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Yesterday I raised these questions on twitter and the responses were awesome.  Below are a few.

e.g RT @giagerry: Ehn BSNC which calculator did u use abeg? LoolRT @_BSNC_: @Sisi_Yemmie 80% romantic 20% selfish.
Definition of open relationships-->RT @LizYemoja:@Sisi_Yemmie @Enilexx You can knack anybody u want and still knack eachother! #dirtypeople!
LMAO--->RT @sleekmaju: Wat hapuned to money? RT @Sisi_Yemmie: Does LOVE really conquer ALL?!

What is greater? The love between a man and woman or mother and child ?

 Is it socially acceptable for women to propose to men?

Is eloping selfish or romantic?

Can open relationships ever work?

How true is the saying 'love is blind'?

Does love really conquer all?

Rate in order of importance; Money, intelligence, humour, looks

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  1. Number 1: That one differs in various situations. for some, mother and child love is stronger, while for others, it is spousal love. for me, spousal love is stronger

    Number 2: It is not socially acceptable for women to propose o, even in western worlds. A man's heart will always go back to the woman he wants to pursue, not the one that pursues him. Men are naturally hunters

    Number3: Eloping? this one is hard. But I think it is selfish.

    Number 4: Open relationships can't work jo. The human heart is naturally jealous

    Number 5: Love is not blind at all. Imagine a guy that does not know me tells me he loves me. I then tell him I have AIDS, will he still say he wants to be with me? Love wears glasses.

    Number 6: Love cannot conquer all. More elements like trust, commitment, integrity, etc. is needed

    Number 7: For me it is...Intelligence (1), Looks (2), Money (3) and Humour (4). don't know about you.

    P.S: I already nominated you for 2 categories yesterday. Did you nominate me? lol

  2. Open relationship is an oxymoron jare. I don't believe in them.

    Women proposing to men? Nooooo. I am #teamTraditional here cos if the guy does not care as much you do, it is a right mess.

    Love is blind? Research has shown there are indeed some weird chemical reactions that happen when we fall in love', but they are temporary. very temporary.

    Does love conquer all? The love of 1 Corinthians does. I don't know about others...
    Rate- Can't I have all four? haba

  3. 1. I think the love between a man and woman fades alil bit when the child is young but once he or she moves out the man,woman relationship becomes stronger than ever.

    2. Its socially acceptable for a woman to propose to a man..Its just going for what you want.

    3. I think eloping is romantic coz it shows the 2 parties involved are ready to make sacrifices.

    4. Open relationships never works coz of jealousy.

    5. Love truly is blind,not in our time though. the last time we had a true love scenario was in April 14th 1912 when Titanic was sinking.Jack died for love.

    6. Only God`d love conquer all.

    7. Looks,Intelligence,Humour,Money

    U just landed yourself a new stalker on Twitter.. @itsdidi ;-)

  4. I love your blog so much!

    1. I think the love between mother and child is greater because you can not do away wif ur child no matter what but u can do away wif ur partner.

    2. Its not acceptable for a woman to propose oh haba! Its a man's job.

    3. Its very selfish.

    4. Open relationship can never work.

    5. Love is blind,marriage is an eye-opener lol.

    6. I think it should, but these days it doesn't.

    7. Intelligence, Money, looks, humor

    I will def nominate you, you rock!

  5. 1) There is space for both to be of equal strength.
    2)I don't know about it being socially acceptable but the success rate is quite low.
    3)Hmmm, romantic.If they can't afford the ceremony unko?What if they decide to put that 5mill Naira to better use like buying a house instead of throwing a parry.
    4)Taaa, then its no longer a relationship.
    5)Its partially true, love makes people do some crazy things, It is important to shine ya eye while in love.
    6)Intelligence, humour, money, looks
    Intelligence is important, I mean it goes without saying. Humor will get is through those hard days, money will get us through the times when I can't bring in a paycheck (during pregnancy) and lets face it, women love to feel secure. Looks fade, it is the least importance.

  6. Q1: I think it is like comparing apples to oranges. A spouse is a partner forever. To have and to hold in all life circumstances but the love for a child is because of the nurture given from conception. They both serve different purposes.

    Q2: It is not socially acceptable in this world o.

    Q3: My first thought about eloping is that it is selfish but then again, circumstances matter but I would never think it's romantic.

    Q4: Open relationship ke? There's no goal so what is it supposed to achieve?

    Q5: Love isn't blind. It just sees things it adores and chooses to live with the other inadequacies.

    Q6:Love alone doesn't conquer all. Some other attributes have to follow like patience, gentleness etc

    Q7: Intelligence, humor, looks and money.

  7. Mother and kid love has to be one of the strongest human loves ever!!!!! seriously, it is only second to the love God has for humans. that's why voldemort couldnt kill harry potter :P

  8. I'd like to believe that the love for husband and wife is stronger...

    Nope a woman shouldn't propose...the man should initiate

    Eloping...hmm dunno if it's selfish..but don't think it's romantic neither

    Open relationships? Wats that? nah mehn

    Love is not blind jor, it's ppl dat play dumb, blind, and deaf when in "love"

    Hmm does love conqueror all? Maybe not...I guess it's love with a combo of otha things...but love is a crucial factor

  9. 1) for me, there's no love like a mother's love for her child.
    2) Not where I'm from. If he's going to take my name, etc. perhaps 'll consider. jk.
    3) It depends. Some of the reasons for eloping are selfish. Others are romantic.
    4) Not for me! I just don't get the concept.
    5) Kinda true. Love is blind, friendship closes it's eyes. When your lover is your friend too, you can have the best of both ;)
    6) Intelligence (we can make money off this. money without intelligence can easily be lost), humour(better is a little enjoyed with merriment that a feast with a heavy heart. plus, we can make money off this), looks(we can make money off this too, you know!) , money

  10. 1. It's a difficult one. I think it depends on the quality of the relationship(s).

