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You guys! I have been thinking of ways to save cost on food in 2023 and I think I have a light bulb moment! It's online shopping! Yes, I enjoy going to the market, it brings me joy to see all of the fresh display of food, the variety and anxiety when it comes to bargaining the price which I am terrible at! LOL but it will bring me greater joy if I can save more money by not going to the market and hitting my financial goals for 2023!

 I've been buying food stuff online from Tunde Laniran Farms and I am always excited to plug them in my videos because it has honestly been convenient and I realise online grocery shopping is the way to go if I want to strictly follow my shopping list. Can I convince you ? See below. 

The Dangers of Mom Shaming: Why Nigerian Women Need to Stop !

A few days ago I shared a post on instagram about Nigerian women and their relationships with their house helps/domestic staff/nannies (I recently authored an e-book called The Domestic Staff Guide, which you can download by clicking HERE. This e-book helps to address the common issues Nigerian women face with hiring help, maintaining positive relationships with their domestic staff, so that everyone can flourish). The post garnered a lot of comments, and even though it was a light hearted post, it soon became a battle of Nigerian Women in Nigeria vs Nigerian Women in Diaspora - and to my horror insults began flying left, right and centre, some people got blocked, there was name calling and ultimately mom shaming which I DO NOT SUPPORT! You can view the post HERE


Saving money on food in 2023 can be done in several ways. First, look for deals and discounts at your local grocery store. Many stores run weekly specials and discounts on certain items. You can also shop for groceries online (like TundeLaniranFarms if you are in Lagos) and save money on delivery fees. Additionally, consider meal-prepping or batch-cooking. This will allow you to buy ingredients in bulk and make meals that will last for several days. Finally, look for recipes that use fewer expensive ingredients and substitute for more affordable items. With these tips, you should be able to save money on food in 2023!


Meal planning is a great way to save money and time, while also ensuring you and your family stay healthy. Here are some of my best tips for meal planning:Make a list of meals you already know your family enjoys. This will help you get started and make planning easier.
  1. Think about how much time you have available to cook each day and plan your meals accordingly.
  2. Create a grocery list of all the ingredients you’ll need for the week’s meals so you don’t forget anything.
  3. Take advantage of bulk shopping opportunities to save money.
  4. Look for recipes that use similar ingredients so you maximize the efficiency of grocery shopping and cooking.
  5. Try to plan meals that will generate leftovers so you have an easy meal option for another night.
  6. Cook once and eat twice - plan for meals that will generate leftovers that can be used for another meal in the week.
  7. Plan for meals that are easy and quick to prepare on nights you’re short on time.
  8. Consider meal prepping on the weekend to save time during the week.
  9. Have some easy, healthy snacks on hand for when you’re feeling hungry between meals.
I cannot over emphasize the importance of meal planning and as a busy mom of 3, it is one the things that keeps me structured. I use a meal planner and that makes life 100% easier for my family. You can download my meal planner aka Nigerian Food Timetable  HERE

THE DOMESTIC STAFF GUIDE - How To Manage Nannies, Maids, HouseHelps To Live A More Productive Life

They say it takes a village to raise children, and I find in these busy days with double income households it has become necessary to have extra support, if one can outsource. This is where Maids/Househelps/Nannies/Domestic Staff come in.

Healthy Juice Recipes | Weight loss, Detox, Anti-inflammatory, Immune Boosting Juices

Juice with me! Its the beginning of 2023 and I'm sharing some of my favourite juice recipes! During the holidays I indulged a little too much and it is evident in my robust cheeks and my tighter fitting clothes...LOL. I need to get back to a healthy weight and the best way to start is get my healthy lifestyle back - cutting out fizzy drinks and replacing with healthy juices. 

Healthy Juice Recipes | Weight loss, Detox, Anti-inflammatory, Immune Boosting Juice that you will love.


I love a good Nigerian Salad (yes there is such a thing as a Nigerian Salad!) pairing it with grilled Turkey and some sweet corn takes it to a whole new level. It is still the season of festivities, so bring out the grill and enjoy the sun with some good food and even better company.
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