Hello lovely people! How body??? Hope you had an amazing weekend like me? *shines teeth :D . My weekend was hectic but overall amazeballs because it was my friend's wedding! Just incase you're new to my monday chit-chat, the first to leave a comment + email address wins airtime recharge! Just leave your name: someone complained that she received spam messages after leaving her email address on the blog, has anyone else received that? Please let me know so we can arrange other ways of knowing the winners.

Can The Eagles Beat France?

Ok, the Eagles will be facing off with the Les Bleus of France and everyone is looking forward to a sizzling game of football: Ahmed Musa will be injecting brilliant, youthful waist-twisting pace and maneuvers from the left flank, Osaze Odemwingie will guarantee zealous right side winging with impressive work rate while Emmanuel Emenike’s muscles, power and sheer hunger will be shaking the French netting this time (we are all praying…trust me).


The pre-wedding photos are here oh and I wanted to share it with you before it circulates to other blogs : asoebi is out too oh so if you wan attend and buy asoebi then send me an email because it is STRICTLY by INVITE, the bouncers will be plenty and dem nor nice at all! I have limited invites for my social media friends [1st come, 1st serve]


The Nigerian Wedding Video Campaign by wedding photographers in Nigeria, Bride and Groom Photography continues! Here is the second episode. If you missed the first episode you can watch here ( This new episode highlights the typical Nigerian traditional wedding. 


A few weeks ago I went for my friends wedding in Warri and here's what I wore! The highlight for me was that I tie my gels myself: I feel this is an achievement that makes me a full blooded yoruba geh. LOL. If you watch towards the end you'll see Bobo dancing and the sweet couple. Dem dey make marriage hungry me. Enjoy!


Yay! My friend Cocogist sent me this! I didn't even get to see my first proper newspaper feature *sobs sobs* deserves to be framed! LOL. I look forward to being on the cover of a magazine one day sha....Here's the interview so you ca enjoy and maybe pick something from it!

My blog is a lifestyle and personal blog. I write reviews, beauty, relationships, advice, inspiration, career, recipes, giveaways and I have a lot of humorous stories to share. I also have a YouTube Channel where I share similar content.

This has always been my line of career, so I didn’t switch lanes. I studied Mass Communication for my BSC. So it is within the same family as Mass Communication is very broad. The typical careers in Mass Communication would be working Radio/ TV/Advertising/Newspaper & Magazines but now New Media has come to stay and more career paths have opened up.


Hey loves, hows everyone doing? How was your weekend? Mine was pretty interesting: what made it interesting is story for another day. I will sha download the small gist I have from this weekend to you. The winner of the Printivo business card giveaway is Cassandra Ikegbune... thank you all for entering! I really wish everyone could win some. 

I think it's time I reward my ever faithful readers, those people who always read, leave a comment but are not fastest at winning the airtime recharge or other giveaways...what do you think? I'm working on it. Just incase you're new to my monday chit-chat, the first to leave a comment + email address wins airtime recharge! Hurry! Today also one lucky commenter gets to win N2000 Gift Voucher from SureGifts, let me know if you're interested in it. 


Fresh from Vivace Records. Just a song in time for the everyday hustling around. One of the first artists signed under the new and terribly hot VIVACE records has dropped. Oyinkanade releases his first single; 'Adura' produced by Vivace boss himself “Tee-Y Mix”.

"ADURA" is a nice blend of harmony and percussion that will get you nodding your head in less than 10secs. In the song, Oyinkanade explains how prayer has gotten him thus far and still standing. With this, we can’t but expect more from glorious VIVACE records. 'ADURA' is the type of song you can place on replay over and over again and not get tired. The song has been flawlessly mixed in such a way that it serenades you and at the same time you want to get on your feet and dance to every beat you hear. Download, share, enjoy every word and keep talking about it.


Hey techies, a few weeks ago I received a phone from iTel, prior to that I have never heard anything about the brand and I was to curious to try my hands on the phone. 

