Whats in my Bag? Lets see...

I was tagged by http://chictherapyonline.blogspot.com/ to do this bag meme. Im supposed to take a picture of my bag and its content so you guys can ooh and aahhh. Oya lets go! 


My bag is by Jasper Conran and  I got it from Debenhams This bag sha has its story. I once wrote a post about finding the perfect black bag HERE, I finally found this one at Debenhams, after scrapping my pocket to buy it, two days later Debenhams decides to give 20% off sale and all i could say was "are you kidding me?!!"...Thank God for Exchanges and Refunds I quickly returned the bag and bought it again with 20% off!

                                                          THE CONTENTS

A-My Wallet- Is the most important thing in my bag. It contains my bank cards, my pictures, passport photos of my friends, business cards, and money

B, C & D are my phones. I'm a typical Nigerian. My Iphone is my first love, I cherish it with my whole pocket. My Samsung is on Lebara network which I use for making International calls. My Blackberry is like the famous second wife men get from the village-I was under pressure from my friends and family to buy this phone if not they wont communicate with me again. Sigh. How I multi task between them is a miracle.

E- Is my Ed Hardy lotion which i use to moisturize my hands when dry.

F- Is my sanitizer which I poured into this bottle. I have the big jar in my bathroom. With all the funny things i encounter during the day I just have to have this! 

G- TUC biscuit is the only biscuit in this world that i like and can eat. The salty-sugary taste is what does it for me. I don't like sweets, chocolates and all that senrenren...I have a grannie's taste bud.

H- I went to Tesco's today just because of this Knorr seasoning.  That is why its still in my bag.Its like magic! Use it  to cook for any guy and you will successfully snatch them from their wives and girlfriends. Me i use it to keep my own bobo. lol

I- My Travel Card...I lost my old bus pass yesterday and it was an emotional moment for me. I shed a tear. Pounds no easy to come by. I got this one today and the lady gave me a red one cos i was wearing a red jacket "here, red riding hood have this"...sweet!

J-Tissue, comes in handy everytime...and I believe every girl has one.

K-Wrigley's gum for fresh breath always. I hand them out freely to people, so that they wont kill me. 

L-Keys to my apartment. The keyholder has 'Sophie' inscribed on it. Sophie is my middle name! 

M-Flash....its always in my bag just incase i have to print my C.V. I dey find job oh....make una pray for me.

N & O-Ed Hardy and Burberry Original Perfume ...gotta stay sweet smelling... i love them!

P- Earphones to listen to gbedu on the bus, train and all through my treks...these earphones are the reason people to say hello to strangers anymore. Sometimes i put them on and put the music on mute just because i want to eavesdrop *confession*

Q- My Mac Powder...always with me.

R- Hand mirror I got from my trip to Brussels last year. It must not loss!

S- Mac Concealer...to be honest there is nothing to conceal on my face, i just like using it.

T- 17 Lipgloss...oh the wonders of this lipgloss, i cannot even begin to say.

U- Clinique Mascara that my friend Ify introduced me to. I haven't looked back since.

V & W - My blush and powder brush.

X- Swarovski Crystal Pen I got on duty free shopping. Its fancy and I like the way it glitters when I write ...

Y- Mac Ruby Woo lipstick. Oh my ! This lipstick has men reversing and jamming each other.lol. I have never been this 'toasted' in my life! Don't use this lipstick when you're alone oh, you could get stalked!

Z-A gym leaflet that was handed to me at the city center...errrr I kept it just incase you know...just in case...
Last but not Least is my Pink comb...I have fishbone braids on so i comb my hair often...

P.S. My dad lifted my bag the other day and screamed! im trying not to to haul to many things around :(

Im tagging 
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  1. Hmm... Very interesting. I can't wait to do mine. Thanks for tagging me.

  2. lol at returning the bag to buy it back for 20% off.
    Sounds like something I would do.

    Um u never really explained why u are carrying knorr in your bag tho?

    Lastly how do all of these fit in that bag??
    Must be weighing alot.

    Nonetheless, enjoyed reading this.

  3. Ahhh...madam, you want to bring out my legs in the market, lol...Thanks for tagging me. I go do am soon.

    How do you juggle the phones? I can't even manage my BB and laptop.

    And yes o, what is the knorr doing in the handbag. Shouldn't it be in the kitchen?

  4. When I read knorr seasoning, I had to scroll back up to check the picture again! LOL! I love this! You bag contents are all lovely!

    ps. Thanks for tagging me :)

  5. lol at the seasoning. i can't knock you. Once upon a time i had full salt and pepper shakers in my bag for when i used to bring my lunch with me to work hahaha.

