I spent all morning wondering if anything like that exists and I came to a conclusion that you could never get a 100 %. Especially when you are looking for a hundred percent in a prospective partner. I’m sure we have once written a list or two, mentally or for real, listing qualities we want “our perfect man” or “perfect woman” to possess. Some physical qualities, some character qualities. My perfect man smiles and laughs a lot, he loves to hug, always listens and gives a lot of gifts! (might as well be Santa). I've written a list too, not once, not twice cos as I grew older I had to edit the list. lol.


Girls wont kill us these dayss....Everyone sha wants to be biggzzzz....Abeg who has heard of this new craziness called Brazillian hair oh? and Indian one ma? what of malaysian? high 5 jare if you are very conversant with these things that have become like a virus especially in 9ja girls. Dem no go let pezin hear word again!. Ahn Ahn! If you dont have money, you go suffer. Who say money no good?bring am make i woze am! Is it an easy sometin to look like Beyonce,, Ciara, ati be be lo?tell me?! Well these hair people finally showed us the secret to their long natural looking hair pieces abi na extension dem dey call am. You see ehn...when I was ignorant, i would spend the better part of my day trying to figure out how a black girl like me will have long mammy water hair. Wetin I do? I go just dey wonder.But we thank God! Breeze don blow and fowl yansh don open. I now know that I can resemble all these celebrities one kind if i combine lace hair and brazillian hair!Some people sef will do the lace hair n resemble ojuju, na wah oh....

KISS between D'banj and Genevieve!!!

Na wah oh, I heard they are even dating sef....abeg did anyone see the kiss at the end of the video??????????? <3 <3

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