Join Glory Edozien, Wana Udobang, Arese Ugwu, Elaine Shobanjo, Uzo Orimalade, Aurora Monyei for the ##RedefiningFinance Finance Event on 26th April 2015

When it comes to money, women and, Nigerian women in particular, face unique challenges. For starters, financial independence isn’t necessarily a conventional requirement for the Nigerian woman. Our preconceived and embedded societal requirements place women in financially vulnerable situations. Although women make up half of the population, data suggests we are almost half as likely as men to have a bank account. Other research also suggests that women are likely to be more risk averse than men when it comes to making financial decisions and financially dependent on their partners. Although we are able to penny pinch and find good savings when buying consumer goods, we are less likely to see the bigger financial picture. 

The journey to financial independence and access to financial education is therefore one that is important for EVERY Nigerian woman. 

The Inspire Series #RedefiningFinance event aims to create an open and semi informal setting where women can openly discuss and share financial issues as well as discuss methods for achieving financial independence. From discussions on developing a savings culture, financial planning to sourcing funds for entrepreneurial endeavours or just having a rainy day or travel fund, the #RedefiningFinance event will provide an environment where women can feel comfortable enough to ask questions without feeling intimidated. The event will also provide opportunities for much needed financial learning and knowledge sharing. 

The purpose of the event is to carry the ethos of the Inspire Series by Glory Edozien Web show to a physical place. This we believe will create a forum and support network for women to inspire each other and allow opportunities to share their individual and personal stories of struggle, challenges and survival. The goal of our event will always be to create opportunities for inspiration and transformation. 

Our speakers will cover questions such as ‘what are the best ways of saving money’? ‘What are the best ways for staying on budget’? ‘Is it possible to live within my means’? ‘How can I generate additional streams of income’? ‘How can I make my money work for me’? ‘I want to start a business, how much money should I be saving’? And much more....

Link to video: 

Speakers and Guests

Host: Glory Edozien

Co-Host: Wana Wana

Key Speaker: Arese ugwu, Founder of Smart money Africa

Panellists: Elaine Shobanjo (CEO Shomya Cosmetics), Uzo Orimalade (CEO Uzo’s Food Labs), Aurora Moneyi (Brand Manager)

Date: Sunday 26th April 2015

Venue: Social Place 33 Sinari Daranijo Road, off Younis Bashorun Road. Victoria Island Lagos

Time: 2pm


Registration required via email to


  1. Thanks for the information Sisi, would a record of the event be available online for those who are not in Nigeria?

  2. This is great. Women doing great things. I will be there
    Thank you Sisi for this

  3. Glory Edozien!!! Cool

    Yep, I thought if I told the truth, my friend would look at me like I was the last banana left on the shelf. The one that no one wants to buy because everyone else has avoided it so you assume there’s something wrong with it. I wanted him to think that someone, somewhere thought I was pretty darn special.. Click I TOLD THE BENDED TRUTH to read more


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