The iTel iNote is what I got and it is an android phone, it comes in two colors: white and black. I got the black one and it has dual sim slots [This android market is becoming very very competitive, I like it!]

Design: It measures 137.8 mm in height, 69 mm wide and the depth is 9.5 mm. It fits right in my hands, not too big and not too small. Just snug. However, it is not lightweight. For some reason I love that it does not have the brand name inscribed on the front of the phone, it's just plain.

Accessories: Leather case, Power Bank, itel Charging and Data Cable, Battery, iNote Stereo Earphones

Specifications: It runs on a single core processor, 1 GHz CPU Speed with RAM of 512 and ROM of 512. It runs a standard Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Display 4.5 TFT, 256K colours, 854 x 480 (HVGA). The front camera is 3 mp, back  camera 1.3 mp, LED Flash, Auto Focus, 1500 MAh battery,talk time of up to 7hrs and standby time up to 240 hrs. audio MP3, AMR, WAV AAC MIDI and video MP4 AGI 3GP

This phone is fantastic if you’re looking for a smart phone but not willing to spend so much money on it. Very budget friendly: it retails between 12, 000 to 15,000 Naira. I mean for a phone that has FM Radio, access to apps like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more, with picture quality that is ok, it is just fine.

Have you come across this phone? What did you think of it?


Hi lovelies, I have been following OmaBelle on YouTube for a while now and I always used to wonder how the acne on her face could be cured. I never used to have acne until recently which I would put down to stress but it seems like she has been struggling with this for a while and it is all over her face, mine is not that serious but it still drives me nuts.

She recently uploaded a video showing her acne has cleared up, I quickly clicked on the link...I was just staring like "it's a lie...." Can you see the transformation??? She's a kind lady so she explained in detail what she used which are products from . Watch the video to get the scoop, and if you know someone suffering from acne like this you should show it to them too, be a dear. This is not an advertorial...just sharing! If you have other methods, please share too!


Someone asked me a few days ago, why does a blogger need a business card? I want to share the answer. Why not? If you're a serious blogger you definitely need one: it's awesome at networking events. I have been invited to a couple of events and after networking people request for my business card so I always go with the popular excuse..."Oh sorry, my cards have been exhausted, I'm ordering new ones" ...L.I.A.R! Lol. Enough with this lie-lie life. I have come to a reasonable conclusion that I need a business card for SISIYEMMIE.COM as a #DoroBlogger. 

When Printivo offered to send me some cards I was so lazy about took about 4 months for me to finally decide to design one, and then I kept forgetting to finish the design everyday. They were too kind in their reminder and offered to design it for me. YAY! This lazy babe was happy! In a rush to have it done and over with I sent my details which included a phone number (for business purposes only), my email address, my blog address and my picture. In less than 3 days my cards had arrived; delivered to me. Oh the joy! I fell in love with them.


Ladies and genlemen!!! Hows everyone doing ohhhh...why am I smiling like pesin wet win lottery? Well, it's because I love my new hair and I'm feeling like a #DoroMegaSuperStarO ! LOL. Abeg this hair is making me feel like I can conquer the world...I'll give details about the hair in a separate post so that those who want to buy it for themselves and those who want to buy it for their babes can get the details. I like to share. Somethings.

Don't forget that first to leave a comment + email address still wins airtime recharge [#TeamFastestFingers] and also if you dey try move your ministry to the next level, leave a comment about your blog/business/event/service in the comments section below. We would love to discover you. 


Did you know that all over the world, one in two people suffer from gum problems which can have a serious impact on the health of the mouth? 

Did you also know that swollen gums, unpleasant tastes, odours or bleeding gums during brushing or flossing could all be signs of gum problems? 

Also, did you know that gum problems which go untreated can lead to periodontitis, one of the most widely spread diseases in the world which could result in more serious problems such as tooth loss?

