My Yori-Yori's Wedding!

2011 was THE year of weddings!
October 1st, 2011, my yori yori bid me farewell and followed man. *sigh*
I present to you Eyi and Toks Kolawole :)

Share Your Boarding House Stories!!!

I came across this video and it was absolutely hilarious!!! and you guys know anything that makes me laugh I must share, laugh alone, cry alone. lol. I didn't attend boarding school sha but those of you who did, break it down for us!

PS. The Dude in the Pink shirt!!! LMAO!

BANIPRODUCTIONS, more grease to your elbow!

Few Good Men...

Last week, I boarded a taxi...had small talk with the driver. Not small talk...we were haggling about the cab fare jare; there is nothing I won't price, i even price items on sale!  When I reach house, I off jacket, hang am. I off shoe. I off bra. I off pant. I off light! I was that knackered.

 'Isn't it odd?' i thought to myself...' That I've been home for about 45 minutes and not a single Beep from my phone'...
So I got up, on light, put hand inside jacket pocket, nothing. 

What? Nothing?!

Brethren, I had instant headache. I ran to my bag, hopeful that my ever forgetful self kept the phone there, I shook hand inside all the zip wey dey the bag, nothing! I turn the bag upside down and poured the contents on the floor, the half chewingum i forgot plus my bits and bobs on the floor, by now yours truly was sweating like Christmas goat, yet it was freezing!

Another Suicide! Oh no!

Report: Woman Who Jumped From Bridge Was Missing Pharmacy Student

"The woman who reportedly jumped from the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge on Friday was a 25-year-old MUSC student, according to police reports and various online articles.

Olutosin "Tosin" Oyelowo, a Nigerian national with roots in Wake Forest, NC, was last seen by motorists and pedestrians leaping from the Bridge, a Mount Pleasant police report states.

Calls reporting the jumping were received around 3:30 p.m. on Friday, according to reports. Police found Oyelowo's purse and driver's license at the summit of the bridge in the area where callers reported seeing her jump."...

I don't know her personally but she made me cry! Not another suicide by such a young promising person. What a waste! What is going on? So many suicides...



And The Winners are...Drum roll!

The winners of the the Book Giveaway have been selected using and the comments were numbered from 1-17.  

The first winner is NuttyJ: is the winner of the first book 
The second winner is Nakedsha:
The third winner is Martha:
Congrats guys! The winners will be contacted shortly via email. Whew...thank heavens for E for no be small tubu tubu. Make una no worry e hear? those that did not win this time, you might be lucky for the next giveaway. Watchout!!! Thanks everyone for participating.

[Opinion] Nigeria Senate approves anti-gay marriage bill

Gay sex marriage has been banned in Nigeria. Under the proposed law, gay couple's who marry face 15 years imprisonment, Witnesses and guests also face 10 years imprisonment!!! Other additions to the bill include making it illegal to register gay clubs or organisations, as well as criminalizing the "the public show of same-sex amorous relationships directly or indirectly".

What's your opinion? Yay or Nay?

Captured timeline from twitter

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Attention 2012 Brides, Grooms, Family and Friends! Wedding Trendy has partnered with celebrity wedding professionals and is offering fabulous wedding packages worth £20,000 + for weddings in the year 2012!
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'Racist Britian'...

I would like to believe that the lady in the video below is speaking for a sad, teeny-weeny minority. I hope I am right. However, *clears throat* I've been living in Britain for short while now and I won't say I haven't noticed the 'eye' the spits, comments and the faces some of them make when I pass by, I no send them. It's their country, let them do as they wish.

What is annoying and disgusting however, is the regard and the way WE treat them when they come into our own countries, like they are mini gods, and that is pathetic. We even sell out our own people! I don't blame them, I blame our government for making the grass greener on the other side. Regardless of it all, we are all God's children and should learn to accommodate each other.

*Nagrega? I think she was trying to say Nigeria! lol

P.S Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE to win a copy of the book THE SMALL PRINT. Winners will be announced Wednesday 30th November! Goodluck!!!


I remember the first time I saw this movie poster, I rated it one of the best Nollywood has ever produced. I'm hoping the movie is as good! Two Brides and a Baby produced by Blessing Egbe and directed by Teco Benson features Stella Damasus, O.C Ukeje, Chelsea Eze and Kiera Haywatch. Can't wait to see it, if you do please send your reviews!