  6. wow how big is your bag again ma'am...lol great content though...Knorr seasoning???

    Thanks for the tag shall be doing one soon

  7. haha....I must get my hands on the Ruby Woo lippie! Loved this post. :)

  8. LOVE your twist on this =)

    Kimberly, FWB

  9. Thanks for tagging :-) I have fulfilled my duties! I doubt I can compare to yours though- VERY Interesting! It seems everyone has asked what I wanted to ask-- May we know what knorr seasoning doing there?

  10. Lovely list! just wondering did you remove some things:)

  11. Thank you so much for the tagging sister...wait a minute..ALL these in your bag?...wow! *hi5* on the smart move you made on the bag purchase...make dem no try us 9jas..hahhahaa...it would be so much fun to do and read others..tnx

  12. Hahahaha..still laffing, nyce one there, thanks for tagging me.... can't wait to do mine too, though like the rest of us I'm still wondering how all these fit into that bag of yours, It must be some real big black bag...*wink wink

  13. You have inspired me, I must get that MAC Ruby Woo lipstick by force or by fire. Lol

    It's ovbious you're a real girly girl based on what you carry around : )

  14. sisi u dey try o...that ur bag full no be small..lmao @ knorr cube mehn u ehn

    thanks for tagging me :D

  15. All this in one bag.
    LOL @Aromat....I use it too and its fab!

  16. Wow! Sisi the contents of your bag are really shiny and clean...trust me you don't want to see what's in my bag...Do you want the real me or the rc me? Lol!

  17. My purse doesnt even have half this many items lol. # phones? what! What! come and dash me one :P
    And lmao at the boy-magnet lipstick!

  18. I'm definitely going to do this. lol @ 'It must not loss'. Nice...

  19. lol... 3 phones hmmmm n what's with d knor? guess that becomes handy wen u visit some english restaurants.
    Thanks for tagging me by d way should put up mine soon n am eagerly waiting to c other posts on this

  20. Aaaaa sisi yemmieeee. only you? Eyi o wa poju? This is too much naaa. lol
    The funny thing is that, I am just like you, but not that bad. my oga complains that my bag is always too heavy. Thanks for tagging me, I will do mine later today

  21. 1.No emergency CDs or Pills?!!
    2.Why am i not tagged?Who told you i don't carry a bag?!
    3.That's a westmidlands buspass!!!Soooo you're even my next door neighbour!

  22. lol...correeeect babe...u returned the bag...for the deal.

    I hail u! + #cosign
    3 phones?...u're not ez...that's funny tho. I don't think I can handle that.

    lol @ the swarovski pen...u like the way it glitters when u write?

    knooooorrr? lol
    U're one of a kind

  23. These companies should be paying you girl!! Especially the knorr and lip stick (who doesnt want man magnet??)
    Nice one..

  24. lol!!!I was like why does she have knorr cube?

  25. lol!!!I was like why does she have knorr cube?

  26. I could not help realising that your bag does not contain an essential item - A BIBLE!

  27. Thanks for the tag, sisi Yemmie. I'll be doing it soon. The contents of your bag are interesting. I use Mac too - which I can't get at the moment. I've been looking for two months. If you know where I can get it, please let me know.

  28. @ Simeon you can't see the Bible cos it's in my phone.Isn't technology wonderful?! And I have it in different versions too :D

    @Naijalines, where are you based? So I can figure out how you can get one.

  29. Sisi mi. You no go kill person. This was hilarious. You always put a smile on my face.

  30. she said it's Pro 10 bohemian the one with Brandy :)

  31. Beautiful bag! You mean you actually "repurchased" the bag?! Smart move babes! 9ja no de carry last! No dulling!

    Knorr seasoning ke?

  32. Nice bag...lol @ how you bought and then re-bought it - smart move.

    Your purse/wallet is cute too.

    3 phones? waoh! it's been a while since I saw that on 1 person.

    lol @ the Knorr seasoning in your bag.

  33. Sweetheart, It's MsJB, leave the 'Jane' for we we Lol
    You are so funny! Yours is so damn funny omg!
    It's amazing how we carry the same things around. Ladies! Smh for us :) But you are so on your own with that maggi part tho.

    Thanks for the tag,check for it later, should do it weekend or so xxx

  34. The content of your bag isn't scary at all.It's just gurlie!

  35. Nice lol!!! That was smart oh- your stunt with your bag i mean hehe


  36. Funny post, and there's a lot going on in that bag lol.

  37. LMAO @The knorr in your bag!!! Nice post!

    Lola x

  38. i join ask....................wetin d knorr dey do 4 ur bag?..........dat bag thingny was a smart one.


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