    2. Men are the hunters, let them get on with it.

    3. Eloping...hmmm. One of those ideas that sounds great on the spur of the moment but in reality one needs to think about why one should consider eloping at all.

    4.'s called a cop out.

    5. Love should wear glasses if it does not see well.

    6. Bottom line: Love does not conquer all. It helps though, along with the other ingredients that makes a relationship work.

    7. Intelligence, Humour, Money, looks.

  11. Re: 1 - it also depends on the time of life and who needs you more? If your children are grown and married they won't need you as much.

  12. The love between a mother & child is definitely stronger. Divorce rate is on the rise in spite of all the vows & loving & u'll never believe the reasons some couples go their separate ways. Spousal love needs tender nuturing, mother/child love needs no nuturing, it's natural & I'm yet to see a sane mother disown her child for whatever resaons.

    It is not socially acceptable in the part of the world I come from. Call it primitive, but I'm not buying it, and also the bible (which I usually use as my reference point),says "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two..." Eph5:31, not the other way round.

    Eloping is neither selfish nor romantic, it is stupid. I believe only immaturity & or infatuation could lead to doing such. A commitment like marriage is reality, not some fantasies, and trust me families & friends will become relevant when the chips are down (it will at some point).

    Open relationship? Remind me, what is that again? I've said it b4, biko, the world is turninbg upside down. Ask those involved in it, if they're going to be honest this once, I bet they're not 100% fulfilled with such arrangement. No, it doesn't work, the 'participants' r not happy.

    Love is not blind, lust is. You can love someone & accept to deal with their shortcomings, not like u're blind to it.

    Yeah, true love does conquer all. Marriage will test ur love for each other, only true love can stand the heat.

    It will be looks, intelligence, money & humour in that order for me.
    He dosen't have to be drop dead gorgeous, but the look is what I see 1st b4 any other thing. Intelligence next, cos it's important we have to be able to connect.

  13. I'll just comment on number 1. Mother and child love is stronger. Every mother will agree with this.

  14. Eloping is fast, convenient and stupid!

    Love of a mother is deeper! Mothers hardly divorce their kids...

    I shall be nominating you for sure!!!! :)

  15. 1. A mother's love is mostly intense and pure/unconditional hence greater than a man's love which often time is biased and subject to law of diminishing return!


    3.No! may be blid but i've got my concave lens intact!

    5.Nah... when the chips are down, love sits on the fence and waits

    6. Intelligence, looks, money, humour (subject to the fact that the intelligence is accompanied to prospects)

  16. I think i missed it up somewhere... I skipped Number 3!
    eloping is selfish

  17. Mother and child is greater, i mean 9 months is not a joke (i no get pickin o! i just feel so)

    Eloping is neither romantic or selfish. each to his own

    Open relationship work???? by work do you mean lead to marriage....???I doubt!!

    Love is blind in the sense that you overlook some stuff, not that they dont matter, they do, but hold less significance because you love the person

    Love doesn't conquer all, but it helps bear all

    Intelligence, money, humor, looks

  18. (1) Mother and child love is greater

    (2) NO

    (3) ROMANTIC

    (4) NO - except one partner is impotent or incapable of having sex

    (5) FALSE - Love is not blind. People love in different ways. For some, love is all-consuming, Others not

    (6) Intelligence; ....Humour, .....Looks, .....Money

  19. 1. Hmm, i'd say love for a spouse because even though that love can fade, that love is 100% by choice.

    2. Not in my world lol.

    3. Eloping...selfish?!? Is it your friends that are paying for the wedding? All they are doing is showing up and eating and drinking at your expense.

    4.What on earth is an open relationship? Nonsense.

    5. Love is wide-eyed! Foolishness is blind

    6. Love conquers all if you are willing to work HARD at it

    7. Sad i had to think so hard about this lol. Humour, intelligence, money, looks (but i prefer to have all 4)

  20. 1. Hmm, i'd say love for a spouse because even though that love can fade, that love is 100% by choice.

    2. Not in my world lol.

    3. Eloping...selfish?!? Is it your friends that are paying for the wedding? All they are doing is showing up and eating and drinking at your expense.

    4.What on earth is an open relationship? Nonsense.

    5. Love is wide-eyed! Foolishness is blind

    6. Love conquers all if you are willing to work HARD at it

    7. Sad i had to think so hard about this lol. Humour, intelligence, money, looks (but i prefer to have all 4)

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  22. u're too funny. U actually picked the categories you want to be nominated for....CORRRREEEECT.

    I won't mind being nominated too...just throwing it in

    On to the questions
    I would have to go with mother and child because many mothers say they originally may not have wanted the child but when they see the child, there's a kinda love they feel that they can't express. It's just too strong. It's like an innate connection

    My answer to this is pretty much my thoughts on this post -

    Eloping is not romantic to me. I think it's desperate.

    Open relationships probably work for 2% of the entire world because the individuals are still not serious. How can u love someone and comfortably share the person...makes no sense to me.

    Love is blind is such a profound statement to me. There are way too many things we say we don't want that we eventually don't mind when we meet someone we love.

    Love precedes all...for sure.



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