Here's the movie schedule:

1. Silverbird (Lagos): by 3.30pm & 5.50pm
2. Genesis Cinemas (Lagos): 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 5.00pm & 7.00pm
3. Ozone Cinemas (Lagos): 10.30am, 12.25am, & 6.40pm
4. Silverbird Ceddi Plaza (Abuja): 12.00pm, 4.20pm, & 8.40pm
5. Silverbird SEC (Abuja):1.00pm, 3.00pm, 4.55pm, 7.00pm & 9.20pm
6. Silverbird (Port Harcourt): 4.10pm & 8.50pm
7. Genesis Cinemas (Port Harcourt): 10.15am, 4.25pm & 8.40pm
8. Silverbird (Uyo): 3.10pm

How do you rate this poster?


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When my face collapsed...

It's Thanksgiving in America and thinking about what I'm thankful for just brought back some memories to my mind.

This time last year nor be small thing! I woke up one morning and I just had this weird feeling around my face...I went to the mirror and Lo and Behold brethren, my face had collapsed; one half of my face could not respond and the other half speech was a bit slurred,one eye no dey close, i couldn't drink from a cup cos the water would spill...the one wey pain me pass, I could not smile!This is not a joke...

I went to the hospital and when I reach there the doctor called all his smallies to come and see me-the scapegoat',they used me like lab specimen. He called it  Bells Palsy. I panicked, I really did, if you wake up one morning and discover your smile don bend, you will know what I'm talking about. I hid my self in my house, I just dey reason say, 'so na so I go do wedding with half face?' tufiakwa! all my dreams of the 'bellanaija wedding' vamoosed from my medulla oblangata...I called my mum, she said 'bells kini? back to sender'...

Oliver don twist 2 by AREA!!!

Some weeks back, AREA released a comedy parody video online of Don Jazzy's Oliver Twist competition called 'Oliver don Twist' and luckily for them they didn't get booed off the web, people seemed to actually like it! As it happens they just released the sequel to 'Oliver don Twist 2'. Enjoy!

Here is the Part 1 if you missed it! 

Check out their facebook page HERE
This video is the "hot shit"..! Seriously... :-)

[OPINION]: Queen cheats on King with his friend...whats your take?

The King of Swaziland, Mswati III evicted his 12th wife from the Palace for allegedly cheating on him with a former Justice. King Mswati III married Queen Dube, former Miss Swaziland when she was just 16years old. Under Swazi tradition the King is permitted to pick a new bride every year from the most beautiful ladies in Swaziland who come to dance 'topless' for him at the annual Reed Dance Festival *claps hands*

The evicted Queen Dube claimed that her husband, the King, has not seen her, talk less of of touched her in a year...I honestly cannot blame her right now considering the circumstances; body no be firewood,omode kekere are e. Plus the King has 13 wives in can he satisfy them all? 14 women for 1 man!

What do you guys think?


Out of the generosity of my heart I have decided to giveaway 3 copies of The Small Print by Abimbola Dare. Read the excerpt HERE.Follow her on facebookHERE

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The radical Islamist sect, popularly known as Boko Haram, has said that they will not dialogue with the Federal Government (FG) until all their members who have been arrested are released.

Spokesperson of the group, Abul Qaqa, who disclosed the groups demands on Thursday called on President Goodluck Jonathan; Senate President, David Mark; Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal; and the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke, to respond to their request or they would not relent in their attacks.


About a week ago I was having a 'question and answer' session on twitter and on facebook and the question was: What is healthy to share? Should you share toothbrush with your spouse? Or panties (yes, pata!) with your siblings? How about the frequent sharing of towels with friends? Does it signify the intimacy between the 'sharers'? Does it mean if I can't share my boyfriends toothbrush I love him less? O_O

I remember one time like that I go visit one of my friend and I forgot to take my towel along (anyone who knows me knows I always forget something when travelling, why me?!). So as I wan baff I noticed the towel was not in the bag, so I proceeded to the shower and cleaned myself up with my nightwear. My dear friend offered her towel but i declined with immediate alacrity...oh well that was before I learned the art of diplomacy! I could tell that she was not happy with me sha.

Kate Henshaw Nuttall and Husband Divorce!

So the gist is that Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw Nuttall and hubby are going their separate ways after 12 years of marriage. The marriage which is blessed with a daughter, 11, packed up few months ago due to 'irreconcilable differences'. Apparently Kate is a very busy actress while Rod her husband is equally away on business.

Oh well....what can I say? 

SUNDAY SPECIAL || Coconut Rice with vegetables!

 I love Coconut rice... I wont claim to be an expert with this recipe but I dey try. LOL. I mashed the rice up after cooking cos i like it that way. I like my beans mashed too. Don't say 'eeeew'



The moment he stepped into room 415 and saw Jennifer Lennox sitting behind the polished mahogany table, Wale Ademola knew he was a dead man. He shut the glass panelled door behind him with a click and glared. It had to be an illusion. He checked again. Nope. This was for real. She was here. What on earth was his ex wife doing in his office?