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned then I’ve got good news for you! Oral B has launched a new line of toothpastes and toothbrushes to cater for all mouth and gum diseases. The new Oral B Pro-Expert [Premium] Gum Protection toothpaste and revolutionary Pro-Expert [Premium] Pro-Flex toothbrush are specially designed with stannous fluoride to help improve the health of your gums in just 2 weeks! Amazing!


Typically my Fridays are for reviews and I was just in the process of publishing one when I got news that Kefee had passed. I really don't want to believe that someone so young and talented will die just like that. She had so many dreams and we knew of quite a few: aren't her and her husband recent graduates of video production and directing at the Chicago Access Network TV?  I was really praying that she would come out of that coma, like I don't even know how to compose myself today. I love her and I love her music!

From the reports she was on her way to the US but the plane had to make an emergency landing midway when she collapsed, since then she's been in a coma. It was also reported that she was pregnant and had pre clampsia, I did my research and this is what I found: " preeclampsia is a condition that pregnant women develop. It is marked by high blood pressure and a high level of protein in the urine. Preeclamptic women will often also have swelling in the feet, legs, and hands.i f undiagnosed, preeclampsia can lead to eclampsia, a serious condition that can put you and your baby at risk, and in rare cases, cause death. Women with preeclampsia who have seizures are considered to have eclampsia" Webmd

A part of me is very angry that she died and almost questioning why a miracle didn't happen, even with all the prayers she was receiving worldwide, but we cannot question God oh. Life is really fleeting, one moment you're here and the next you're gone. Just like that! Na so people dey die?

This is just so heartrendingly sad! RIP Kefee.


Everything that you want to last requires maintenance and constant "servicing"...that includes relationships. It is very easy to fall into the rot of forgetting to care. If couples spent as much time and effort into maintaining their relationships as much as they did during the "toasting" stages, most relationships would be blissful! Don't allow negligence destroy the beauty of your relationship. Service it. Here are some pointers on how to "service" your relationship.

1. Be Yourself: Don't fall into the habit of letting go, so much so that you don't know who you are anymore. Set some time to rejuvenate, you can still do somethings on your own. Press refresh on yourself often: this can rejuvenate your relationship. Don't suddenly stop making your hair, appearances matter. Yes, beauty is skin deep but "Ain't nobody got time for that"! 

2. Take Responsibility: Each person brings baggage into a relationship: no one is perfect. Some people spend the first few years trying to change the other person, this can be very frustrating. Accept them for who they are and take responsibility for the baggage you bring into the relationship. Work on your shortcomings and over time they would see the need to work on theirs. Take responsibility for your own happiness and self-worth. 

3. Meet Each Others Needs: This is extremely important. No one enjoys being in a relationship just “because”… this is why it is important to discuss expectations, if there is no communication you would not be able to know what the other needs [...needs change over time] Random acts of kindness go a long way, help each other out.

4. Enjoy One Another : Spend more time together than apart and spend it having fun! Be friends with one another and do things that keep the bond going strong. Go on dates, try new things, take road trips together, embark on a fun project together, just make sure whatever you do brings you together and you enjoy each other. When you stop enjoying each other the relationship becomes boring and mechanical. 

5. Forgive: There is a lot of forgiving that has to be done for a relationship to keep running smoothly. You will offend each other, and you need to learn how to accept apologies and move on.

Do no not keep revisiting past offences. Learn to apologise [I promise it won't kill you] and learn to accept apologies. Keep forgiving each other. "The things two people do to each other they remember. If they stay together, it's not because they forget; it's because they forgive."- Demi Moore

I definitely did not cover everything and I am hoping you will have tips to share with me too, how have you been maintaining your relationship?

Ps. Congrats to Kola of BetaMotivation on her wedding and for letting me use her photo! Too cute! Be sure to visit her blog.


