Hey lovelies, you've already seen this hair in some of my posts. It's a wig oh! LOL. Well, it is originally a weave that Beauty Xtraordinary turned into a wig for me. It's simply called the Curl A and it is not pricey at all. Beauty Xtraordinary was kind to offer me this hair, I did a mini showcase of the hair on my YouTube Channel ( that's the video below). Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE by clicking HERE 

  • Human Or Synthetic | It's human hair.
  • Density | It is silky soft, very lightweight
  • Length | I got the hair in 16 and 14 inches but because it's curly it looks short.
  • How long I've worn it | I've worn it for over a month now: I received it in May.
  • Flexibility | This hair can be washed, coloured, bleached but you have to be careful in handling
  • Curly Pattern |The curl pattern is ringlets...just soft spirally ringlets, just look how pretty that is. I've been tempted to brush it out into an afro.
  • Tangling/Shedding |Curly hair tangles easily but this hasn't and the fact that it's a wig helps (I don't sleep on it) 
  • Weave Or Wig | It is in a wig, I asked Beauty Xtraordinary to put it in a wig so I can still have time to treat my natural hair. So at your request they can create a wig for you with your weave or weave you buy from them.
  • Contact Details | Beauty Xtraordinary 08100285838 | | 12 Osho Street Opebi Link Road, Lagos | @beauty_xtra 
*OFFER* Beauty Xtraordinary will happily make your weave into a wig for free this month once you purchase hair from them and their wigs are really good fit.



  1. Lovely wig
    Pls How much did it cost?

  2. Nice nice nice, i really like how it looks, but unfortunately am not in Nigeria plus no money, besides am hair is already very full you can see for your self by visint my blog, only prob i have is it refuses to curl like that lol but i will make it curl someday.

  3. Sisi yemmie,I've been trying this number since yesterday,sent an email,no reply.Could you please get another means of communicating with them for us???biko!

  4. I like the curl pattern. Really fooiinnnneee


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