Stop Harrassing me oh!!!!!! lol

OK! Almost everyone is beginning to get on my nerve these days. Since I enter 2010, i cannot hear word again, no. I need to calm down so that you can understand my predicament which im sure so many of my mates are facing. lol. I was chatting with a friend today and I was saying to him 'so how how are your wedding plans coming along?' (since its in 3 months time, its simple courtesy now), the dude replied thus 'going well o, hope you will be after me?' im like,,,,C'mon!!! Na my matta sweet you pass? you never buy asoebi finish, pay bride price, pay for drinks n food finish, you don dey swallow Ibrupofane on my behalf. Na wah oh. It seems  I cant even give people compliments these days oh. Its a fearing tin!

Two weeks ago, my friend gave birth to a bouncing baby (i wont say boy or girl, amebo). Anyways, i saw a picture of the baby on facebook (thats where all my problems start, FB!) and then i was cooing and aaawwwwing and i said hey Mrs, you baby is sooo adorable (i love babies u know, until they start to talk). And the next comment this girl put on d picture was,' thank you my dear, we are waiting for you oh'. Na wah oh...Na me be dis????lol

On mothers day, I wrote a lovely mothers day message that any woman would be proud to receive from  her cousin and you know wetin my aunty reply to thank me with? your guess is as good as mine,lol. She said " Thank you when are you joining us?'...Kai! That one resounded in my head gbagaun!

I no longer appear 'online' on facebook anymore, i don enter spirit mode because all these my friends I don't know whose side they are on again sef. Any chat I receive must include a line of, 'so when are you getting married now'....I keep wondering if dem send dem come meet me ooo. I would like to believe that this my case is not peculiar to me, im sure most of my friends are getting harrassed as well. But its not fair now , haba. 

So I cannot give compliment again? I cannot call to ask how u are faring? na wah oh....truly, na me be dis?lol. Oya now. Na pole i go marry? Is there not a time for everything? abi na so i don old reach?what is kuku your business dia, tatafo! Sorry friends, but you make me think these thoughts! LOL. And its funny sef that even single people will be asking me when im getting married, imagine dem ke! I think thats what they call 'reverse psychology', they attack me before i can dream to say anything to dem.Ok, I don learn. I shall retaliate. 

Mehn! Even the bombardment of marital bliss sef don dey too plenty. Everyday if its not a friends wedding picture, its baby picture, or honeymoon picture.You guys pedal softly now. lol. Sotay....these days out of frustration some chics have been changing their relationship status to 'engaged'.lol...just to ward off wagging tongues....At least the good books say we should say positive things with our mouth, so we receive it, by faith! Lol.

It just makes me wonder sha why people keep asking these days. Anyways you people should not worry, menopause will not catch me before i walk down that beautiful aisle oh and oh yes! I will put d devil to shame, cos i go dey pose, i go dey denge denge. Just wait n see. lol. Ive everything planned- from my make up artiste to my first dance...wooohooo! But first things first, education must finish b4 i take that step. And I must get work too. My father did not spend all this money on me to become house wife, so you guys chill out. I have a plan and above all else God has a Master plan.... If e dey pain you say I never marry, instead of asking me, ask God. And if you are not satisfied with His answer, go hug transformer!!! I still love you guys cos I know you mean well! xxx.


  1. Ha ha ha! Though it sounds like a joke, I know you are serious here. He who laughs last; laughs best!! Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

    Guess why they are disturbing you? It's been settled long ago in the spiritual realm and was subsequently announced right there, that you are a fruitful mother, but the whole creation wants to see the manifestations. You will definitely manifest in Jesus name.

  2. Yemmie i hope u were not referring to me in ur post ehn lol
    dont worry everything has its time wink

  3. That wedding cake is for an urhobo couple..btw when are we coming to eat rice :D

  4. well i get that a lot too and my simple response is"when i find m husband".now i understand why some pl are pushed into gettin married to the wrong person..take ur time jare..


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