Na So We See Am?

"Nigeria is expected to make history on October 1 2010, when its caterers build and unveil the world’s largest cake. The 65,000kg cake, will be unveiled at the National Stadium, Abuja, is expected to beat the current Guinness World Records. The cake, which will be 100ft long and 6ft high, will require the services of at least 2000 persons, and is expected to beat the records of the current world’s largest cake, a 58ton cake which was baked in 1989"

 I'm not a politician oh but immediately I read about this news story na my blood begin dey boil. All my hsir stand like ayamatanga for that Ishawuru film of those days. What arrrrrrrant nonsence! Sotaaay we nor see any beta tin to do, it is now to be baking cake kwa! Cake for what? To celebrate 50 years of , of, of.....! Hmmm....I must table this matter oh.  I was so upset that I started ranting on twitter and to my friends and to everybody that cared to listen. The people I mostly talked with were youths, under 30 and here's what they had to say;

'Na so we see am'
'How we go do na'
'This is Nigeria for you'

 ....and some rascal even had to liver to tell me "this is how Nigeria has been and it will continue to be so". Na tufiaka i spit for the boy face, and I give am shege too (shoving my palm and spreading my fingers in his face), he was now wondering why I'm taking it Imagine the words coming out from the lips of our youths! So if poverty wan kpai you and you never see eba swallow, you go dey talk say 'ehn, na so we see am'? The problem with Nigeria is corruption with the leaders that have refused to give us (leaders of tomorow) chance. Tomorow don reach n dem still neva give us chance sotaaaaay 'he who must not be mentioned ' wan do Part 2!

I gree that the problem with our leaders is corruption but there is a bigger problem with the youths-MINDSET-of corruption, backwardness. I remember this my friend that I was gisting with one day, her papa na politician (popular one) and all she kept saying was 'erm, things cant change, no be naija...' I quickly told her 'c'mon shurrup'!Its easy for her to say....she dey school abroad, drive flashy cars,go on vaction, shop at Harrods with our oyel (oil) money. Her papa dey embezzle funds,and we all know.Meanwhile her mates dey huzzle to chop 1 square meal and she dey yarn opata. Her mouth dey smell abi? I tell am too.

The funny things about Nigerian corruption is that its bold and in yo face! like BOOM! Now they want to use money that they should be using for beta things to bake cake-more opportunity to chop our money-Daing! The stuff they come up with! What an insensitive offer from an insensitive government. What are we celebrating?.lol . Abeg make rain fall that day make the cake scatter...infact make dem pourgggggggeeee! Is that the kind of National Cake we wan chop? What happened to 'Light up Nigeria? Oshi! Wetin be that proverb about a fool at 50 again? ehem....'A fool at 50 is a fool forever' (no b me talk am oh). Nigeria Agadi nwayi at 50, you are baking cake....SMH! Shame, shame, shame,shame!!! wa, wa, wa, wa!!!!!!!

 P.S: Those who wan follow that cake should better think twice. Eating from it is tantamount to sharing in the curses the poor masses of Nigeria will shower on them. Dis one na chop and die o, weda una like am or not.


  1. Yemi, the truth is I agree with you almost totally but I disagree at some junctions.

    You said, "...To celebrate 50 years of rubbish!" The 50 years Nigeria has been, has not all be rubbish years. There were good times and I am sure you can agree with me that the bad times has only been like half of our 50 years of existence.

    In all things, including this one, we won't sha kill ourselves, we still thank God Nigeria is not in war - it still calls for celebration. God has been merciful unto us. Lets celebrate us.

    - LDP

  2. I'm sure there are a thousand things they could use all this independence celebration money for. What are we celebrating sef? Our leaders ought to bow their head in shame. We have been blessed with abundant opportunities but our leaders have refused to utilize them.

    N10B is a lot of money and clearly we have a lot of misplaced priorities. Corruption is the order of the day and it has become a free for all looting.

    When people act like it is an unchangeable situation, I take it really personal too because it so freaking annoying.Its just a lazy and defeatist mindset and mentality.

    I believe Nigeria can change. We all should come out and vote (with sense)and lets watch what happens next then. But to sit in your house and say Nigeria can't change, then Nigeria really wont change because of U

  3. Babe i totally agree with you, I agree we should be grateful to God at 50 o but since we havent acheived so much what we should be doing now is looking at the future and not counting our failures as success.
    When i hear some youth talk i feeling like crying but i'm one of the few that beleives naija will get better and i'm trying hard to make it better too. I so wish we can take out fear and stand for the truth, it will be well.

  4. I'm not even going to start with this talk about Nigeria
    i was telling my cousin this morning on my way to work about how this country & its leaders have failed & dragged us to a state where we are barely existing
    why am i still hearing about people like Obasanjo & Shagari & IBB & all other fools?
    The idea of retirement is go-home-&-rest

    AMEN to let rain fall on that day & fuck that cake up


  5. Like LDP, I am conflicted on this one. I agree that 17 billion for celebration is too much and the idea of the cake is ludicrous at best. But do we have reason to celebrate small? Yes oo, the way they patched that country, I'm sure many did not expect it to last this long.

