Shoooo! Na me be this?!

Its loads of good news for me today! First of all GISTDOTCOM is a year old!!! *Dancing galala*. I'm so grateful for everyone's comments I no go lie. Your comments make me sleep better at night. I remember the first post I wrote on the blog, na so one 'Anonymous' left a comment saying my blog is rubbish, my post was horrible and I will never be successful. I cried that day ehn...and I deleted my blog. But thanks to my Mr Muscle (my guy), he encouraged me, and told me to blog again. He was even the one that introduced me to blogging, if I dey lie make I naked baff! Somebody even talk say I no sabi spell and I can't speak English *sigh*.

Overall, the good outweighs the bad and I have to  thank everyone that follows, comments and shares links to my blog too. And for every 'LOL', 'LWKMD' 'LMAO' I get in the comments section, I add weight and I become finer! Me love y'all longtime! And you guys are so awesome I got nominated for SIX Categories at the Nigerian Blog Awards! (...If only they were sharing kpekere and kilishi). So please go HERE to vote Sisi Yemmie!!! Go and Pless ya hand there oh!!! 

Make sure you watch this space because I am having a GIVEAWAY soon and I'm sure you don't want to miss it. Don't dull yourself!  I took these pictures on Sunday and I wanted to share them with everyone, cos I'm vain like that! Shout out to my friend Eyi that helped take these pictures!

AGBAYA on the swing! (Lets just say I'm a child at heart)

My Amebor Pose

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Should He forgive Her?

I saw this on twitter and I need your comments. Bear in mind that in as much as we laugh at this and we think it's a joke, e dey happen to some girls in 'real life'.lol. I have heard quite a few stories.

"My girlfriend caught me cheating for the 3rd time last night and threatened to break up with me. I got angry and slapped her twice. She started crying and drove home. Today she sent a text saying she was sorry. I dont know if I should forgive her.  She over-reacted"
So should he forgive her?

Who has been following Big Brother Amplified? Una see the way the Yellow paw-paw lady is just chewinggumming the poor boy, rubbing him up, down, left, center? Shame catch me wey dey watch am sef. Someone said it's like men are getting scarce so babes are hustling. LOL

Have you been 'toasted' lately?

If you've been 'toasted' lately please tell me about it!lol. I was just walking on my own jejely...with my red lipstick and red coat oh, na so one oyinbo boy just 'waylay' me... 'hey sexy, i like you, you 18?' ....I was confused. I just told him 'excuse me' and waka away briskly...first of all I nor like the angle wey d guy for corner me, you know all these crazy story's I watch on TV don put the fear of oyinbo in me. I sha made sure the guy was not trailing me. I really don't gbadun the way oyinbo boys toast girls, na to dey ask the girl age first ba? mscheeew and una know say 9ja girls no dey gree talk their age!

As I was walking I remembered all the different type of toasting, chyking, runzing I don get for this life... I remember those love letters that always start with the same format ..."Dear girl, i'm taking out my pen from my basket of love...." *sigh* Nobody writes those love letters anymore, or do they? 

I remember...

A. The Dude in a Car
This guy slow down, park well,
Dude:'hey babygirl, the sun is too hot. Can I drop you off?"
Me: No thank you, you're not going in my direction.
Dude: Your direction is my direction baby...
I will rather trek than be used for blood money me paranoid sha.
End of Discussion

B. The Poet (This type na only songs dem dey memorize to toast girls. If you stop them halfway, dem go start again)
Runs up to me...
Poet: "Hello angel, as I was walking down the road my heart says stop, You are more beautiful than any...."
Me: Sorry?do I know you?
Poet: *clears throat* "Hello angel, as I was walking down the road my heart says stop , you are..."
Me: Sorry, im rushing somewhere.
End of Discussion

C. The Cheesy Lyricist (Always giving cheesy recycled pickup lines)
CheesyLyricist: "Was your father a thief?Cos I think he stole the stars and put them in your eyes."
Me: what?
CheesyLyricist: "I mean, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
Me: *dumb look*
CheesyLyricisit: "What a lovely smile you have, do you use MacCleans toothpaste too?"
what has this boy been reading jor?
End of Discussion

D. The Familiar Guy (They always claim they have met you before...somewhere)
Familiar Guy: "Hi, your face looks familair, have we met before?"
Me: No
Familiar Guy: "Did you attend 'so&so school? how about this&that church? might be.."
Me: I have never seen you before , sorry.
Familiar Guy: "Well, your face looks familiar, my name is fred what is yours..."
Familiar ko, similar ni.
End Of Discussion

The best 'toasting' I got was from my boobookins...he didn't have to say anything at all. *covers face* lol. In the end  it depends on if you're 'feeling the boy shebi??' I bet it's not easy to be a guy Please Share your best/worst pick up lines with me....

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Questions that need answers...

Yesterday I raised these questions on twitter and the responses were awesome.  Below are a few.

e.g RT @giagerry: Ehn BSNC which calculator did u use abeg? LoolRT @_BSNC_: @Sisi_Yemmie 80% romantic 20% selfish.
Definition of open relationships-->RT @LizYemoja:@Sisi_Yemmie @Enilexx You can knack anybody u want and still knack eachother! #dirtypeople!
LMAO--->RT @sleekmaju: Wat hapuned to money? RT @Sisi_Yemmie: Does LOVE really conquer ALL?!

What is greater? The love between a man and woman or mother and child ?

 Is it socially acceptable for women to propose to men?

Is eloping selfish or romantic?

Can open relationships ever work?

How true is the saying 'love is blind'?

Does love really conquer all?

Rate in order of importance; Money, intelligence, humour, looks

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Ernest and Bhoke's Sexcapade #BBA!

Ernest and Bhoke: Na two People do this tin (on International TV)...why are we blaming just her? LOL

How una see am?
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