In 5 inch heels!

sisiyemmie 5 inch heels
On Sunday I wore these lovely shoes that have been decorating the rack for a while now, errr almost a year .Shoes always catch my eyes, the thing is that find it hard to wear heels, so I buy them and smile at them on the shoe rack everyday. I'm #teamflats all day every day! Anybody home? lol. However, I decided to complete my 'babe look' to church, no need ruining my beautiful animal print dress with a pair of flats-c'mon, its the first Sunday of the month.

As usual I wore my sandals and put my akpola shoe inside my hand bag. Typical. I always take back-up flats with me when i wear heels. My friend @poshbug says it's bad manners. My feet think she's wrong. Church is about a good 10 minute walk from my house, so I walk till i'm almost in church, then find one koro to change into my akpola. I've been doing that consistently for 6 months now. After church, I walk to the koro and put on my flats.

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