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                              E   P   I    C 

It is also the shortest video I ever produced ; It is a short and simple scarf tutorial, click the play button to see just how easy you can achieve this look.

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Larrie Peniel: Redefining being a Wedding Compѐre / M.C.

Have you ever stepped into a wedding reception and you become a lot more confused than you were before you stepped in? Have you ever had to go for a wedding reception with the intent of having fun, only to get there and you had to endure the reception rather than enjoy it just because the Compѐre/M.C. was colourless, lifeless and very dull? Have you attended a marriage ceremony and the Compѐre's level of spoken English is comparatively lower to a Primary 4 student or he is attempting to rehearse jokes for his next comedy show, such that people are more irritated than amused? Ever gone for a wedding reception and the M.C. thinks he is the focal point of attention, rather than the couple? Well, if the answer to any or all of the above is Yes, then you are surely not alone in this forgettable experience.


You can't live in Nigeria and not follow the news, there was a time I would never read the news but now, I want to read it. I want to know what is happening within our country, I want to discuss it. I want us to engage one another. I intend to continue posting news stores that grab my attention, let us talk about it!

Ok the first story I want us to analyse is the story of the young stowaway on the Arik flight; in case you didn't know, a young boy, teenager, Daniel Ihekina was found alighting from the tyres of an Arik plane
that just traveled from Benin to Lagos, omoboy thought the plane was going to America, I can imagine his frustration when he landed in Lagos. LOL. However, I commend him for his bravery and he should thank his God that the plane didn't go all the way to America, he might have died in transit. He said his parents maltreat him and all he wanted was a better life... :( 


Hey guys! How was your weekend?  All I remember was Friday and then my weekend disappeared! LOL. I think I’m just being dramatic because I didn’t get enough sleep over the weekend and I’m quite grouchy this morrin, I had to wake up at 5:00 am! Sisi Yemmie doesn’t like that!

The weekend starts Friday night abi? So what did Sisi do last Friday? I had planned to attend an event on Lagos Island Friday evening but I only remembered the event when I was already on Third Mainland Bridge going home, I was so tired, I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. So I spent Friday night in…Food, TV, Bed.

On Saturday I woke up at about 7:00am, this annoyed me because I loooove to sleep in Saturday mornings and just do nothing all day! (the benefits of not being married). I think my body clock is sha getting used to me waking up at about half 5 every morning that  at 7:00 am  sleep cleared from my head.  I quickly dashed to the salon to get my nails done… sigh. I should have attached a photo so you can see how sexy they look now. He he he .


Hey guy's, I've been playing around (Facebook) and I stumbled across these two very interesting pieces on Nigeria; I didn't actually stumble on the first video, I follow Kola on YouTube but the second blog I stumbled across. Kola is a Nigerian while Tim isn't. However their opinion of Nigeria is similar... 

I need you guys to watch the video and read the article (It's long I know ) and leave your comments below, I want to see what you guys think of it. 
Is Naija really this bad? Your opinion matters! Which way forward?


I love me some Dakore, I've always had a girl crush on her, especially when she had her signature locs, she definitely stood out! I don't know why she cut it though, but I didn't stop loving her. I met Dakore at Ikeja Mall a few months ago and coincidentally we were wearing similar yellow tops (this friendship was meant to be) and similar height :D

Some people have mentioned that I look like her ( don't yimu)... I have proof! Check my instagram page. LOL On some days I look like her, on other day's I look like my mom (she denies it though) and on most days I look like my dad.

Anyways, this post is about Dakore, I think the cover is so pretty.  What do you think of it? This was a recent feature in Motherhood In Style Magazine. I love eeeet! I think she always looks best with her natural hair I need someone to style mine in a similar way (picture below) to match my bestie's *wink*

G B E S E ! ! !

On sunday after church I decided to do my shopping, so I drove to Ikeja City Mall right after first service, that was about 10:00 am in the morning. Naim as I reach there, I collect parking ticket, dem say na 200 naira flat rate. Hmmmm. No wahala. I kon dey reason to myself, the thing wey I come buy na 300 naira pere, parking 200. LOL. I dey reason am dey waka when one babe and her lovely cute baby boy stopped me to say hi, she say she dey watch my youtube videos... ha! I'm a celebrity! I need to start signing autographs sha because she was the 4th person that stopped me that day to say "Hi Sisi Yemmie". Thank you guys for making me feel special! My body is toto-ring me

After I greet am finish, nai I say make I even bring out my wallet: I noticed it wasn't inside my bag. Ok, no panicking. I always keep my wallet in a separate compartment in the car incase those lagos fast boys decide to grab my bag in traffic. Good strategy right? So I walked as fast as my koi-koi shoe would allow me to the car, mildly sweating at this point, I checked the special compartment and couldn't find the wallet. Ah! Gbese! I checked boot, everywhere in the car, almost checked the engine, nothing! I checked my bag like 10 more times, no wallet. 

