Im not joking! If you want to know why, follow my argument;

I'm about to be real with y'all...I simply believe education is no longer enough to determine how successful people become these days. I gree, in the days of our fathers, immediately they finish Uni, na for NYSC camp dem dey recruit them, some dont even need to go to Uni, they just have to write WAEC and thats IT!

Nowawadays its not the same.

We go pre-nursery school (akara school),nursery school, primary school,secondary school write WAEC, NECO, SAT , TOEFL, JAMB some people even write PRE DEGREE Exams! We go to Uni of which if you're lucky to pass the Jamb sef u will attend a Nigerian Federal Uni, if you get to study the course of your dreams you are indeed blessed! Some shouldhavebeen doctors end up studying Fine Art or Geography! However if your parents have a little extra cash to spend, you will attend a private University where you will spend most of your parents savings in that Institution, those wit loaded parents who have good jobs or access to loans will travel to obodo oyibo...(we all know say some of us na community sponsor us go school).

After writing all your Uni exams and project/dissertation and struggling to come out with what ever degree /result you can possibly get, you will then be forced to do that NYSC of which till date I think the purpose has been defeated. The government sends you to places where even okada no go fit reach, where nepa no dey or telephone connection. They send you to schools to teach where they have failed to provide qualified teachers and they pay you peanuts! seriously! peanuts!

If you are well connected, you will divert your service to 'town' where at least you can have some civilization. If you are lucky you will serve in a place that has to do with what you studied. After you have wasted 1 whole year of your precious life, if you are lucky you will be retained. However we know most companies will not retain oh. Who no like oshofree??they would rather wait for the next batch of corpers who will work for peanuts.

If you dont get a job or you choose not to, you will FURTHER your education. Either in Nigeria or obodo oyinbo. Im trying to get somewhere. After doing your masters, graduate finish you will still fall back on looking for a job! Then, my friend is when you realise that perhaps....educaSHUN is better than educaTION. I've been applying for jobs and I dunno what im doing wrong. dem say too many graduates. dem say so many qualified candidates for the job. dem say overqualification. Howeverver the one wey dey vex me pass na "You need at least 2yrs of experience or 7 months or whatever" Are you kidding me?!!!!! I just graduated Oga, I don't have experience in my career cos NYSC post me to be secretary for one village school. Internship experience of undergrad no count??

Dem dey buy this experience for market ni? lol... so if nobody wan give me chance wetin I go do? go for Ph.d??? lol. Tufiakwa! After all these years of reading book. I believe I choose EducaSHUN right now. Skills acquisitions better pass. Talent is best. Maybe I feel this way cos im still "an applicant" lol.

Anyhow I don sha consider one job, there's a restaurant in London that just started selling Human Breast Milk Icecream Yuck!!! I know! But they need women to come and donate breast milk. I'm putting two and two together. I'm not doing badly in my chest region.  Yours truly might be'


  1. I LOVEEEEE this!!!! Very true about experience...i'm wondering why I'm in uni sef...hiss! but we gastt go school!

  2. ROTFL i read the article today o...its funny but if you think about it we consume cow milk (animal) en human milk makes no difference nah.

  3. I heard of the breastmilk ice cream thing. I no know, mehn.

    Love the new look of your blog.

  4. LOL! awww goodluck with the job search!

  5. True!
    Employers need people that can add value and unfortunately all the years we spend in school don't equip us for real life. We all just want(ed) to pass- cram, dub, 'settle', study, anything for a 2:1.
    Skill acquisition is d way oh! When I left Uni in 02, it wasn't popular to be a tailor, but that was what I wanted to do and it's been rewarding. Now, there are so many more people in the business, perhaps cos it's 'fashionable' to be in fashion, or cos there are no jobs. Find your passion, turn it into a business and you'll be good. Easy? NO! Rewarding? YES!!
    PS. I've got an electric breast pump I could donate to your new "business" lol

  6. lmaoo!!!induced lactation abi, lemme give you anoda suggestion, while you are at it, you should consider ANR too aka adult breastfeeding. Heard they pay muchos for it....just kidding...

  7. Human breastWHAT??? Is that supposed to be the gender equivalent of sperm donation? Na wah oh.

    Dear, the jobsearch thingy can be annoying jare, but God dey. If to say we had decided on educaSHUN they'll have said thats the reason *sigh*.

    Thank's for stoppin by at my e-crib, i'll def be back here.

  8. now,breast milk don turn ice-cream abi what dem wan use the breast milk do.

    All the best in the job search, God will provide a good one.

