So I got my first Interview on FemmeLounge!!!

Let me dance the azonto I've been practicing! That azonto looks easy but it is hard! My body is just not cooperating at all. If you know an easier way I can learn it, please help a sister out!

 So If you want to see details about the interview, please click on the link---> FEMME LOUNGE  . Make una know me now oh, not when I'm on CNN you will now be claiming you dey follow me soak garri oh.

Sorry for the break in transmission, I dey write my dissertation and I nor wan fail, money must not waste: wish me luck. Expect a new post next week! Mwaah!

VIDEO: Look of the Day!!!

Wedding Palava...

'Heysssssss..... sssssss ssssssss' 
I pretend I nor hear and I keep walking...ever so briskly!

One woman shouts in the distance 'call that girl for me, the one wey wear yellow'... A guy taps me on the shoulder...'sist, that aunty dey call you,' he says flailing his arm behind him

I've been pretending I didn't hear her calling me. I turned around with a plastered smile on my face

'Aunty good afternoon', I said  curtsying, 

'ehen my dear, how are you? come and see all of us in this area have not eaten oh'...I glance around and see empty plates of demolished food.

'ok ma I will direct the ushers to you'  I thank her for coming and walk away.These people will not let me be sexy today. With all the gele skentele I tie, they're still disturbing me. Can't they see I am the sister of the bride ni ...

Fried Rice Recipe!

My mummy taught me this one: Most of my friends can testify to this fried rice...this is the rice I can cook with my eyes shut doing the Michael Jackson slide...wooohooo! *grabs ahem* Seriously my people, if I cook this rice for my in-laws bride price musto increase, another at least, 25kobo musto join!  This one i'm hailing myself, biko if you've got a different way you make yours let me know oh!

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