Wonders will never end! Jim Iyke was reportedly at the popular Synagogue Church, Ikotun and from the videos and pictures we have seen, e be like say dem don cast all the evil spirits comot oh. Jim Iyke is famous for his ‘bad boy’ movie roles, he's always the son/brother/boyfriend that just returned from obodo oyinbo. LOL. 
According the this Synagogue FB post, he has been delivered of the evil spirit that has prevented him from getting married. Somebody shout Fireeeeee! 

Apparently when he 'fell under the anointing' he said “What do you guys want from me,” and he asked for his shoes.. na so dem talk oh!  Please what does this mean? No more Jim Iyke as we know him? Hope the guy market never spoil so? All I want to know is, where does Nadia Buhari stand in all of this?  *sobs 
See Video below


sisi yemmie on cool fm
Olorisupergal, Shine, SisiYemmie
Hey Guys! Hows everyone doing? Last day of September, are you excited??? I AM! You didn't know October is the best month of the year? Champions, celebrities, presidents, and so many great people were born in October, and Sisi Yemmie is on that list! My birthday is in October, so start preparing my birthday present oh, nothing is too small, nothing too big. I accept cash, gift certificates, recharge cards, flight tickets, movie tickets…in fact, list odikwa endless. I’m going to do something special for my birthday and it will involve all of us, ehn, me and una, so please look out for my update!


I promised earlier this week that you need to keep your eyes glued to my blog if you're a blogger or aspiring to be one. Just to remind you, he he he, I have a YouTube Channel where I upload videos weekly, please SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out on any video. Not all my videos are shared on my blog. 

I hope you enjoy this video and I will write down the tips for the benefit of those who can't watch. Please share your tips with me my fellow bloggers,(I follow amazing blogs!) and if you are new to blogging and have questions... ASK! 

TIP 1 
Some people are attracted to blogging because some bloggers are like celebrities, others are attracted because dem don see say e be like say some bloggers dey hammer seriously. You want to make money? That's not a bad motive, blogging is not moin-moin, if you want to make money from blogging you are going to WORK for it. A blog is not built in a day. Find your blog purpose. 


300 sandwiches
C'mon people! What is so wrong in Stephanie wanting to make 300 sandwiches for her boyfriend. Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? This news story has been trending since yesterday, let me break it down for you! 

Stephanie Smith has a blog called 300 Sandwiches which she says was inspired by her boyfriend, Eric.

"My boyfriend E is obsessed with two things: Star Wars and sandwiches. During a Sunday lunchtime viewing of "Return of the Jedi" he told me: "you are 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!" ... And so, I got cooking "...

Suddenly, so many people want to crucify her for doing this, the feminists have come baring their fangs and I don't understand why such a beautiful story has turned into "Oh, she's in an abusive relationship". LOL.  If she wants to make sandwiches for le boo, let her go ahead and make 1000, did she complain? She has managed to take on the challenge and turned it into a great blog. Win-Win. Please read the below excerpts and tell me what you think!


 Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered “na which kain head I carry come this life”? See so & so, he no too dey huzzle but pepper dey rest, life dey sweet for me. Me so so huzzle, morning, afternoon, night! Shuo!

Maybe you’re not the one with the problem, maybe na your sister/friend/brother/uncle life wey be like say he don dey bend…Do not worry anymore, you are sure to find the right diagnosis here today. There are different types of destinies wey people bring come this life, once you can identify it, then half the problem is solved, you only need to go for deliverance.

Underwear Destiny: We all wear underwear, if you no wear pant, you go wear bra, or boxers, or singlet… you go sha wear underwear. How many times do people wear underwear on top cloth? Unless dem dey krase…It’s always underneath your clothes. A important as underwear is, you will not see it outside. Some people are useful but never noticed. If they are giving awards, you deserve it but they will never nominate you. You’re always limited, people hardly recognize how talented you are. Some musicians suffer from this… very talented, but never known. O ma se oh..

“My Big Nigerian Wedding” Contest Just Got Tastier as Tosan Jemide of Cakes by Tosan Is Named the Official Cake Maker for the Winning Couple!

If you plan on getting married by 2014 and you haven’t yet registered for the My Big Nigerian Wedding Contest Season 1, you might miss an awesome opportunity!

In July 2014, WED Magazine in conjunction with a host of unique wedding vendors and sponsors will foot the bill for the wedding of the winning couple to the tune of N15Million. The vendors for this wedding also known as the “Dream Team” are drawn from the best in their fields.

Today, we are proud to announce to you that the official cake maker for the winning couple is none other than cakes maestro, Tosan Jemide of Cakes by Tosan!
The master baker who has been in the industry for well over ten years has made the desires of hundreds of brides come to pass. Tosan has baked cakes for couples, socialites, celebrities and more within and outside the country.

Generally referred to as Nigeria’s foremost cake maker, sugar crafter and confectioner, Tosan is the preferred baker for most contemporary Nigerian couples. Cakes by Tosan has earned the reputation of being one of the best cake brands in Nigeria, creating designs that are exclusively qualitative and aesthetically appealing.