“Good morning Wale.” The woman sitting next to Jennifer spoke first. Her name was Coleen something from HR. She’d interviewed him only last year, at the start of his job as a temp administrator. She peered at him. “Is something wrong?

He started to come forward, stumbled and bumped into a stationery cupboard. “Sorry. I… I must have the wrong room. I am here for a promotion interview for the trainee project manager position.” It had to be the wrong room.

Coleen waved a piece of paper at him. “You didn’t get the confirmation email?”

ZEN Magazine November Cover 2011

Every month at Zen, we try to set new records, bring you something different, create new opportunities and break new boundaries. Throughout the months, we have seen the most beautiful and exotic models across Africa, America & The Caribbean been featured on our covers. Well, this month is totally different because we bring you the first pure British model to grace our cover - Debrina 'Breeny Lee' Francis is a 20 year old British model that was born in Essex in the United Kingdom. Breeny Lee as she is fondly called by her modelling colleagues has set her sight on been one of Britain's top models. She is very passionate about Fashion, loves modelling and is excited about her rising career in the industry. We have so many tantalizing stories in this issue from our exclusive interview with South African Fashion Designer Gert - Johan Coetze, to all the exclusives, winners & performers from the 2011 Channel O Awards. We also have photos from Nigerian & Swahili Fashion week respectively.

Make Up Artist --> Giselle
Photograph by Michael Adeyeye

What is this?!

Ghanaian Movies: Best Special Effect ???



It's my birthday today, October 19th and I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude to God and from the well wishes I've received! Wow! Im in a happy place :)...I only came here to request for something...(lol...some people don dey tensh!)
... No I'm not asking for anything  physical, although if una give me I nor go run oh! I'm only asking that for every prayer I have in my heart, you help me say Amen to it. That's what I want! Amen to my prayers. Thanks guys! Mwaaah! xxx


*ignoring cobwebs* . How's everyone doing? Long time no gist, but today gist don come on gistdotcom! I went to 9ja over the weekend for my lovely friend's was beautiful I tell you, but that is not today's gist! Immediately I landed,  I fished out the list of meals I wanted to have (as usual). Mind you, wetin happen to me in my last post HERE was all about food during my April trip. This is  fresh gist from a fresh trip. It is apparent that I have longer throat! 

I was just branching all the boli selllers, roasted corn, sharwarmar (tasted dodgy but it is still shawarma). I had Kuli Kuli and I topped it up with dankwa. That was Day 1. Day 2, I chop suya, goat meat peppersoup, 2 big nylon bags of boiled groundnut, gala, fan yogo and had some more kuli kuli and bottled fanta  to wash it down. These were just appetizers oh. 


People aound me know I love food. Scratch that. I love GOOD food! So I remember when I went to naija and I was just craving everything I hadn't eaten in a while. I wrote a list of meals to be demolished; suya dey dia, fresh fish peppersoup dey dia, kilishi dey too, isiewu & nkwobi enter d list too.

Na so one day an aunt of mine overheard me saying I want to eat 'efo'. She kon extend invitation gimme...she raved about how her efo was one in town and na so I just dey lick lips dey salivate. She said 'come on friday evening'...I have never missed a food appointment in my life; I got there 40 minutes early!


These are the Oliver dance entries i've seen on who's your favourite? I will be updating this list so watch this space!

This guy is just giving me LOL's

Seeing is believing...

3. My backyard crew

4. I didn't see this Chic's nyansh coming....#Endowed

5. Bosun and Folabi

6.The girl in grey pants...Ikebe super!

7. Funny guys...

8. Sexy Oliver...she put the T in twist.

9. Jokes...

10. They need good bra's!

11. Madam Kofo







If you guys have links to other video's please send me a link oh!



Following the success of the #Enigma competition we at Mo'Hits Records have decided to give a chance to people with different kinds of talent - Dance, Comedy or anything Entertaining...To participate simply record a video clip of yourself or your group dancing/jonzing, upload to YouTube and email the link to The videos will be judged based on how entertaining they are. You don't have to be Michael Jackson.. LOL
1st: $2500
2nd: $2000
3rd: $1500
4th: $1000
5th: $500
Top 10 entries will be part of the Official Oliver video
Top 50 gets a FREE Koko Mobile Handset
Bloggers shall we???? LMAO!!!



