Kudos to the Olu of Warri... did you hear about the protest in front of his palace for the past few days? The monarch has been a Christian but he decided to take it more seriously lately. He has chosen to denounce his allegiance to the Umalokun (Goddess of the sea) and that the title he holds "Ogiame" (King Of The River) would cease to exist while he still remains King. Do you know how long this tradition has been in existence? Over 500 years! 

I commend him for making it right with God, but the community people don make the palace hot for am... The argument now is this: does he have the right to do so? The people of the land are protesting, should he give what is for God, to God and what is for Ceasar to Ceasar? As in, allow the people to worship anything wey dem like, because this truly is erasing their customs and traditions. If he cannot abide by the customs, should he step aside and allow another Ogiame who wishes to continue to worship the river goddess? Most of the community are scared that the goddess will vex and bad things will occur, while others just really want continuity of their customs. I actually think the Olu of Warri should step down just so he can live in peace and practice true Christianity; he probably wants to eat his cake and have it.  What do you think? I would love to read your opinion.

Oh, Did you come here to see the Virgins? LOL. Virgins are very scarce these days oh...dem nor dey see am buy for market at all oh! An NGO, VirginBrides network unveiled 150 virgins, the motto of the NGO is No Ring, No Sex. The aim of this NGO is to encourage chastity, remain a virgin till marriage because...
  • Your husband will respect you 
  • You live without fear of pregnancy, STD's
I know so many girls dey always find their period where e loss every month... if you remain a vaargin, you will be free from all this wahala. 

Agree or Disagree? 

I love what they are trying to promote, Bobo always says that it is the women that determine if a society is going to be full of promiscuity or not. If women close their legs, who will married men toast? Who will they have fornication or adultery with? LOL. Women set the standard of any society.

Who has been following the story of FFK (Femi Fani Kayode) and Bianca Ojukwu? Let me break it down for you: FFK claimed that he had an affair with Bianca Ojukwu, (widow of Ojukwu, the Biafra Ojukwu you know). The woman vexed, she asked him to publicly retract the statement, but the man retracted it one kind, she said it is not enough and has decided to take him to court! LOL. FFK kon vex, now he's suing her too for denying that they ever had an affair! He has promised to give us (amebos) the scoop of their tangoli. I don't know who is right, and I honestly do not care, I just only wonder why this man is like this. What kind of man kisses and tells? Hope his future conquests are shinning their eyes? In case you're wondering who FFK is, he is the former Minister for Aviation in Nigeria. Tsk, tsk, tsk...bring it on people! This is why we are here!

She should have just accepted the apology and moved on, unless of course the man is telling lies! If she can prove him wrong, then go all the way to court Bianca!

What do you think of all this brouhaha?? 


  1. I suspect I would be furious too if someone tarnished my reputation with a lie. I think I would accept the apology though. Going to court has many pros and cons but the decider for me is the fact that court puts what should be a private matter on public record and proving a negative is very difficult unless she has an ace in the deck somewhere.

  2. 1. I think it is very brave of him. I respect him. It is always difficult to change perceptions of people that are generally superstitious. If someone buys spoilt milk in that community now, they will ascribe it to his denunciation, not the cheapskate ways of their local mallam. I think he has made his point and I pray for God's continuous protection over him and his family. I don't think he should step down though.
    2. "Virgintity" as Madea would say, is indeed a scarce commodity in this country. The love of money, blackberry and human hair is the biggest enemy of virginity and virtues. This is a nice thing the NGO is doing. I wish them the best of luck.
    3.You know all these 'attache by magnet' men dey always dey. I hope for her sake that he is telling lies. The truth is always a defence against defamation o. I feel bad for the woman sha cos this bros is the original basket mouth. Eke ibidun. They don't use to dat you ni, that the whole world must know? His head like the seat of a Raleigh bicycle. Oshi!

  3. Sisi Yemmi.. serious tatafo..lol. I, however, do not agree with your anology placing the standard of our society solely on the women. You see, this is where all the wahala starts from. The bible is a strong believer of a good man keeping his family and himself pure. Our men have to "man-up". They have to stop acting the devil and chasing poor innocent girls who cannot think for themselves let alone keep off their advances. I also blame our country, cos if all these BIG abuja and lagos babes had jobs that fed and clothe them, they won't have the time to be taking part in all this random acts. My point is that we all have to work together to make the society a better place. The more we blame the ladies, the more the men will feel like the can behave anyhow, in and outside the home. DAS ALL

    1. Agreed! men really need to step up. the burden can't be on women alone. We all have a role to play here

  4. I don't think its this dude's place to dictate how an entire culture will proceed with its beliefs. If he found Christ, good for him. More power to him. But that doesn't give him license to force Christianity on anyone else. I do think he should step down if he's not gonna act right.

    Chastity should be both a women and men's concern. Its up to women not to so freely give it up. But um...if women have to get some self control, so do men. Virginity for all lol.

    From what i read, it didn't seem like FFK actually apologized. (Or i could just be really behind on the story lol). He said something like i shouldn't have spoken about it publicly. Idk if i'd go as far as suing him but if it's not true, i'd definitely have a bone to pick!

  5. Tangoli? Sisi Yemmie u don kill me wit laf. U be ri old warri. As for that Olu of Warri thing, my house kuku near the palace i nor hear abt the fight sef. Make bros kuku relocate 4rm palace abeg. Itsekiri pple too like gbege

  6. I think the guy should step down. he has no business sitting on thrones that are controlled by deities, as a Christian who wants to be led by the Holy Spirit.

  7. As for the virgins NGO, do they only focus on women? I think it would be more powerful if it included men.

  8. I agree with all the points Lady Ngo raised!

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