For those of you who don’t know Greetings World, it is Nigeria’s first online Personalized Gift Store. The store was launched in July 2014 by two love birds (Wamide & Abodunrin Opanuga) and has since been featured on CNN, REUTERS and CCTV Africa. Now you know! Join Greetings world on the journey to make all gifts Personalized. 

April is Couples Appreciation month and we all know how life can take its toll making us take that special someone for granted. If you are in a committed relationship (sorry, those of you without baes), this month gives you a chance to show that special someone how much they mean to you and celebrate your relationship. 

Greetings World wants couples to use this month to reflect on their relationship, the journey so far, the good times and what has kept them going. There are a few days to look forward to in the month like; TELL A LIE DAY (APRIL 4), PILLOW FIGHT DAY (APRIL 4) and TELL YOUR STORY DAY(APRIL 27). Greetings World has put a twist on some of these days and will be giving couples a chance to win some great gifts. 

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Happy Couples Appreciation Month and remember, The best gifts are Personalized 


  1. I like this..couples really need to take some time out to reflect on their relationship

  2. lol nice post
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