And The Winners are...Drum roll!

The winners of the the Book Giveaway have been selected using and the comments were numbered from 1-17.  

The first winner is NuttyJ: is the winner of the first book 
The second winner is Nakedsha:
The third winner is Martha:
Congrats guys! The winners will be contacted shortly via email. Whew...thank heavens for E for no be small tubu tubu. Make una no worry e hear? those that did not win this time, you might be lucky for the next giveaway. Watchout!!! Thanks everyone for participating.


  1. Congrats to all the winners!

  2. Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! *Dancing Alanta*

    Thank you oooo....and thanks to tooo.... yaaaaayyy!!!

  3. *in the flintstone voice* yabba dabba dooooooo.

    yep am a all those who voted ya'all are winners too don't worry.thanks sisi yemmie and


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