Hey lovelies, you've already seen this hair in some of my posts. It's a wig oh! LOL. Well, it is originally a weave that Beauty Xtraordinary turned into a wig for me. It's simply called the Curl A and it is not pricey at all. Beauty Xtraordinary was kind to offer me this hair, I did a mini showcase of the hair on my YouTube Channel ( that's the video below). Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE by clicking HERE 

  • Human Or Synthetic | It's human hair.
  • Density | It is silky soft, very lightweight
  • Length | I got the hair in 16 and 14 inches but because it's curly it looks short.
  • How long I've worn it | I've worn it for over a month now: I received it in May.
  • Flexibility | This hair can be washed, coloured, bleached but you have to be careful in handling
  • Curly Pattern |The curl pattern is ringlets...just soft spirally ringlets, just look how pretty that is. I've been tempted to brush it out into an afro.
  • Tangling/Shedding |Curly hair tangles easily but this hasn't and the fact that it's a wig helps (I don't sleep on it) 
  • Weave Or Wig | It is in a wig, I asked Beauty Xtraordinary to put it in a wig so I can still have time to treat my natural hair. So at your request they can create a wig for you with your weave or weave you buy from them.
  • Contact Details | Beauty Xtraordinary 08100285838 | | 12 Osho Street Opebi Link Road, Lagos | @beauty_xtra 
*OFFER* Beauty Xtraordinary will happily make your weave into a wig for free this month once you purchase hair from them and their wigs are really good fit.



My people how body? How was your weekend? This Dorobucci song don dey inside my head for the past 3 weeks! Are you catching the Doro fever too? LOL. My weekend was stressful but fun. So much happened this weekend didn't it? The brave Prof Dora Akunyili passed on [RIP]: she served her fatherland. Former CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was announced Emir of Kano State...imagine that! Moving on...There will be two giveaways on the blog this is the usual Airtime Recharge, the first person to leave a comment on this post wins it! The second giveaway are Ankara Accessories! So what was my weekend like...


Ok, so we know the D-Day is getting close and there are a lot of things that I never knew would happen before a wedding/marriage. One of which is a social media prenup. Yup. However, Bobo isn't really making me sign one: wait till he finds out there's a clause like this. LOL. @Officialdaddymo sent me this link on twitter and I thought it was very very interesting. In today's day and age, a social media prenup might be just what you need :D


 Hello beauty lovers! Did you miss the last giveaway by Eko Cosmetics? Not to worry, I have a giveaway for you today courtesy Fabulosity Cosmetics. I did a review of their products in April, click HERE to see the review. 

Awww this giveaway is only open to residents in Lagos. I know there are loads of you who are beauty enthusiast and can recreate this look in a second, don't miss out.

The giveaway runs from 9th - 23rd June 2014, The winner will be selected from Facebook Likes so hurry to recreate your look!
One winner gets to win a large makeup box and 78 Eye shadow palette from Fabulosity Cosmetics

  • Send your recreated pictures to
  • Get your friends, family, aunties, clients and even your dog to like your recreated picture on Fabulosity Cosmetics facebook page. 
  • Daaazaaaal!
Want these products without waiting for the giveaway? It's available on Konga 
You can also find them in retail stores below:
  • Ejiro's Place and Spa 52 Opebi Road Ikeja 
  • Jagabeauty Shop D3 Alhaji Masha Road Adeniran Ogunsanya Roundabout Surulere Lagos.
Check Fabulosity cosmetics out on,
Follow on Instagram; Fabulositycosmetics
Follow on Twitter: @FabulosityC
Visit Website:
Call Telephone: 08165589844.

Thank you Fabulosity Cosmetics!


2Face Idibia has 2 faces but you have only seen one!

At the Banquet of Stars against Cancer (BOSAC) you will get to see the classical face of 2Face as he and other A-list Artistes join one of Africa’s greatest music Maestro, Sir Emeka Nwokedi, the conductor of the Lagos City Chorale in a performance by the Choir and Orchestra of the Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON). You can’t afford to miss this!

