Eh!!! I cannot believe I have been ignoring this movie! I went online to check out the movies showing at Silver Bird Cinemas, when I saw Lagos Cougars I just comot my face, the last nollywood movie I spent all my money on, bought popcorn 200 naira plus Fanta 600 naira each was total rubbish!!! 

Anyways, before I say anything let me tell you that I enjoyed the movie: chei the feem tuff!!! And I found it hilarious!!! Bobo doesn't agree. Uche Jombo, Monalisa Chinda and Daniella Okeka, starred in the movie, it also features some new comers as well (the male acts). I've never heard about Daniella until this movie and her body is... just so beautifully curved, but her acting was not so great. Sean Faqua was brilliant in his role, y'all should look out for him!

Okay, the movie was about three professional, single ladies probably in their forties who found their way into "cougarism", is that even a word? Anyways, for one of them (Uche) it was a decision, for the other (Daniella) it was for love and for the third (Monalisa) it was just chance. I don’t want to spoil this movie for you oh…should I? Ok, I’ll just tell you my favourite parts, there was one time Elsie (Monalisa) told Joke (Daniella) to give in to being a cougar and “Service her engine with Jite premium engine oil”….everybody burst out laughing! Jite is the name of Joke’s toyboy/employee/lover.
Elsie was lured into cougarism by her son’s best friend who is an absolute charmer, chai, that boy can toast woman nor be small, even though some of his lines were very cheesy. Of course the relationship didn't last long cos her son found out and gave his bestie the beating of his life, it was like a jet li movie, see blow, see kolobi, see throwbacky!

Aret  (Uche Jombo) was a serial cougar. Her boy toy was hilarious and very unserious, he kept misbehaving and coming back to beg, yeye boy. His name is Chigo, he was sooooo funny and did not have any fake accent at all, I think that made the movie much more interesting. 

I want to give props to Desmond Elliot for directing this movie, it was beautiful, the camera angles were very good, there was no unnecessary scene, the background music was appropriate at each point, sound effects were cool too. I also love that they showcased African fashion through the beautiful Ankara outfits the cast wore. I have a new found respect for Nollywood Movies. When you go to see this movie, go with an open mind, it's not that serious.

One more thing, some of the scenes were shot at Lekki Conservative and I was like, “Oh look, I’ve been there”…LOL. I was feeling cool with myself. You haven’t seen the review or video I did of Lekki Conservative? See it HERE . Dear brethren, go watch that feem and tell me what you think! My 1500 naira did not waste sha. Some of the scenes/conversation were cliche, but overall it was a good movie.

Ehn, one thing vexed me sha, I paid 600 naira for Fanta at the cinema, 600 naira! Next time I go carry my own minerals go there. What a rip off…!

Produced by Emem Isong.
Directed by Desmond Elliot.
Starring Uche Jombo, Monalisa Chinda, Alex Ekubo, Bobby Michaels, Diana Yekinni, Benjamin Touitou, Ifeanyi Kalu and Sean Faqua.


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  1. 600naira? Was it a crate of fanta? :O

  2. You gotta go watch movies with a big bag people. No matter where you are. That's what those are made for! Lol. Put your food and drinks in there!

  3. lol.. seriously 600? *shocked* I must own a cinemall hall fr dis we country by force by fire

  4. Am going to see this movie this weekend. I just hope sisi yemmie's voice won't play in my head instead.
    Lovely review ma'am!
    Btw, am carrying my own dodo & hot coffe in there! Rubbish thieves!

  5. Loved loved the movie! Alex Ekubo the actor that played Uche Jombo's toyboy was hilarious! But my favourite was the sweet little Jite with his smile that could melt an ice popsicle! So cute. They all did well in the 'feem'! Definately worth watching!

  6. Nice one, Sisi Yemmie, I agree with you totally! :)

  7. I loved the movie, its worth watching.

  8. My favorite actor was Lawrence.. He tried.. So cute and charming


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