    Love the new look of the blog

  9. You no well oh Sisi Yemmie, a beg no donate anything oh. Anyway I heard of it and imthink it's gross! Yuck! Yuck! Lovely blog by the way.

  10. lol... this topic always amuse me

  11. LOL, that one was too funny sha! You've practically outlined my life (minus the nysc and breast milk bit lol). this whole school business is too much o. thankfully now that i am in my masters program i have an advisor that knows/cares enough to be trying to help me find small field experience so i can have a job when i graduate. e no easy at all.

  12. LOL, that one was too funny sha! You've practically outlined my life (minus the nysc and breast milk bit lol). this whole school business is too much o. thankfully now that i am in my masters program i have an advisor that knows/cares enough to be trying to help me find small field experience so i can have a job when i graduate. e no easy at all.

  13. haha..I know what your going through

  14. Desperate times calls for desperate measure. Let them open that type of shop here in Lagos, I want to make money too. But won't that mean I have to get pregnant and have a baby first?

  15. Serzly, job HUNTING can be frustrating......after all said n done, it really comes back to the skills. So, my sister, a gal's gat to do what she gats to....hehehehe

    Im loving the new blog look...nice!

  16. yeeeee!!!

    they wanna use una breast milk for rituals

    Thats a good idea (not) but how exactly are you gonna produce milk considering the fact that u are not pregnant or nursing at the moment....

  17. You seem to be my kain person with your train of thoughts!

    Oya make we do the business, I go be your manager, 10% of every pint sold? you gree?

    Only be say no be only to be blessed we gats to encourage the milk to comot.

    You go need to get belle first na, I understand that gringory is recently divorced, make I arrange am? Only be say Grings na ikebe man

    Okay, e be like say okoya thomas wan add to hin collections of furniture er i mean wives, you mind? He seems to appreciate shest.

    Abeg talk quick give me the contract cus true true job no dey and man must wack! All way na still wayy.. LNGKMD!

    Very nicely written! lovely blog!!

    Will definitely be stopping by more often!

  18. My goodness am doing excellently in the upper regions too!! LOL :) ;) when are u due to go??? wherever thou goest, o money we pursue thee! (kiddin)

  19. So true about NYSC and looking for a job. But what's bad about PhD? LOL...

    me I cannot touch that ice cream!

  20. Nonye and Mena, uhm!!! I fear u people o!!!! Sisi YEmmie, remember Claudia o! she has compatriots too o!!!

  21. I just tweeted this when I read your post. This is nasty In my opinion.

    Good luck with getting a job


  22. Experience thing? I know. It is a pain in an uncomfortable place. Adverts call for people that are 24years old and have 6 years working experience.

    It is crazy!

    Good luck with the job search.

  23. *rib cracking laughter*..kai! you no disappoint me at alllll...funny as always..m--e-h-n! i feel you my sistah o jare! 9ja mata don tire me!

    When i heard about the breast milk, i asked if it was screened for HIV before use?? then who are the market target; men & babies??..becox as a fellow woman it's like sucking another woman's tits!..hahahaha.

    it's well, you would eventually get your desire job, continue to be patient & prayerful.

  24. Don't worry, it is not only you considering the breastmilk for sale

    Your job is out there waiting for will come in due season...

  25. I read about the nonsense. Nothing pesin no go hear for this obodo oyibo. babe, use your mammies well. They might as well be earning you some income till the owners arrive on the scene.

    Take heart on the job eh, your own is on its way....

    Thanks for coming by.

  26. Exactly oo, na doctor's i pity pass after 7-10yrs of hard work pscheew. God dey

    follow me at

  27. ROTFL! I hope ur friends were wrong about you being crazier in person o! cos man! I can't begin to imagine lol!

    Thanks for stopping by at mine

  28. Honestly oh!! No matter how much edu you have, they as for 2-3 years experience!

    The employment situation is tragic

    Breast milk icecream? I saw this, didn't want to believe it. Is Lady Gaga involved? lol

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!


  29. :( Just the same way I feel about education too. I love the way you tied it to the breast milk topic though :) (I read somewhere that the milk caused 2 men tummy upsets tho...)

  30. First of all, I must say I love how your log looks. I'm thinking about kidnapping that little bee that's on the left side of the page, so if it goes missing, you know where to look lol
    Hahaha @ breastmilk! Are you serious though, they want women to sell breastmilk? Abeg no sell o!
    Hopefully, you'd find something worth your while real soon. It is well. Keep praying! And looking. And thanks for following my blog :)

  31. Surprise!!!
    I just gave you an award on my blog.

    Visit: to claim it :)


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