Im not joking! If you want to know why, follow my argument;

I'm about to be real with y'all...I simply believe education is no longer enough to determine how successful people become these days. I gree, in the days of our fathers, immediately they finish Uni, na for NYSC camp dem dey recruit them, some dont even need to go to Uni, they just have to write WAEC and thats IT!

Nowawadays its not the same.

We go pre-nursery school (akara school),nursery school, primary school,secondary school write WAEC, NECO, SAT , TOEFL, JAMB some people even write PRE DEGREE Exams! We go to Uni of which if you're lucky to pass the Jamb sef u will attend a Nigerian Federal Uni, if you get to study the course of your dreams you are indeed blessed! Some shouldhavebeen doctors end up studying Fine Art or Geography! However if your parents have a little extra cash to spend, you will attend a private University where you will spend most of your parents savings in that Institution, those wit loaded parents who have good jobs or access to loans will travel to obodo oyibo...(we all know say some of us na community sponsor us go school).

Where have the panties gone?

I couldn't stop laughing the other day when I saw the C-String. I fear for my unborn daughters' generation who will NEVER EVER know what a pant really is, or was, as the case will be (sigh). I remember those days, wey you go wear pant, you sef go know say you wear PANT! But now... I doubt if  in d future we go  dey wear pant at all. Seriously! C-String ke?? In this life I have had enough hembahrahzin moments that amaze me, I'm not about to add Sisi & the C-string to it. My worst nightmare would be me strolling down the road and someone taps me on the shoulder..."i think you dropped something"...Lo and behold pata on the floor! Hembarahzment toh bad oh! (Can't watch)

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