Happy Wedding Anniversary to my friends Misan & Osan Rewane. Their love is absolutely refreshing! This time last year I was sulking in my apartment that I could not make it for their wedding. Chai! How time flies...it's a year already. Oritse modope! I missed so many weddings last year. LOL. Payback time is coming oh and hope all my besties will attend my wedding, make hall nor go empty that day. Who go kon chop all the rice wey we cook?nEnjoy the pictures from their awesome wedding in Warri!!! I'm looking forward to your 50th anniversary when you're both toothless, I doubt if Misan will be toothless though, she dey crack bone for state. Love you muchos.xxx Photo's below.


There's a reason people fight for party jollof rice at events especially weddings! Everybody wan do take away, why? because home made rice is not the same with party rice. There's something. Do you know the koko? I'll show you the koko. This is easy to make and you don't need plenty senrenren to cook it. You don't even need firewood! I will warn you in advance to do your cooking with non-stick pans if not prepare to scrub your pot after cooking. Special thanks to my friend Dee who showed me the way...You can choose to read the recipe or watch the video by clicking this link HERE

Scroll down for recipe

I Will Always Love Yoooooouuuuuu

I have never been emotional because of a celebrity but I did  cry for Whitney Houston...I will always love her. Here's my Whitney TOP TEN. Whitney was my FAVE EVER, she didn't have to go naked for people to appreciate her music, that is TALENT!!!

Call Me Bond...

Hello my lovely people,how market? (don't mind me, just random, lol). So I have gist...story story...

Last Saturday I started a new course in Internal Communications (yay!) so  I had to go to London to take the class, when I reach there the tutor say make we introduce oursef, and he started with me-why oh why! I had that awkward moment where I didn't know what to say...and then i went...*gulp*My name is yemi so&so, graduated in so&so, working as a kini at so&so for the past 3 months. I cleared my throat and siddoned.

 The next woman started with "my name is Mary, CEO so&so, 23 years in the Comms Industry". Next dude, "hi, Alan, Director so&so, 15 years in the industry"..."Kim, Manager so&so enterprises for 25 years"...and na so all of them introduce demselves. My self esteem just drop ...the work wey I dey do nor even relate to the course, dem kon dey wonder wetin I dey do there...lol. Even me I kon dey wonder...if no be me start the introduction I for don come up with something like...."CEO Gistdotcom, Manger so&so in Nigeria"...Oh well, nothing spoil. God dey.

STOP!!! Have you seen this video???

If you haven't, you should!


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