Win An All Expense Paid Wedding of Your Dreams in the “My Big Nigerian Wedding Contest” Season 1 !

Imagine not having to worry about the huge expenses of organizing a wedding, and having the wedding of your dreams all the same? Yes, you can be that lucky! In fact, Bobo and I are thinking of entering...should we?

In 2014, WED Magazine, Nigeria’s foremost wedding go-to magazine would be making the dream of one lucky couple come true with the “My Big Nigerian Wedding Contest” Season 1.  The winning couple would have their wedding sponsored to the tune of a whooping N15million at a destination in Lagos, Nigeria and win other mouth watering prizes.

WED Magazine in conjunction with a host of unique wedding vendors and sponsors will foot the entire bill for the wedding of the winning couple. The vendors for this wedding also known as the “Dream Team” would be drawn from the best in their fields. The winning bride and groom-to-be will be helped in their quest for the perfect wedding day by a whole host of experts including a professional wedding planner and stylist to help them achieve their dream wedding.


Nigerian Blogger Sisi Yemmie

Oh wow! It's Monday! How was your weekend? What did you get up to...? I don't really know how to describe mine, but as usual I'll start from Friday evening. I had to work late Friday evening, that means by the time I got on Third Mainland Bridge, there was little hope of getting home early so what did I do? Instead of grumbling, I wound up my windows, put in a Naija mix CD and blasted my ears out! I was dancing and driving, I don't know if that is safe, but I didn't care... some other drivers were looking at me like ...Oh, maybe she won the lotto. No I didn't. I would like to. 


If you follow me on twitter you'd realize that I have a girl crush oh  Chidinma aka Miss Kedike... I fell in love with her after seeing the video of Emi ni baller. Ah, omo toh fine. Omo toh wake up.

She has beautiful cropped natural hair and her skin just glows! Oh, you haven't noticed? She's cute!

Please listen to her new single, Oh Baby , I think its such a catchy tune. Let me know what you think, this was produced by Young D. 



When my friend updated her BBM with Have you heard about I didn't even look at it, but when she mentioned it was Nigeria's version of Paypal? I was interested! Payme  allows Individuals to send and receive money instantly and is powered by QuickTeller, Nigeria's leading online payment platform and developed by Cosmos Technologies and Datamaic solutions. It is reliable and SAFE!

I've used PayMe and it was as easy as ABC! All a user needs to do is register their phone number and email On and link any of their bank accounts to their registered Payme Account all for FREE.


If you’re on twitter you’re probably familiar with people tweeting at you, "pls fbk! Pls fbk! Now following please follow back!" And they always use exclamation marks!!! I liken it to walking on the street and poking strangers  saying “be my friend! I’ve just befriended you, friend me back! LOL. Would you do that in “real life”? Then why would you do it online? It’s real people behind handles, real emotions, so you need to be strategic about it.

You can get follow backs without hounding or bullying people into doing so. Since I started my , ahem, twitter career, I nor  dey do am. If I follow you, it means; I’m interested in your tweets, I like your bio and I want to interact further with you. I knew I was doing good getting follow backs when celebrities like Ali Baba followed me. In fact, when Rita Dominic followed me, I knew I had arrived in twitterville! I’m waiting for Oprah, Mo Abudu and so many others to follow me and may my bia bia not grow grey before that happens.

So what do you need to do?


Since I started going to my new job, life has changed for me; I drive through the scary Third Mainland Bridge twice a day, I wake up at half 5 every morning, on somedays I hit snooze, wake up at 6 and start panicking like a headless chicken! And then I buy puff-puff..... almost every morrin. 

E get one puff-puff guy wey I discover the first week I started working inside one koro. For those who are curious, I work somewhere in Marina, Lagos, Nigeria (you didn't watch my relocation VIDEO?) and some of you know that is right inside abi next to the great Balogun market! Ol' boy! That guy puff-puff sweet nor be suumall! It is usually so hot and fresh when I buy it. If you dey reach the area I can hook you up... LOL


As a celebration of the 53rd Nigerian Independence day, a social campaign to support a Nigerian business owner in financial distress has been developed by Dudunorth.
To support this campaign, a few bloggers and entrepreneurs have donated funds to bridge the gap in a Nigerian residents’ business finances.  If you own a business and you’ve been facing major financial setbacks, they want to help you get back on your feet by investing in your craft.


Friday night was solo…I was ecstatic that 3rd mainland bridge was quite free on Friday evening… quite free that I got home before 6:30…that hardly happens. Lately - I usually get home between 7:30 -10:30 pm. Sigh… I got home and realised, whoop, I have the house to myself so I off top, off pant, off bra… you don’t run around naked when you’re home alone? Well…. Me neither. LOL


You dey waka pass dey take style dey look my behind, you fit crase oh, you can climb tree wey old men dey find from afar, take your time oh! ....(lyrics from the song)

How can you not love this song? Y'all must know by now that I love Omawumi! Not just because she's my co waffi chic ... (Areaaa! Warri nor dey carry last) but also because she is a ball of energy and talent! I absolutely love this video!!!!! I've been waiting for this video to drop for the longest time, Its a track from her Sophomore Album, Lasso of Truth. The CD has been playing in my car everyday and it has now scratched. LOL. Don't you just love this lady?


