Finally I write...

First things first, Happy New Year Everyone! (Day just break me). Hope you had a swell time? I did....i did...i im about to burst into tears cos the holidays are over!Anyways, I was tagged by two fabulous ladies whom I have never met but hope to meet one of these days when i decide to meet a fellow blogger...Nutty Jay  who I recently discovered knows me in REAL LIFE! ahhhhh....and i thought i was invincible!and  Atilola . Thanks girls,I wouldn't have posted nada if not for the tag!

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1. I looove pictures! chei! I never see! Call it vanity or whatever but i love pictures...i can pose for a photo in my sleep-my friends know how vain i get with pictures,. They are Its just that I believe memories are special and i do my bestest to CAPTURE each moment Im alive...seriously, i can take a picture of me walking down the stairs, coughing, standing, sitting, toilet, kitchen, pot, i decorate my meals b4 eating for pictures...however in all my years of photographing myself I have never been able to get the perfect pout (you know the kind we see on avatars, display pictures).
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