  6. I have to agree with Myne, we have small to celebrate. If they must spend that N17b, why not give some people 30month meal vouchers at their local Mama Put? (It's a far out idea, but nothing's impossible...) I don tire for this country o, our people think, but in the wrong direction. Very sad.

    I don't like hearing 'na so we see am either'. Nigerians are so used to accepting BS. It has been said that when you push a Naija person to the wall, he'll break the wall and keep running away, instead of turning around and defending himself.

    Our youth need some education. There are way to fight, without getting Dele Giwa-ed or Sarowiwa-ed.

  7. i really want to say something sensible..but all i can manage is a loud sigh....

  8. lol...kai! me think say na only me dey feel like that o!...u know wetin?...i don tire!...i no know wetin to talk again about this our country...e b lik pikin na no one wan hear word!..cake ko, cake ni!.. i beg make dem all go siddon 4 their houses joooooor!& leave 9jas ALONE!

  9. Like you said Nigeria's greatest problem is not the leaders anymore cause those ones will soon die off no matter how much cosmetic surgery dey do with our money. The problem now is our youths cos every one of them has seen that entering politics is the easiest way to become rich. some of the kids i grew up with in PH have all gone into politics, in d bid to embezzle money. Politics is now a career path. A girl was asked what does ur father do and she opened that her mouth she uses to eat yam and cocoyam to say "he is into politics" she lucky say i bin dey gud mood i 4 woaz her face. mscheeeww.

    May God send heavy rain that day to disrupt that celebration. Goodluck and his cohorts have seen an avenue to embezzle money instead of giving us food, light, security, roads and dare i say railway lines.

    i dont know what there is to celebrate sha, but cursed be the people that will eat that cake.

  10. I agree with LDP...

    Times have been bad...but We thank could def be worse!

  11. Omo Girl, 10 gbosa's for una jare!! you speak the ting wey dey my mind as I read about this radarada. I swear may Ogun strike all the hediots that participate in this rubbish (God forgive me, but for real tho). As someone who is working towards a career in changing politics in Nigeria I am ashamed that I even want to be a part of such nonsense and rubbish people. Oro naija da bi adiye to fe shey bi asha ni (naija is like a chicken that wants to act like a hawk) God bless you jare

  12. so baking the worlds largest cake is now our problem???
    what is wrong with this government
    am so furious

  13. to bake world-record-breaking cake no be the problem. d wahala na who go chop am? ok, if dem no come chop am finsh nko, which light dem wan take preserve am, abi dem forget say na phcn money and other essential-commodities-for-the-masses money them take do cake? OLOSHI!!!

  14. Our problem is not just corruption but also that of misplaced priority as in, is making the guiness book of record our priority right now. I must say Presido Jonathan dey fall my hand no be small if this cake matter na true. I agee with "Dis one na chop and die o, weda una like am or not".

  15. i am going to speak my mind...

    a. I no mind chop the cake, at least make I die first.

    b. 9ja na series...season 50 and some scofields never die, may be na brain tumor dem dey wait for, before the kpai

    c. I no even know wetin to write again

  16. I don't get this cake thing. It's really a stupid idea, whoever came up with it?

  17. I was probably one of the first to have read this post, but didn't leave a comment because, even though I have an opinion, I felt that I've been so far removed from the daily goings on in Nigeria, that what i had to say had no relevancy. But that didn't stop me from coming back and reading this post, again and again. I was talking to my mom about a docu that the BBC did on Lagos. I was expecting it to be a hatchet job on Lagos, showing all the negatives, etc. But what I came away with was a better understanding of the Nigerian spirit. Nigerians are some of the most intelligent, if not the most intelligent, group of people around. Just from watching what the folks in the docu can do w/ the most basic things, made me so proud to be a Nigerian. Nigerians, if given the opportunity, could rule the world w/ the kind of intelligence we have. So, it saddens me that politically, we seem like kindergarteners in a room of college students, in the political arena. I wish, nay, I hope, that the younger crop of individuals will use the intelligence God gave them and channel it into making this great nation of ours the power house it has every right to be. and yeah, fuck the idea of a cake. WTH!? instead of baking a cake and using that money frivolously, put that money into making our education system stronger. The minds are there, nurture them. Sorry I went on a bit too long. Just my two cents and then some.

  18. I'm loving this jare!
    made a whole lot of sense in pidgin....

    As for our leaders, none of them get sense!

    God help and bless Nigeria!

  19. I don't understand why it is so important for Nigeria to be in the Guinness Book of Records for this cake thing. What does that give us exactly? -17 billion Naira. Whatever.
    Anyway, we should celebrate our independence, I guess. That's what we were supposed to be celebrating anyway.

  20. Lol loving ur blog mehn, just discovered it.

  21. We should celebrate what we have achieved and seriously take on what we haven't. The fake thing no bi small thing o! In fact guys should take time o! If not, na foam u dey carry go house. It is crazy.


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