I Will Always Love Yoooooouuuuuu

I have never been emotional because of a celebrity but I did  cry for Whitney Houston...I will always love her. Here's my Whitney TOP TEN. Whitney was my FAVE EVER, she didn't have to go naked for people to appreciate her music, that is TALENT!!!

What are your Whitney Favorites???


  1. I really feel bad right now...thought I could hold the tears.....I will always love youuuuu :'(

  2. my 10 fave from Whitney are:
    1;I look to you
    2;I didnt know my strenght
    3;i wanna dance with somebody
    4;family first
    5;you'll never stand alone
    6; step by step
    7;All the man that i need
    8' i have nothing
    9; run to you
    10; i believe in you and me
    Rest In Peace, she will always be a DIVA!

  3. she was indeed a LEGEND and no she didn't have to go naked for people to love her music.my fav 10 whitney songs as seen on my blog:

    1.I wanna dance with somebody

    2.Hold me

    3.How will i know

    4.I have nothing

    5.I look to you

    6.I will always love you

    7.One moment in time

    8.Run to you

    9.Someone for me

    10.You're still my man

    RIP Whitney...We loooveee you always.

  4. 1, I learned from the best
    2, Unashamed
    3, I wanna dance with somebody
    4, You'll never stand alone
    5, Step by step
    6, Tell me no
    7, All the man that i need
    8, Love that man
    9, You light up my life
    10, One moment in time

    She remains a legend

  5. I'll always love you is my fav of all time.Then there are others like Waiting to exhale soundtrack,Saving all my love,I wanna dance with somebody...in short,she's got lots of them i really dig.

  6. I can't think of a Whitney song I don't like. What a huge loss. She's iconic. I feel for her daughter. RIP Whitney! :'(

  7. you're right, she had talent and she always looked so happy when she was singing. even with all her troubles i always believed she would have a comeback. I never really saw her as bad. so sad. rip whitney

  8. Touching and emotional. RIP Whitney. Feel so sad but its all good.


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