 Saturday, 20th August · 11:00am – 7:00pm
THE GET ARENA LEKKI Express Way,Oniru Estate By Admiralty Toll Plaza Off Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Lagos, Nigeria

The Love Hair team are extremely proud and honoured to announce THE ORIGINAL VIRGIN HAIR MEGASALE IS COMING TO LAGOS NIGERIA!!!!!!!

UK’s LARGEST VIRGIN HAIR EVENT will be in held on 20th August 2011. This is a one day only event offering the finest BRAZILIAN, PERUVIAN AND INDIAN HAIR AND MORE…. AT THE LOWEST PRICE EVER.

Love Hair put hard work into keeping immensely innovative and believe in going the extra mile for all customers. Therefore, at this event we will be giving away goodie bags for the first “40 purchasing customers”…..and just in case you thought you saw wrong “THE FIRST 40 PURCHASING CUSTOMERS WILL BE RECEIVING GOODIE BAGS”. On the day our goodie bags will include: hair straightners, professional make up brush sets, bendy rollers, eye lashes, hair brushes, lip gloss, wig caps and hair clips ALL IN ONE BAG!!!!. Our first “100 purchasing customers” will also receive goodie bags including free lipgloss.

As part of our special promotion for the day Love Hair will be offering customers two for the price of one on all Brazilian 32”VirginHair. Stock of this hair is limited and will only be available on a first come first serve basis.

Love Hair hold customer loyalty highly and to reward our loyal customers for their support of our brand we will be giving customers a chance to receive our exclusive “10% for life” card. Therefore, “All”purchasing customers at this event will be able to exclusivelyregister and receive a “10% For Life” discount card on the day that will give them 10% off all future Love Hair products forever.

08056338688 (Nigeria)

+4479506901117 (United Kingdom)
BB PIN: 2786FD97

White people have become video

David Starkey tries to talk about the English Riots on the BBCs flagship current affairs program Newsnight. He said white people have become black with black people being linked to violent, destructive, gangster, nihilistic behaviours.

What do you think of what this Baba is saying??!!!

Nabil Abdul Rashid Responds to David Starkey "Whites Have become Black"

Whose chair is it anyways???

Hello people's! Longtime no write. Make una no vex because na condition make crayfish bend. 

Anyways, I was at an event and I was really enjoying myself ...but I was uncomfortable and I felt I had to go to the toilet to adjust something-you know that unease you get on the first day of your FIRST period and you feel EVERYBODY can see your Always Pad through your double layered jeans (not you guys). Anyhow sha, by the time I got back to my seat, I met one mister man trying to chairnap my chair, he was shifting my Jacket, my purse from my seat.

Sisi:"Hi, that's my bag you're moving and I was seated here" I said producing my colgate sweet sixteen smile-it always works (and of course I can speak 'good english')
Guy: "I will put in the next chair so you can seat inside"  he totally ignored my smile...
Sisi: *blank stare*
Mister man proceeds to give me the 'ladies first' gesture...Me? Siddon for the inside chair? he never hala! It was beginning to look awkward as e kon be like say we be small shidren dragging for chair.
This will require diplomacy and I was doing my best not to laugh.

SUNDAY SPECIAL || My Indomie entry!!!

I submitted my Indomie recipe for 9JAFOODIE 's Indomie Noodles entry and I just wanted to share the pictures with you guys too. Its sha wonderful the different ways people can cook this indomie. Shebi they claim its 2 minutes instant noodle? I don't know if mine can fall in that category sha...I feel this big indomie is not as nice as the one in the small pack.  I marinated my chicken in honey and black pepper then grilled it. I sabi cook sha...I dey feel myself...

The Eye of the Beholder...

 I was reading through STING'S blog and she wrote about this chic that decided to go natural whose boyfriend was not happy about it. I nor go lie. If I was a dude and my babe did one kind hair wey make am resemble wetin I nor know. I nor do again! Going 'natural' does not suit everyone. I will not even deceive myself to think it would fit me, that's a risk at this vain point in my life! Mba nu!  I'm too vain for that. Let's flip the coin shall we? Oya just imagine say your guy just come back one day with dada 'rasta' hair! Ras Kimono...ayaga yaga yaga yo!!! If na me, I go run leave am. For what na? Shooo! 

Another issue is weight; Body Magic is not popular for nothing. Many guys just dey hala "Nigerian girls are too lazy", "always blow up especially after marriage", "they always let it go".  It's not like all these men that are complaining have arranged their 6 packs oh...all they have sef is one huge akpu pack! So Johnbull started dating this chic when she was 22 and still okpelenge lepa shandy, fastforward 5 years later after many akpu meals, suya joints and many gbugudu gbugudu romps in the bedroom + contraceptives she goes from size 8 to 14...add the fact say she be 'after 1'. Guy don dey vex. Kilode?