Due to popular request I have decided upgrade my efo riro recipe ! This recipe is plus two to your wife material... How many yards do you have at the moment? LOL. See ehn, I love efo riro no be small, that's because it is easy to make, and delicious to taste... you can also eat it with almost anything! Efo Riro is a delicacy from the Western part of Nigeria and simply means mixed vegetables (That's my interpretation). Calabar has a soup similar, Edikaikong soup. 


Kudos to the Olu of Warri... did you hear about the protest in front of his palace for the past few days? The monarch has been a Christian but he decided to take it more seriously lately. He has chosen to denounce his allegiance to the Umalokun (Goddess of the sea) and that the title he holds "Ogiame" (King Of The River) would cease to exist while he still remains King. Do you know how long this tradition has been in existence? Over 500 years! 

I commend him for making it right with God, but the community people don make the palace hot for am... The argument now is this: does he have the right to do so? The people of the land are protesting, should he give what is for God, to God and what is for Ceasar to Ceasar? As in, allow the people to worship anything wey dem like, because this truly is erasing their customs and traditions. If he cannot abide by the customs, should he step aside and allow another Ogiame who wishes to continue to worship the river goddess? Most of the community are scared that the goddess will vex and bad things will occur, while others just really want continuity of their customs. I actually think the Olu of Warri should step down just so he can live in peace and practice true Christianity; he probably wants to eat his cake and have it.  What do you think? I would love to read your opinion.


Celebrate Independence with Fun, Shopping & Entertainment

The Independence edition of Oja Ara is here again.  This edition will definitely be different with loads of side attractions.  For example, come see and learn few tips about applying make up to get that fabulous celebrity look.  Want to learn how to tie your headgear in easy steps that will make people give you a second look?  How about watching great traditional dance performances live?  Come to Oja Ara and see all these and more.   As usual, there will also be great bargains on items across all categories like clothing for kids, men and women, beauty products, jewellery and accessories, homeware, shoes and bags.

So what are you waiting for? Come and get great bargains in a fun and entertaining environment on  Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October 2013, from  11 am to 6.30 PM daily at GET Arena, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island (Opposite Oriental Hotel), Lagos

For more info and general enquiries
•          Call Bukky on 08023620695
•          E-mail
•          Facebook


Awwwww Sisi Yemmie, you always have so many activities planned every weekend;your life is so much fun! Hmmm… that’s the report I’ve been getting from some of you *points, yes you!

This weekend however was different, I rested. After work on Friday night, I decided to ambush Semilore’s mommy, I was craving Nkwobi and I needed someone to accompany me to CMD kini kan, so I stopped by her house and cajoled till she SUCCUMBED! And errr , she was celebrating weaning Semiboy, no more breast for the young man until he’s grown and…. *cough cough. Anyways, we had a fun eventful evening, just me, her, her plate of goat meat peppersoup, my plate of nkwobi , barbecued fish and Baileys…it was a good night… I did notice one pimple on my face when I got home… (I’m vain, I know!)


long distance relationship tipsBobo and I made another video! In my Monday Chit-Chat post I did mention that he came over last week, so we decided to use that  opportunity to film this video. We took hours from our precious We share some tips that are useful for not just LDR's but for any other relationship. The last time we met was 4-5 months I said this LDR thing is looooooong! LOL We didn't see each other due to reason's best known to us. LDR is a choice.


This morning I approached a LASTMA officer because I needed directions, the man just look my face,  I could see the frustration all over him, but I still ask am wetin I wan ask;

 "Oga, Please is the left the right way to go? abi na this other side?" I didn't want to pass one way - I  nor get money to pay.

He look me up down, up down and hissed ...and decided for a good 2 minutes what he was going to say to me...

" I  nor get your time this morning"... and with that he dismissed me with a wave of his hand. 

SHUO. Just like that?LOL. Dismissed like a pesky fly. I don't know if he was upset that I didn't pass the one way so that I can be his maga...  


Hey Guys!!! It's September! (just incase you didn't know) and I would like to start this month on a positive note, but first of all how was your weekend??? Mine was fun, dramatic, and tiring honestly. In my last Monday Chit Chat, someone mentioned that weekends are like China products, they never last, and I agree! Just a few minutes ago, it was friday, now It's Monday! Sigh.

So Sisi Yemmie what did you do Friday night? He he he.... Bobo Yomi came to Lagos and we got to spend that evening together, we haven't seen each other in 4 months, imagine that! This Long Distance relationship tinz odikwa very very frustrating nna! we watched a bit of TV and frankly, I don't know what happened afterwards....abeg make una nor ask me kweshun. LOL.
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