Dear Sisi,

"I am writing to tell you about the situation I am in and to ask for your advice as well as your followers. I am 23 years old, I have a first degree, and currently working on the second one. I am pregnant for my fiance and I know my parents will have my head if and when they find out. 

I know you are wondering why I didn't use a condom or some other form of protection. I don't know why either. It's funny how I always get on my friends' necks about the importance of protection and here I am :) 

Now, I am trying to decide if I should keep the baby or get rid of it because of my parents. I know how disappointed and crushed they would be when they find out and I am not sure if I am ready to face that yet. I am the star girl in my family and everyone sees me as someone with good morals and conduct, but that is going to go out of the window soon. I just don't know what to do. Also, my parents are going to forever hate my fiance because of this. We are both responsible for this and he shouldn't have to be blamed solely for our actions. 

Anyway, I am at a crossroad of either keeping the baby or aborting it in order not to stain the good name my family has. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Please advice the writer of this letter.

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  1. Susi your advice was fabulous. I sincerely agree with you! She shouldn't try to abort the baby. It's not right. Please keep that boy or girl, there is no doubt that you'd face some challenges but hey! Everyone goes through challenges you know? So please just discuss it with your fiance and keep this baby. Besides abortion is a sin. Can't wait to see the little toddler crying 'mummy's lol.

  2. Wow its really difficult, I understand your pain, I'll advice you keep the baby, shei you said you are working towards your second degree, you can even have your baby without any knowing, you can travel to another location under the pretence of studying for your second degree, then put your baby up for adoption, be fast about it, make your decision quick, before the pregnancy becomes obvious. Remember God is against murder, may God give you the grace to pass through this trying times.

    1. But my 9 months, my sleepless night up for adoption... If she sure his her fiance they should do like a low key wedding

  3. Dear Loveth, I strongly advice you to please keep your baby. I understand the whole family name n shame n all what not, it won't be easy but at the end it will be worth it. Have a talk with your fiancee, is he ready to go down the path with you??? if he is then you both should go talk to your parents but whatever the outcome, abortion should never be among your options. May God help you make the right decision. #sisiyemmieblogaddict#

  4. Please darling keep the baby. You can never tell how things would turn out. I know you are in a difficult place right now, but be steadfast. Stay. Your joy will come and things would work out better than you expect them to.

  5. Darling I know you are in a difficult place right now but please keep the baby. You can never tell how things are going to work out.

  6. Dear 'Lovette' we all have at some point made a mistake in out lives. the choice we make to right our wrong goes a long way.

    let me tell you a little about me. I have been married for 5 years now and still expecting to get pregnant and have a child. I have never aborted all my life but took quite a number of contraceptives.

    I have done series of test since i got married and I keep getting 'you are okay, your womb intact, regular shape, size etc' all of this, faith and hope gets me going.

    sometimes for a seconds, it flashes through my mind if the contraceptive I took was too excessive and has done any damage.

    if I had gotten pregnant at some point before I got married, who knows maybe I might abort...but same way the guilt will hunt me like the contraceptive is doing right know.

    Sisiyemmie has said it all, choose which you want
    (1) ABORTION: with the risk of dying, losing your womb or having complications and SINNING AGAINST GOD and maintaining that family name and good girl with secrets.

    (2) keeping the pregnancy at the risk of been scolded and disappointing your parent yet not SINNING AGAINST GOD, accepting your wrong and making a better choice in future.

    in my own opinion Abortion is NEVER the option in your case.

    choose wisely.....

  7. Awww....I watched u and bobo discuss it in the car. I love the way bobo gives very insightful opinions. Hopefully, she would listen to you

  8. hope my advise isnt coming late. so i have been in ur shoes before. got pregnant for my now husband when i was 20, fresh outof school. i am an only child so the star girl in all ramifictions. as in my parents friends will always use me as a reference point so imagine my fear. even worse was that my dad was gonna be mad at my boo coz he is 10 years older. and of course my mum will go on and on abot church... anyways they found out sa! they were both upset ehn.. but guess what after a couple of days everyone warmed up to the idea oh, started looking at the bright side, even started planning wedding. tho i eventually lost the baby sa-sigh. but boo and i got married 2 years later and have 2 boys now. my point, if ur boo is working at least think u shld take the bold step, tell your parents and apologise. pele in the ling run, you guys will be fine!


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