It's my birthday today, October 19th and I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude to God and from the well wishes I've received! Wow! Im in a happy place :)...I only came here to request for something...(lol...some people don dey tensh!)
... No I'm not asking for anything  physical, although if una give me I nor go run oh! I'm only asking that for every prayer I have in my heart, you help me say Amen to it. That's what I want! Amen to my prayers. Thanks guys! Mwaaah! xxx


*ignoring cobwebs* . How's everyone doing? Long time no gist, but today gist don come on gistdotcom! I went to 9ja over the weekend for my lovely friend's was beautiful I tell you, but that is not today's gist! Immediately I landed,  I fished out the list of meals I wanted to have (as usual). Mind you, wetin happen to me in my last post HERE was all about food during my April trip. This is  fresh gist from a fresh trip. It is apparent that I have longer throat! 

I was just branching all the boli selllers, roasted corn, sharwarmar (tasted dodgy but it is still shawarma). I had Kuli Kuli and I topped it up with dankwa. That was Day 1. Day 2, I chop suya, goat meat peppersoup, 2 big nylon bags of boiled groundnut, gala, fan yogo and had some more kuli kuli and bottled fanta  to wash it down. These were just appetizers oh. 

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