The radical Islamist sect, popularly known as Boko Haram, has said that they will not dialogue with the Federal Government (FG) until all their members who have been arrested are released.

Spokesperson of the group, Abul Qaqa, who disclosed the groups demands on Thursday called on President Goodluck Jonathan; Senate President, David Mark; Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal; and the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke, to respond to their request or they would not relent in their attacks.

According to Qaqa: "The recipe for peace is the unconditional release of our members".
He, also revealed the identities of two suicide bombers who attacked the Joint Task Force headquarters (JTF) in Maiduguri and the Anti Terrorism two- storey building in Damaturu, as Usman alias Baana and Abi Yusuf, 26.

The group's spokesperson said that Baana, a successful businessman who left behind a wife and a son, was seen as a martyr because he was barely four days in the group before he pleaded to be allowed to carry out the act on the anti terrorism building.He also revealed that Yusuf was responsible for the bombing of the JTF headquarters in Maiduguri.

“He was also a martyr whom we are going to miss a lot because of his outstanding mastery of how to improvise explosives,” Qaqa said. Other demands of the group include, "Islam reigns supreme, and Sharia replaces the Constitution; all women are degraded; all ties with the Western World are severed".

Culled from Daily Times
Hmmmmm....what do you guys make of the last sentence??!!!!


  1. But this is arrant nonsense!
    If the presidency had a hold on things we should declare that 'The Federal Republic of Nigeria does not negotiate with terrorists'!

    Women should be degraded? But how can people think like this? Even core Islamist nations like the UAE are granting women recognition (e.g right to vote)

    This is just illiteracy!

  2. I really don't know what to make of this.Anyway,i know the Federal government is not ready to deal with this issue,if they are,we'll know.

  3. na wa ooh, wetin be all these? God save us

  4. Who are they to make demands. The FG better act fast before things get out of hand. So they are having problems with the fact that women are becoming a solid part of d nation. Na wha o. FG should adapt to America style. They don't negotiate with terrorist but they don't back out either, they look for a way to attack before they are attacked.

  5. Women should be degraded for them to be happy?

  6. **ring***ring***
    Obama: Hello
    GEJ: Yes Barrack is this you!
    Obama: Ah G'boy long time, how una dey na
    GEJ: Bros se, e no easy o. These A.Q descendants for my corner wan fall my hand o
    Obama: *giggles*
    GEJ: Boss man, ihe a diro funny o. It's time to go 007 on these people
    Obama: I'll handle this
    **hangs phone***
    Calls Secret Service
    Obama: It's showtime

    Moral of this story! (well there really isn't any other than GEJ needs to call in the US)

  7. whoever wrote this surely has been living under a rock for many years. Women should be degraded to what exactly...Our dear puppet of a President just does not know what to do with this.

  8. These Boko Haram dudes are really insane. I no know how them mentality even take enter Naija.

  9. Sharia replace the constitution; women degraded, western ties severed...???
    Is that all???
    What sort of nonsense is this? Lara, u are right, they have been living under a rock.
    If they want to turn the muslim North into a prison of sorts where people "martyr" their lives in the name of religion, they should go ahead and leave other non-interested people out of it. That man that left behind his wife and son... For who to take care of?
    Degrade women to what??? Rags??? They have forgotten that their mothers are/women...
    They should better "get their acts right" and stop this foolishness!


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