Stop Harrassing me oh!!!!!! lol

OK! Almost everyone is beginning to get on my nerve these days. Since I enter 2010, i cannot hear word again, no. I need to calm down so that you can understand my predicament which im sure so many of my mates are facing. lol. I was chatting with a friend today and I was saying to him 'so how how are your wedding plans coming along?' (since its in 3 months time, its simple courtesy now), the dude replied thus 'going well o, hope you will be after me?' im like,,,,C'mon!!! Na my matta sweet you pass? you never buy asoebi finish, pay bride price, pay for drinks n food finish, you don dey swallow Ibrupofane on my behalf. Na wah oh. It seems  I cant even give people compliments these days oh. Its a fearing tin!

Two weeks ago, my friend gave birth to a bouncing baby (i wont say boy or girl, amebo). Anyways, i saw a picture of the baby on facebook (thats where all my problems start, FB!) and then i was cooing and aaawwwwing and i said hey Mrs, you baby is sooo adorable (i love babies u know, until they start to talk). And the next comment this girl put on d picture was,' thank you my dear, we are waiting for you oh'. Na wah oh...Na me be dis????lol

WOK'CHOP: AYA MASE, aka Designer Stew

Hi! Im so excited about this weeks recipe cos its something ive been wanting to try out for a loooong time! Kai....have u heard of aya mase? if u neva chop am , dem no tell you? its the kind of stew that makes me believe in heaven. Small tin remain i go compose love song to this stew..should i tell you the origin of this stew? should i???? ok, now that you are begging me, i will. 


Hi there!
I was recently appalled (kai! grammer) at what i saw on facebook. Some people just dont use their number 6 anymore... how can someone's status be "i just lost my grand-mum n sister" and then one mumu will "like" it???? it just makes me wonder ...i dont blame the people totally; i blame facebook, they should have had an "unlike" tab, and then "sorry" tab and then "indifferent" tab...feel free to make suggestions. The only reason someone will "like" something like that is cos they dont have any facebook manners or should i say etiquette!

I remember my mother taught me valuable lessons in life, my father as well, and some friends chipped in here and there; without it where I for dey??? e.g Dont pinch yamayama in your nose in public, when coughing cover your mouth, dont stare at someone, dont point at someone, dont drag your feet on the ground, dont beg...etc. Didnt anyone tell you these??

MISS/MR/MRS ANNONYMOUS (1984- BLAH)? remembering Bimbo Odukoya,Dagrin amongst others

Today I read in the papers about the death of a mother, sister, aunt, friend…but what I was more interested in was her position as a wife(some say I’m obsessed with love, marriage and relationships). I get inspiration from published articles or stories of women who have made their mark in their homes. It’s not easy to see that a late wife is described as her husband’s best friend…or that she was his backbone…most women forget to fulfill that function; The function of a best friend and back bone; the role of the neck. In our busy entangled lives, we often forget.

It is unfortunate that some of these women pass on early leaving their husbands and family to grieve their loss, however, it is a thing of great joy to have lived a very rich and rewarding life, albeit short. It doesn’t matter how long you live, what is more important is what you will be remembered for…what memories have you been creating? What impact have you made in your 26, 35 or 50 years of living? You don’t have to have done anything globally awesome like discovering the cure for AIDS….all you need to do is start with being locally awesome…and then take it from Funny, but true.


Yeah, I recently discovered that i ENJOY cooking. I dont like washing up later oh. Kai, I remember how that can cause kwanta in my house...I no like to dey wash plate at allllllllllll. But anyways im learning, if I have to make that someone a lucky man, ive got to be hardworking. We all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach( there are other shortcuts my dear, but today is not the day to elaborate on those

Anyways,Ive been trying my hands on new dishes so Ive made a pact with myself to learn and share the recipee for making a new dish each week (so help me God!). If you have suggestions on making a meal more interesting, please feel very free to place your suggestion as I am looking forward hearing your views. For this week its going to be EFO RIRO, which is a delicacy from the western part of Nigeria. Looks yummy right? tastes better too (wink).
This hallmarks of this meal is that it is filled with assortments of fish, meat, seafood,and vegetables that make your taste buds very very happy!.

  • Assorted parts of meat (kidney, liver, saki, pomo, cowleg, bokoto (ati be be lo)
  • Stock fish that has been pre that it wont taste like ehn...sawdust!
  • Smoked fish (i particularly love dem for soakin garri)
  • Bush meat (if you can find some sha, ive been tempted to use my neighbours rabbit :)
  • Crab (i looooooove crabs....too bad they are so expensive)
  • Snails (please wash 'em properly, there is nothing more irritating than slippery snail)
  • Grounded crayfish (either in big chunks or smoothly blended)
  • Fresh pepper
  • Fresh tomatoes
  • Tomato puree
  • Spinach, soko, ugu vegetables
  • Onions
  • Palm oil
  • iru (nasty smelling stuff, but wonderful in soups)
  • Salt
  • Maggi

