Whats in my Bag? Lets see...

I was tagged by http://chictherapyonline.blogspot.com/ to do this bag meme. Im supposed to take a picture of my bag and its content so you guys can ooh and aahhh. Oya lets go! 


My bag is by Jasper Conran and  I got it from Debenhams This bag sha has its story. I once wrote a post about finding the perfect black bag HERE, I finally found this one at Debenhams, after scrapping my pocket to buy it, two days later Debenhams decides to give 20% off sale and all i could say was "are you kidding me?!!"...Thank God for Exchanges and Refunds I quickly returned the bag and bought it again with 20% off!

TRACIES-Hand Craft Extraordinaire!

Your distinct craft store with various uniquely made products such as fabric clutch purses,bouquets,hand fans,hair pieces/accessories, beaded jeweleries, boutonnieres /brooches and bow ties for your weddings and occasions at very affordable prices!!!

Born again. Again!

Nor be small thing my people. I have given my life to Jesus for the...maybe 1000th time in my life....(i think give my life at every altercall in a new Church lol-i know some people do this sha).

Anyways, I was on my way back to the UK oh. That morrin i arrange all my crayfish inside jeans pocket, put my kilishi inside bra for my box....so as to avoid all those customs people. Armed with my killer smile....i just breezed through customs...after a bit of sexual harrassment (bad customer service-why should the oga be asking for my number? i quickly dashed him my phone number b4 he will delay me) But wait oh, how many times will they search someone in 9ja? dem almost search me pull my payint! I don't blame them, na all those mutallab i blame.

Na So I See Am...

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been having hotblood for like 3 weeks now. But I have been encountering some major bullcrap in this Warri. I disgraced my tutor who taught me DIPLOMACY 101 .I will describe each encounter scenario by scenario.

Scenario 1 #GTB: I was referred to Customer Service. I reach there & gave the dude my 5000 megawatt flouriscent smile that i only reserve for special people.Na so this guy just look me dey bone like person wey swallow constipated ogoro (frog). Me sef i pocket my smile. He was like "fill that form"... and flung the form on another desk and walked away. I thought it was really rude (in my best british accent).

Scenario 2 #ETISALAT. I wanted to activate my BIS so one of the staff told me to stand in the corner beside him to watch what he is 'plessing' on my phone. Next thing i heard one akpu voice  "hey! you, comot from dia, go stand dat other side"...I actually didn't know he was referring to me. I gats look back twice. I said " but your staff said i should stand here"...he just screamed at me like a cow..."u nor dey hear word i say stan dia! he was gesticulating like a traffic warden wey drink 10 shots of kainkain for koro koro afternoon. Shooooooo. Onana trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am! I just pull my "eyeshade" and gave him THE LOOK!"

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