I know its been a minute, nor mind me. Its my dissertation- I nor know who send me go school! Anyways, make we leave school matter for Mathias. Na tory I wan yarn...

I heard of Fake Butt today...not surgically enhanced, but worn like a dress. As in real fake nnnyyyyaaaaaasssssh! Some girl wore it to my friends wedding in 9ja and I sure say all the guys when dey there don swallow spit tire cos they thot she was Ini Edo, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. Ive heard of the boob thingy girls wear to enhance their endowments...I think I wore it once sef....lol. But nyash own? That na serious matter oh!

Fake eyelash... fake bobbi... fake nails... fake hair...fake eye colour... fake nyash! What is real then?
I was just wondering in my mind how the girl feel when yesterday her nyash be llike slate and then today e heavy like bagco super sack! Like , do you wake up one blessed morning on the right side of your bed and decide "this nyash too flat, make I buy join". Do people really do that? lol.I think they do. Ehen, how do they feel when they walk into a shop to buy one? 
Girl: " Madam abeg, give me one yansh there"...
Madam: " Whish one you want? 'boys follow me' or 'Heavy duty'?
Girl: "Give me heavy duty"... 


 For a second I forgot this was a real news story- Antoine Dodson's sister was almost raped and his interview on TV was turned into a very catchy song...Ive been singing all day. I thought it was really hilarious and creative...make sure you watch the first video before the second one!!!


Na So We See Am?

"Nigeria is expected to make history on October 1 2010, when its caterers build and unveil the world’s largest cake. The 65,000kg cake, will be unveiled at the National Stadium, Abuja, is expected to beat the current Guinness World Records. The cake, which will be 100ft long and 6ft high, will require the services of at least 2000 persons, and is expected to beat the records of the current world’s largest cake, a 58ton cake which was baked in 1989"

 I'm not a politician oh but immediately I read about this news story na my blood begin dey boil. All my hsir stand like ayamatanga for that Ishawuru film of those days. What arrrrrrrant nonsence! Sotaaay we nor see any beta tin to do, it is now to be baking cake kwa! Cake for what? To celebrate 50 years of , of, of.....! Hmmm....I must table this matter oh.  I was so upset that I started ranting on twitter and to my friends and to everybody that cared to listen. The people I mostly talked with were youths, under 30 and here's what they had to say;

'Na so we see am'
'How we go do na'
'This is Nigeria for you'

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