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A few days ago I was just taking stock on everything that has been happening to me, around me, the kind of life I'm living and something crossed my mind...I imagined all of this a long time ago! Forreal...although not everything is a figment of my past imagination oh but there are some major things that just hit me like ..."I said I wanted a type of this, I wanted that..." and now I have them. I said it. 


Join Glory Edozien, Wana Udobang, Arese Ugwu, Elaine Shobanjo, Uzo Orimalade, Aurora Monyei for the ##RedefiningFinance Finance Event on 26th April 2015

When it comes to money, women and, Nigerian women in particular, face unique challenges. For starters, financial independence isn’t necessarily a conventional requirement for the Nigerian woman. Our preconceived and embedded societal requirements place women in financially vulnerable situations. Although women make up half of the population, data suggests we are almost half as likely as men to have a bank account. Other research also suggests that women are likely to be more risk averse than men when it comes to making financial decisions and financially dependent on their partners. Although we are able to penny pinch and find good savings when buying consumer goods, we are less likely to see the bigger financial picture. 


Hallos!!! I've been so busy lately it's hard to believe...that's because I've got something up my sleeve...una go soon know. How was your weekend? Hope it was amazeballs! First to leave a comment plus email address wins airtime recharge still. 

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. First of all Bobo is back! He got in this morrin so I have been trying to be a good wife you know :D He's been gone since January...all this long distance marriage tinz is one kind- any of you in a long distance marriage? Let me know. Now that he's back I guess my faaji will start...you know it's hard going out to events alone. 


In my usual stroll on twitter streets yesterday I came across a post where this oboe oyibo bros was complaining that he took this chic out on a date and then when it came to the time to order, he asked and she said she would order after him. He went ahead and ordered a lobster (big boy tinz) and then was flabbergasted when she ordered a lobster too. He was very very very upset. LOL. 


I’ve not been on a lot of dates but there was this one time after I finished secondary school and I used to stay at my mom’s shop, I had a toaster. The guy came to buy something in our shop oh and then proceeded to invite me on a date. I said ok. The fast food we were to meet at was just a strolling distance, so that day I carried myself there…the young guy asked, "what will you like"…

One chance!


Redlips Productions will be premiering the comic web series titled THE ODDS on YouTube at 10am. It will be viewed on the YouTube Channel- RedlipsTV PRODUCTIONS. Each episode will be released weekly on Friday by 12pm.

When two odds meet, you bet the outcome will be crazily hilarious. Mr & Mrs. ‘We’re not Fine’ meet the erratic therapist, Jumoke Stevens and her 'smart' assistant where they highlight, through their marriage, the intrigues and twist of daily living and human interaction in this comedy skit. You won’t also miss the Nigerian, nay African thing in this satirical effort.

The comedy, a part in a series is inspired by true events and produced by Damilare Kuku and Red Lips Production. It features Damilare Kuku himself, Jordan Igbinoba, Bola Edwards, Deola Awodein amongst many other fast rising stars.

The Odds has enjoyed rave reviews from movie industry veterans. Ace movie directors Patricia Oghre (MNET Africa) and Jimi Odumosu described it as intelligent, different and interesting; while Aduke Gomez termed it youthful and fresh!

You too can be part of the premiere of the comedy series on YouTube on the RedLips TV production channel by 12pm on the 17thof April 2015 . A new episode of this hilarious and exciting comedy will be released every Fridayto ease your weekly tension

Episode One- Mr and Mrs We Are Not fine.

In this episode, a young Nigerian couple on the verge of breaking up visit Jumoke Stevens for therapy hoping she will help them fix their marriage. They find out soon enough that Jumoke and her assistant Eric may not be their best solution yet. 


I was watching this video and what caught my attention is the correct English this woman was speaking...she's had an education but this kidnapping is what her and her family do as per "Family business things"...

Somewhere at the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder if she would do it if she had a good job (Unemployment is one of the biggest issues we have in this country) but like I heard somewhere "thief na thief, pesin wey go rob ,go rob" meaning someone who does not have thievery in the blood will not do it no matter the circumstances.

Anyways, watch her video confession. For some reason I found it enlightening and mind provoking. Just incase you didn't know, this is the woman that kidnapped the 3 Orekoya children. Thank God they have been found.


Eh…technology! You see this life is getting simpler and we all need is to take advantage of it. Who would have thought that one day I’ll just be able to sit in my house, using my phone or computer , order foodstuff and have them delivered to my house. Na so my people. When I told my mom she was like, "they are just making you girls of nowadays lazier" LOL. 


I know most of you are aware of the kidnapped Orekoya children...it is so heartbreaking. I don't want to believe nothing can be done about this situation-how can you kidnap 3 children from one woman??? It's horrible and it just shows that we live in evil times. I wonder where the family is meant to get 13 million naira from-is that how money grows on trees? I don't have 13 million to give but I have my mouth, my knees...let's all keep praying for this family. Prayer changes things.