♡ PRE-WEDDING SHOOT ~ Big Brother Nigeria Winner Katung Aduwak & Raven Taylor!

I was so excited when I was given these photos to share with you guys because I absolutely love love: weddings, engagements, proposals and pre-wedding shoots! I really like that couples get creative when doing this because I believe it bonds a couple together, how can you not have fun doing this?!?!? They look lovely! I want her pants!!!

Katung and Raven have been dating for the past 2 years and the wedding will be in August, lets go and sew our Aso ebi.

*Tip*  Don't go for a shoot after a fight, it shows in the pictures.

More of these features?
Credit ~ Shola Animashaun Photography
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say no to body odour
Few weeks ago I travelled, and I must say that the entire journey was tiring; it started quite dramatically sef. While boarding I look my ticket, it read 41J, I just jejely located my seat, my seat partner was a young guy, he was wearing a blue shirt, I said hi, he said hello and I proceeded to take my seat. However, this guy just dey look me, as in stare! Shuo, see me see wahala. You know how uncomfortable it is when someone is just staring at you as if you resemble pesin wey dem know? Plus his mouth was hanging halfway open most of the time, bad habit I suppose.

While I was there feeling uncomfortable with Mr Blue’s stare, naim I perceive one stench like that, eh the unmistakable smell of body odour, one man with his burgundy brocade was looking for his seat and it didn’t take me up to 6 seconds to discover the stench was coming from him especially as bros thought I was occupying his seat. I looked at his ticket and I was praying to heaven that he was not sitting anywhere near me. Imagine my horror when I had to tell him that his seat was the next one, brethren, this B.O was up close and perzonal. Na which kain bad luck be this one now, na here I go siddon for this entire 7 hour journey? God forbid!

Gidilounge launches African Music App for iOS & Android!

Gidilounge Radio App
Gidilounge is committed to giving you the easiest ways to listen to your favorite music, and to help you find new music that you’ll love. Gidilounge is an innovative digital media company that is reinventing the way Africans discover, listen and enjoy African music. Our aim is to bring you the best of digital entertainment and a world-class user experience.
It is with great pleasure to announce the release of the Gidilounge music streaming app for iOS and Android devices available on the iTunes Appstore and Google Play for download. We created the first highly successful Gidilounge Mobile radio which currently attracts 6 million listeners globally per month. In addition, we’re excited to announce that Gidilounge is the first music service app catering to African music available on the iTunes Appstore.


I'm lovin' this song by BANKY W! 
I bought the audio on itunes and it's been on repeat, I'm surprised Banky never comot beg me to stop. It's fresh, its romantic and absolutely perfect for this lovey-lovey season (Please it's not too early for me to start thinking about Valentine!). I think it's a great song for proposing too! What do you guys think? You likey?


Omawumi's new single Somori featuring Remykays
Hi all! Have you guys listened to Omawumi's new single Somori ?It features Remykayz and was produced by Philkeys. It is a bubbly  fast paced party tune... You can't help but dance to this song. I love this lady; her recent album is constantly on replay,  I'm sure the CD would have scratched by now because it started skipping.

Have a listen and tell me what you think!


What do you do on Wednesdays? I'm asking because lately I've been going to My Fathers House every Wednesday morning. Where is my My Fathers House? My Fathers House is a Redeemed Church Parish (Victory Chapel) in Magodo Phase II Estate, Lagos. The programme I attend is called Hearken Unto Me, I don't know how I got informed about it, but I did notice that the traffic in Magodo on Wednesday mornings is exceptional! So one day I decided to branch and since then I have never stopped attending on Wednesday unless I'm away or extremely busy.

If you love Naija praise and worship, you should come. The gan-gan is on another level, that is what even makes my day, about 45 minutes of pure praise, everybody scatter body and dance to God. The talking drums speak to me oh...they give me shivers. I imagine how God feels inhabiting the praises. After praises it is another hour of prayer... You live in Naija? You gats to pray! Come with your prayer requests! After that, testimonies are shared.

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