This All-Stars All- Brands Act is the first- ever spectral carpet event in the world. The spectral carpet is a carpet of many colours which represents the colours of the corporate brands on one hand and the colours of the different cancers on the other hand. In other words, at the BOSAC, all brands are to join in the fight against all cancers.

BOSAC is a Benefit Event, quite unlike any ever hosted in the country, to raise funds in support of the BIG WAR Against Cancer in Nigeria. This event is unique, in that the Organized Private Sector is putting its full united weight behind an identified cause. Specifically, the BIG WAR Against Cancer aims to take cancer prevention to the grassroots through the use of Mobile Cancer Centres (MCC); each MCC costs N 95 million. Currently over 100,000 Nigerians are diagnosed with cancer and 80,000 die from the disease every year. The Nigerian death ratio of 4 in 5 is the worst in the whole world. We can reverse this trend by supporting the BIG WAR.


Please Nigerian men, what is this disgusting thing some of you do? At first I didn't notice it but LATELY all I see is Penis. Yes. Penis. I am tired. O ti su mi

Yesterday, I was on my way home and there was this man, standing facing the busy road, not the bush behind him oh, the road where people drive past and what was he doing? He just finished peeing and was jiggling the black penis up down, left right as if the thing needs exercise….right in the full glare of everybody who passed…he seemed to enjoy the activity because the look on his face said so. Nor be crase man, I studied him head to toe. I was absolutely mortified because that is the extreme I’ve seen.


I think I'm even more excited to do a review of the Tecno R7 now than before because everyday I discover new features that make me go "WOW"...This is the second Tecno phone I've used and I must confess, I am super impressed. Let's not call it a phone, it's actually a Phablet (phone + tablet) and it has dual sim ports (normal sim size). I will not babble for too long because I want to do a very easy to understand review for simple minded people like me that don't understand a lot of techie stuff. If you missed the unboxing of the Tecno R7 click HERE. I bet some of you just want to know if the phone good abi e no good...oya lets go!

The Tecno R7 is a sleek, slim stylish phone (phablet). Bigger than a normal sized phone but smaller than a tablet, it comes in different colours, BlockWhite, Champagne Gold, Sapphire and Bronze. I got the Black one.  It came with a power bank, earphone, responsive smart view cover, 2 pin charger, USB cable, user guide and warranty.  It is a dual sim phone (normal sim size). One thing I have to mention: this phone is very fluid and responsive to touch, navigating through pages and apps is just a breeze!


Hey lovelies, I have a soft spot for Teniola ever since I stumbled on her YouTube Channel, I always did think she should sing professionally which I am glad she's doing now! 

She released a cover of Tonight (John Legend) and I think its awesome, she's really talented and the babe remixed the thing nor be small...LOL. I love what she did with the song...Have a listen and let me know what you think!

I think it would be nice if you let her know what you think of her cover on twitter @TeniEntertainer


Weekend Selfie
Hello!!! How una dey? How body? Happy New Month!!! How was your weekend??? LOL. Mine was very very eventful *rubs hands in glee. The first to leave a comment + email address wins airtime recharge card. Someone suggested that I start inviting my readers on these reviews I do...what do you guys think? Oya make una pray so I go get plenty money to take you out :D I would love that. The highlight of my weekend was my interview that was aired on NTA on Saturday... I got a buzz from that. 

Let’s start from Friday, after work Bobo and I decided to see a movie, when we got there the movie was SOLD OUT. Seriously? It was a Nollywood movie, “Devil in The Detail" starring my darling Nse: I have a crush on her. Please who has seen that movie? Was it That interesting? Well, that kind of turned my Friday “topsy turvy” because that was the only thing I wanted to do, so we spent some time watching people at Silverbird Galleria. People watching is very very interesting, you go see the one wey dey scratch nyash, you will overhear funny/weird conversations. It was interesting. After people watching we got some ice cream and called it a night. 

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