When I gather my money I will go! LOL It is great for couples, if you want to plan a romantic getaway within Lagos, this is your spot. Christmas for two lovebirds *swoons
  • TERRAKULTURE - There should be some plays showing this season, the last one I saw was London Life Lagos Living and it was so much fun- hilarity! Maybe you should see a stage play? 
  • COCONUT BEACH - The Coconut Beach in Badagry is a beautiful beach in the coastal town of Badagry, West of Lagos. The beach is attractive set in an area surrounded by coconut trees! See the beautiful scenery below.
  • RADISSON BLU - I love their Buffet and they do have variety in their menu so if you're looking for an all you can eat, oya check them out! see the REVIEW HERE
  • IBIS HOTEL - I love their Buffet because the price is right! At 5000 naira you can't really complain, not a lot of variety in the menu but everything you taste will be delicious. This is on the mainland. You can see the REVIEW HERE
  • BANGKOK RESTAURANT - They have the best Thai in Lagos, if you're looking to try something different then you might want to visit Bangkok Restaurant. Check out my review HERE
  • FOUR POINTS - This is another restaurant with great buffet for just 6000 naira pere! I love their variety and the meals are delicious too. If you're in the Island you can visit.
  • YELLOW CHILLI - You can visit Yellow Chilli for their signature seafood okra, this season you can get 10 % off if you use a verve card! Deal! See the REVIEW HERE
  • LAGOS COUNTDOWN - This is holding around Bar Beach, I noticed they are filling the ocean with sand, human beings nor dey fear oh. Back to the gist, there's  people chilling out at the beach every evening till the 1st of January 2014, you might want to check it out! See the details HERE
  • COOL FM PRAISE JAM - Location:Victoria Island, Lagos, Venue:Expo Hall, Eko Hotel & Suites, Length:2pm – 9pm
  • INSPIRATION FM - Location: King's college grounds,Adeyemo Alakija street, near Law School, Victoria Island, Lagos, Date: 25th and 26th of December 2013, Time: 12noon each day.
    Ticket rates: Children- 1000, Adults - 2,000, Couples - 3,000 and call Funke on 07033753056 to book the Family Bundle.
  • WHITE CHRISTMAS CAROL 2013 -  Have you attended any Carol this year? You might want to attend this one. Ministering is The True Worshippers from The Potter's House Lagos, Olawale Ayeni, The Worshippers of The Charis Centre
  • THE KING IS BORN (INTERDENOMINATIONAL CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE) - This is another Carol you might want to attend. It promises to be fun. It takes place at Chapel of Christ the Light, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • GOOD LIFE FESTIVAL - This takes place on the 27th of December at Funturf in Lekki. There will be musical performance, celebrity guest appearances, a VIP lounge with a fully stocked bar, snooker, plus music from the best Nigerian DJs.
  • KAKADU THE MUSICAL - Kakadu the award winning musical returns this December as a command performance at the behest of Lagos Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN, and on popular demand.Date: Thursday 26th & Friday 27th December 201, Time: 6PM, Venue: The Agip Recital, Muson Center, Lagos
You can just chill in your house my dear, cook your jollof rice and eat in peace. You've probably been working all year, so take advantage of this time and just chill jare! Whatever you do, enjoy Christmas and remember it is not a do or die affair. If you are are of other events, please leave them in the comments section, what are you going to be up to this Christmas?

Compliments of the season!


  1. Merry Christmas Sisi Yemmie... I no say you go groove tire this holiday... Its Sophia

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  3. Sisi Yemmie na u oo..enjoyment everytime. Tnxx for the tips.

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  6. Thanks Sisi Yemmie for all these tips. Have a wonderful holiday. pergarsus@yahoo.com

  7. Merry Christmas Sisi Yemmie. Have a happy holiday...God bless you loads.

  8. Sisi Yemmie... wey ma credit naaa

  9. I took your advice and I am having lunch with hubby at Bangkok Restaurant. He loves it. I love it. Thank you Sisi Yemmie

  10. Merry Christmas, Sisi !!

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  11. This is awesome...just came across your blog through Nigerian Blog Awards and am already lovin' it!


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