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So If you're interested in winning this gift card then you need to head over there sha, I have entered already but because I'm nice, I want my friends, readers, family and gbogbo everybody to have a chance to win.

Rules and Regulations.
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  • Please do NOT respond/enter this giveaway by emailing me or commenting under this post. The form will make it easier for everyone's entry to be in the same place so that we can eliminate the chances of error or omission!!!!
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Bush Babies By My WINDOW! *audio inserted

Last night I didn't go to bed on time, I'm like kerosene; I nor dey sleep! So while I was busying watching some youtube videos and looking on Pinterest I heard a sound.  I was confused. It sounded like 3 babies crying. Theres no way babies are going to be crying outside my window, in this cold! I mean, look at the time! 01:56am!

So I turned off everything in my room so I could listen to the sound (because I was shaking like fowl wey rain beat)... I even turned off the lights! I'm such a chicken! They sounded like babies, but like angry babies, a bit like cats but not exactly! Like babies that are drunk. I'm confused. *scratches head. They were modulating sef, like choir. One was doing high pitch, the other was doing alto, another one tenor. Please I don't understand.

I Miss Me -Tosyn Bucknor!

I absolutely love everything about this song, the tempo, the lyrics...make sure you listen!

#1SongAWeek #PopRockSoulJara
In keeping with her promise to release one song a week from her album released on Christmas Day in 2012, CON.tra.diction releases a new single today.

I Miss Me’ was produced by Dj Klem of Knighthouse and speaks about that overwhelming feeling of nostalgia we all have as adults where we remember things that used to be and miss them.

In this song, CON.tra.diction speaks about the most painful kind of nostalgia- missing yourself.

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Listen to and Download ‘I Miss Me’ here

Review: Look At That FOOD! 805 Restaurant London !


805 Restaurant, London. (Ps. The journey was long, because we had to take so many

 trains to get there! )My! my!! my!!!


Hi Guys!
I know some people will benefit from watching this video, these are simple ways your can style your braids instead of the regular, everyday ponytail. I hope you enjoy it and I'll keep them coming!
Just Press Play!


I remember when I was a smallie…I did something bad and my mama flog me. After flogging she now said I should go and eat. Eat wetin? For my mind I said I will show her pepper, so I said what any angry (deranged) person would say…

'I'm not hungry'

For my mind I dey feel say e go pain her…but I was hungry men. The lions and hyena's in my tummy were already screaming and insulting me, but I lock up. I bone. 

If you have to get angry, do it well. 

So I went inside my room picked up a book and started reading…. the words became hazy and I suddenly felt like the earth was spinning aha, but I kept my focus and kept reading. 2 hours later I have not turned the page, I was reading. Well, I wasn't. My brain don hang.


Just gushing with the "thank you's"...


Late to appear on my blog, I know but.... enjoy and rate my pidgin. You know what? If you want me to do a video speaking ONLY pidgin , leave a comment and ideas and I will! Anything for una.


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