RIP Amy Winehouse, dead at 27.

Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her london apartment. She was only 27.  Its not up to an hour since the news broke and I discovered that some of her relatives are on my BB contacts list and are already forwarding broadcast messages to me. Trust BB users na, dem wan kill my battery with broadcast!

In an interview in 2008, her mom said she would be unsurprised if her daughter died before her time. She said "Ive already come to terms with her dead. I've steeled myself to ask her what time she wants to be buried in, what cemetry. Because drugs will get her if she stays on this road"
Well, RIP Amy.
I liked her music and I'm going to celebrate her time on earth by sharing my favourites with you guys:






As culled from


Fly almost enter my mouth when I see this this picture! Ewooooo! (Claps hands) So amother can flabberscatterbuster her own child like this?? The pikin be like wetin tractor jam! What manner of attrocity could this smallie have committed to earn this? In reaction to this story, people are asking boya it is right for parents to discipline (flog) their kids. Please note, this woman's case is different. This was clearly not discipline but witchcraft. I do not think a normal mom would do this. 

Don't get it twisted, children should be disciplined but not abused. I wouldn't say that a majority of us were flogged, I can only speak for my self. Me I was flogged! And it was good for me. The fear of koboko was the beginning of wisdom for me. Children need discipline sha, a little smack on the bumbum will not kill them, even a knuckle sandwich might actually do them good.  Parents also know how to give THE LOOK of which say THE LOOK only works when the child knows the Koboko waiting at home.
In fact, let me share with you guys the punishments i'm very familiar with.


I need to express my immense gratitude to everyone that nominated me and everyone that voted and also campaigned for me at the recently concluded Nigerian Blog Award. Una do well! Most Unique Voice and Best Foreign Based is not a small something oh! Y'all are making me feel like a celebrity :D. 

Na now I know say politics nor easy! To campaign for even local government chairman position nor easy. Shooooo! So this is what politicians go through? hmmm. I need to congratulate the other winners too. Everyone is a winner. Keep blogging! I have not been blogging since I moved to a new apartment, no internet, but now i'm good! This is the 4th apartment i'm moving to with 2 years, I need to build my own house be dat!

Please don't forget to LIKE the GISTDOTCOM page on Facebook if not you nor go LIKE wetin go happen if you disqualify for my blog giveaway oh. E go do you like film trick! (LOL....threats!). Blog post coming soon! 

Gbosa to all my followers and to my old ones PUYAKA!!!! 20 Gunshots! I SALUTE!!!!



The gist of how a Nigerian man killed his wife and chopped her body like a mallam did not escape me. At all oh! I was in shock when I read the story because I nor understand the kind evil spirit wey enter the man.  Women have always suffered abuse since, no be today yansh dey back. But how can you do that to someone you love? Anyway I'm here to table this matter make una judge am! 

I was having a heated discussion with some people, some say the woman naim make we blame (egbami), say maybe she bin dey nag the man. Ok.  Some say na the man make we blame, afterall naim kill the woman. Let me dissect this matter the way I see it!

Shoooo! Na me be this?!

Its loads of good news for me today! First of all GISTDOTCOM is a year old!!! *Dancing galala*. I'm so grateful for everyone's comments I no go lie. Your comments make me sleep better at night. I remember the first post I wrote on the blog, na so one 'Anonymous' left a comment saying my blog is rubbish, my post was horrible and I will never be successful. I cried that day ehn...and I deleted my blog. But thanks to my Mr Muscle (my guy), he encouraged me, and told me to blog again. He was even the one that introduced me to blogging, if I dey lie make I naked baff! Somebody even talk say I no sabi spell and I can't speak English *sigh*.

Overall, the good outweighs the bad and I have to  thank everyone that follows, comments and shares links to my blog too. And for every 'LOL', 'LWKMD' 'LMAO' I get in the comments section, I add weight and I become finer! Me love y'all longtime! And you guys are so awesome I got nominated for SIX Categories at the Nigerian Blog Awards! (...If only they were sharing kpekere and kilishi). So please go HERE to vote Sisi Yemmie!!! Go and Pless ya hand there oh!!! 

Make sure you watch this space because I am having a GIVEAWAY soon and I'm sure you don't want to miss it. Don't dull yourself!  I took these pictures on Sunday and I wanted to share them with everyone, cos I'm vain like that! Shout out to my friend Eyi that helped take these pictures!

AGBAYA on the swing! (Lets just say I'm a child at heart)

My Amebor Pose

Don't forget to nominate other BLOGS as well oh! Una weldone oh!!!

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