Forgive me…I have been very lazy lately. Do you have one of those days when you don’t want to do anything? You stay in bed till hunger waya you. You refuse to take your bath all day (stinky lady) and then you just walk around your house looking for nothing in particular…. You turn on the TV and everything seems boring… what do you do to make yourself feel better on days like that? 


Ok, so yesterday I was feeling funky with myself and I had enough time on my hands to do something I considered was nice to my hair. My natural hair. I styled it. All I did sha was put it in a side 'fro, I thought it was cute. 

Immediately I stepped outside my house guess the first comment I got about my hair; "ah...when are you going to make this your hair"? I felt like slapping the person-this hair that I spent about a good 25 minutes styling that someone just dismissed like that? #NaturalHairProblems  And by the way, I didn't ask for their opinion oh-I was just going about my business. Onisokuso

This just reminded me of all the reactions I've gotten with this my hair:


The last time I shared anything about Fairy dishwashing liquid it was about the catchy “one drop” song. The first time I knew about fairy was when I was in obodo oyibo-for some reason it was my dishwashing liquid of choice especially because it came in different varieties, had a nice fragrance and the packaging was cute. Fairy IS the number one dish-cleaning brand in the world and has been a trusted household name.

Oya fastforward to how many years later, now. Fairy launched in Nigeria and the first thing I asked is “is it the same fairy”? The contents of the bottle nko, will it be the same as the one I was used to in the UK? They said yes. However they have just two varieties, the green (Original) and yellow (Lemon) one.


Happy Easter everyone! I bet you’re feeling relaxed, after all it’s been a long long weekend! What did you get up to? *yawns* I'm still in my bed :D

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In the spirit of Couples Appreciation month, Greetings World brings to you tell a lie day contest. 

The 2nd of April is set aside every year to give people a free pass to tell a (white) lie. Don’t ask who created the day; our guess is as good as yours, the person has probably been lying about this. 

Everyone has told a lie or been lied to at one time or the other, so there’s no need to encourage the act. Greetings world has flipped the day around and wants you to share the most ridiculous lie you have been told by your spouse (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, boo, bae…) 


Easter is here again and it’s another opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones and make beautiful memories that will linger. Whether you plan to prepare a feast or a few special meals during the break, GRAND PURE SOYA OIL … heart friendly oil you’ve always known have some suggestions for meals that will make this lovely time even more special and memorable.


I would like to say "awwww my wedding was perfect, nothing I would change" ...but that's going to be a big fat lie! LOL. I know all brides have been here, done that...looked through their wedding albums and wondered if they could have done things a little bit differently, maybe smile more, dance more...you know.  Well, after reading this article I decided to write my own little list of things I wish I'd done differently on my wedding days (yes, traditional and white wedding!)


Last night I tweeted about attending Church this Wednesday morning-remember that RCCG program I told you guys about a long time ago “Hearken Unto Me” that takes place every Wednesday in Magodo Phase II? Ehen, that one. I’ve not attended in a while and now that I am in control of my time, I decided I musto go. I prepared myself in advance, ironed my cloth, packed my bag and went to bed early because that program, if you reach there by 8:00 (the time it starts), you are late. 

I knew my enemies were at work when I started dreaming one long, senseless dream like that…immediately I jumped up! Imagine, the alarm I set for 6.30 went off but I didn't hear. It was 7:00am now, me wey I don plan how I go reach there early mo-mo siddon front seat. I almost jumped into my dress without baffing or brushing but when I thought about whoever my neighbour was going to be, I sorry for them and quickly took my bath, brushed, spray something and I was out of the door! 


For those of you who don’t know Greetings World, it is Nigeria’s first online Personalized Gift Store. The store was launched in July 2014 by two love birds (Wamide & Abodunrin Opanuga) and has since been featured on CNN, REUTERS and CCTV Africa. Now you know! Join Greetings world on the journey to make all gifts Personalized. 

April is Couples Appreciation month and we all know how life can take its toll making us take that special someone for granted. If you are in a committed relationship (sorry, those of you without baes), this month gives you a chance to show that special someone how much they mean to you and celebrate your relationship. 

Greetings World wants couples to use this month to reflect on their relationship, the journey so far, the good times and what has kept them going. There are a few days to look forward to in the month like; TELL A LIE DAY (APRIL 4), PILLOW FIGHT DAY (APRIL 4) and TELL YOUR STORY DAY(APRIL 27). Greetings World has put a twist on some of these days and will be giving couples a chance to win some great gifts. 

Follow Greetings World on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

Happy Couples Appreciation Month and remember, The best gifts are Personalized 

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