Due to popular request I have decided upgrade my efo riro recipe ! This recipe is plus two to your wife material... How many yards do you have at the moment? LOL. See ehn, I love efo riro no be small, that's because it is easy to make, and delicious to taste... you can also eat it with almost anything! Efo Riro is a delicacy from the Western part of Nigeria and simply means mixed vegetables (That's my interpretation). Calabar has a soup similar, Edikaikong soup. 

Ideally, I would make efo riro with just spinach, but I couldn't find enough spinach so I added ugwu leaves... and it still tastes yummy! Please follow the recipe and let me know what you think. Very soon I will find a way to add measurements to my recipe, I still cook in proper naija way, I use my eye and hand to gauge my cooking.  LOL. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the video...see how I am very thorough? Post + video so that those who cannot watch the video can still read the post. Thank you for watching, please leave your comments, suggestions and let me know if you prepare it differently from me, I like to try other methods. 

Palm Oil
Ata Rodo
Bouillion cube
Blended crayfish (small and big)
Cow Leg
Goat Meat
Vegetable (Spinach, Ugwu)

  • Spice and boil goat meat till tender...allow it to cook till the stock/broth is very little and thick.
  • Cook cow leg, Shaki too, I usually cook mine in separate pots, cook until tender, you don't want to be fighting the meat when chewing.
  • Blend tomato, pepper and 1 ball of Onion: don't blend it smoothly, let there be small bits.
  • Heat up palm oil and bleach just a little, add half a bulb of onion when bleaching, this adds flavour .When bleached slightly, take out the onion, turn off cooker and allow to cool just a bit.
  • When the oil has cooled a bit, turn on the cooker and add chopped onion till onion is soft and transparent .
  • Pour the blended tomatoes into the pot of oil, add 1 bouillon cube, cow leg, shaki, goat meat , blended crayfish, iru and allow to cook. You can choose to cover the pot or not.
  • Make sure you stir the contents often so that it does not burn. This is not party jollof.
  • After about 10 minutes, depending on the quantity of the the tomato, it should be dry (frying instead of boiling), continue to stir for 2 minutes.
  • Make sure vegetable is washed properly! Nothing more annoying that tasting sand and stone in soup.
  • Taste for salt, and add more if it's not tasty enough...I leave the salt till later because the broth is concentrated with spices...you do not want your food too salty.
  • Stir until cooked...
  • Serve with Rice, Eba, Semo, Yam, Pounded Yam, Eko, Fufu

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  1. Haha. This looks isiewulising. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sisi-Yemmie,
    you are just FABULOUS,I LOVE EVERY BIT of your blog page... Trust me, from all I see here, you are FASCINATING...Just learnt a new stylish way 2 tying turbans... Many thanks to u..THUMBS UP!
    One more thing, please don't leave out Jesus on your blog page, He's the CROWN of your EXCELLENCE.CHEERS!

    1. Awwwwww Thank you so much Ngozi, it's comments like this that make blogging worthwhile! God bless you!

  3. Sisi, nice one. I of course know how to make efo riro but it was refreshing reading your method too. I guess that's part of it all - looking over the fence, see what the other Iyawo is making :-).

    One thing: you kept calling the tomatoe-pepper mix just tomatoe, scaring us hot sauce lovers :)

    All in all, brill!

    1. I love pepper...I will correct it. Thank you.

      So Iyawo, you need to share your own recipe ohhh lol

  4. tanchu oooo....it haf been long mehn...been looking for this....kisses

  5. tanchu ooo!!! it has been long mehn...i haf been looking for this!!!! hugs#

  6. looks really good !!

  7. Thanks darling...

    Please show us how to make 'swallows' ... lol

  8. Hello, nice job.
    Please, what kind of DSLR Camera do you use? Been aiming to get one...


  9. I love this, Nice....Really nice...definitely adding to my yard of wife material...lol

  10. Sisi Yemi, at stage do I add the iru please?

    1. Hi, at the stage when you're adding the beef/shaki

    2. Thank. I tried it and it came out nice. Was proud of myself :-) Thank you again.

  11. #DamnIt. I'm almost licking my screen.

    Gotta do a proper CBA before I try this out, tho! :(



  13. Followed you recipe, it was my first time cooking efo riro and it turned out great; had to give my Yoruba friend some to score me. the video tutorial makes it easier to follow and remember. Thank you, keep giving us amazing recipes.


  14. Looks soooo good....now off to cook my own efo riro!

  15. Hi,

    you didnt say when to add the iru and vegetable.

  16. lol I learned how to fry egg here so I'm definitely trying this out.

  17. Hi. What's boullion cube? Can I use knorr?

  18. Hi, good one. Am going to try it out. Pls what is iru? Well done!

    1. Iru is locust beans. if you are not in Nigeria , any Nigerian shop will carry this.

  19. This is sunday morning and I feel like eating efo riro with eba for breakfast. Sounds funny/ Yes, I am going to the vegetable shop to buy the ingredients now. I will substitute vegetable oil for palm oil. You are all invited.

  20. Well done Sisi Yemi, this is typical efo riro not a modernised version. I am definitely making efo riro after work this evening.

  21. I am African American. However, I LOVE authentic African made dishes and so do my children; almost more than American dishes. My 12 year old son found this website and insisted that I watch it because the dish "looked" like the "spinach stew" my friend makes for him. I just want to thank you for this page because now I can make the tasty dishes my children love without having to wait on someone else. Thank you SOOOO much Sisi!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hello SisiYemmie, I just found your blog while scrolling through the 25 best Bloggers nomination and I must confess I'm falling in love with your blog, it's soo real and of cause Nigerian to the core; I'm a foodie and I love to learn new recipes, and your blog happens to meet those qualifications; Choi!!! Food no go kii me.

    Just an observation though i noticed you love to cook your vegetables, vegetables... that is not nice at all....lols anyway maybe because i'm igbo and eating raw greens is our thing; You should try adding vegetables and allowing the steam to cook it i.e switch of the stove, add vegetables, and cover the pot. You'll love the taste and it's highly nutritious.

    Kudos to You.

  23. great dish, but for the blended items how much did you use of each, meaning how many peppers, tomatoes, onions?


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