  • Place the washed assorted meat in a pot of water or the stock you have
  • Season with salt, add ground pepper and boil fro 30 minutes until tender
  • Add smoked fish, Stock fish, crab, snail and cook for another 10 minutes
  • Remove from heat and place in a clean bowl
  • Wipe the pot out and pour in the palm oil
  • Heat up the oil
  • Blend the tomatoes, pepper and onions, add to hot oil and stir for 10 minutes
  • Add tomato puree and cook fro 5 minutes until well blended
  • Add cooked meats, crayfish, and some more stock or water
  • Simmer for 10 minutes
  • Add vegetables and cook for 3 minutes
  • Use caution in applying seasoning, I usually do mine at the end cos usually my stock is seasoned...dont want to over 'maggify' the soup.
  • Serve with pounded yam, eba, rice, unripe plantain, semovita, fufu.
Enjoy your!

Thank u my God!!!!!

Easter is a special time to give thanks to God and it is my opinion that it should be more celebrated than Chrsitmas because the purpose of Christ being born was for Him to be crucified for our salvation. Thus, the essense of Christmas is Easter. I'm grateful to God for everything He has done in my life and I hope you are too. You should be. You are ALIVE. lol. I hope you enjoy this video from Kefee....thats the way we do it in the 9ja Delta!

Much love all! Hope you have a fab sunday!!! xxx!


Can you imagineeee oooo.... just a little status on my friends page was the cause of an interesting debate. The question was this : WHAT DO YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX? and even the same sef. We may proceed.

I commented that i notice the physical first. This includes the person's height, cos the person can be short or tall, fair or dark, white or black , lepa or orobo, you know, things like that.

FURTHERMORE( Capitals for emphasis), i notice the guys outfit, the shoe, the SHAPE OF HEAD (my momma told me that boys with big head will make you have babies with big heads that will tear your vjayjay during labour), i notice the hands, i particularly dont like guys who (train their nails), i.e..keeping it long, especially the pinky one. It just doesnt 'werk' for me. I like it neat and short, and big hands, not tiny ones like mine...big hands make a man seem erm, well, capable innit?lol .Same goes for his physique, some guys just leaaaaaannnnn, some just be like arnold schwarzennn(cant spell it jor). For those that are very muscular it shows that they are either health conscious or very vain! (cos guys with muscles do like to show off, i lie?)

Easter Bunny or???

Happy Easter guys....Im just alone(actually on skype with boyfie) and I could only see how alone I was. I shop alone, cook alone, and eat alone (the only part i like)...and when I do I never feel satisfied. Being a spinster doesnt really rock sometimes, at other times it does :) 

I miss home, and to while away time I decided to make a beautiful tray of grilled chicken...(ooops!, am i supposed to eat meat on good friday? dunno anymore and oh well, mummy isnt here) and yeah yeah, i know i have essays to write and all but I did want to wish someone Happy Easter. Jesus died on the cross just for us, so please make it worthwhile and let His deeds be justified. Isnt He the sweetest????


You will hear them playing music from their kpako phone for all to hear. Who told them we want to listen to the screeching noise from that China phone gaan???

When they are in public and their phones ring, they just keep shouting information into the mouth piece. Please keep your voices low. It’s irritating when people scream about their business. Plain BUSH!

When they are in a place that should be quiet e.g Church or class room, they will intentionally forget to put their ever kpaako phones on the silent mode. Obviously, they want us to realize that they have one toy phone that can play “yori yori”.Arrrrrant bushness!

Somebody tell me why someone would plug in earphones into the church, I mean earplugs for phones. Haba, how do you intend to hear what the Preacher said? If I guess right he is obviously preaching that pride goes before a fall. For heaven’s sake, we do not need to know if your phone has earphones or if you can afford Bluetooth. Its very RAZZ and BUSH!

Acts of children gone wrong and a trip down memory lane

I woke up this morning, the sun was shinning, birds were singing…and then she showed up.I was about to start my devotion when she barged into my room like a little tornado, ruining everything with every step she took. One look at her and I knew I was in for another day with oby the mischievious. She went straight for my make up kit and before I could gather my wits she had already taken out the eye shadow and began to rub viciously around her eyes. I do not mess with my make up! As soon as I yelled “drop that! She looked at me and laughed! That annoying laughter that tells you “ha ha ha, im not going to stop, do ur worst” I said ehen? Ok now. Immediately, in one jump I seized my prized objects from her grasp and placed it gently on the bed. And in a stern voice I said “get out! This is Sparta!!! Lol. Not really.

“Oby the mischievious” ran out of my room. I was shocked that she was so obedient. Oby is a strong headed child with the stubbornness of an old goat. “So she can obey instructions”….i mused to myself. I was about to celebrate when I heard the generator give a loud belch. W-h-a-t! I raced towards the Gen house to see what was wrong just in time for me to see Oby the mischievious scurring away like a sly fox. Apparently, the little cheek in annoyance had turned on the iron n some other electric appliances that were not compatible with then small I-better-pass-my-neighbor-generator.”
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