Men of nowadays...!!!

Na so oh, last week I was gisting with one guy like that, he now said that he asked his girlfriend "what are you bringing to the table"? hin say e no fit marry girl wey no dey work, say he dey find partner not house wife. Marriage is 50/50.  Ok. We haff heard! This is sha not the first or only guy saying this...if you have been discussing wife matter with boys of nowadays you will discover kpe their head don fokasibe! I gree kpe its not good for women ambition to be marrying rich man and become housewife - gone are those days! Yet sometimes i sit and sigh and say "oh! how lucky those women of my granmama generation were".... Anyways that is not my portion!

Back to the story, I sha noticed that the boys of this awa generation ti baje! I dont now who to blame for what some of them have turned out to be! They are toooo lazy! And they want to drink their beer and have it, but na lie! e no fit happen! "How"? you ask....Lets go back to the days of our granpapa and granmama...who was in charge of the family? who was the SOLE PROVIDER? hold on.Going back to that generation sef is too far, look at our own papa and mama; for most of us the papa is the provider. Who pay school fees? daddy! Who buy you christmas cloth? daddy!! Who drop the popular "garri money"?daddy!!! There you go! Daddy was everything (although that has its disadvantages but that is not todays topic!). We all felt that the sun shone out of daddy's yansh, didnt we?! After God, na who? Na daddy!


-pieces goat meat/or beef
- chicken ( aka old layer).lol but if u cant find the old layer type use any other kind
-cow skin (ponmo aka showboy) or cowleg
-shawa/dried fish
-stockfish (dried cod fish aka okporoko)
-dried catfish
-fresh king prawns

BUS 80!

Im so sorry Ive not been blogging much! I gats apologise so here it is : I am sorry! Missed blosgville, and i hope i wont be away for long again. Oya on to todays gist! Well its not really my usual gist, this one is special from God.  Im here to tell u guys about BUS 80 with mixed feelings! I'm angry and happy at the same time at this BUS service, well more angry than happy to be honest.

 So I recently moved to this area, and the bus that takes me to my street gan gan is BUS 80. That bus service is soooooooooooo crap! National Express please take note! I feel the drivers are in their offices/bus stations/ wherever  drinking ogogoro while passengers are waiting angrily in the freezing cold, some missing appointments, getting late for work/meetings! Or  is it that there are not enough buses? There is nothing more annoying than a bus service that is never on time. If they are never going to be on time, why get a timetable in the first place? So the bus is supposed to arrive 3.15, 3.36,  3.50 within an hour but the 3.15 doesn't show till 4.36! Friggin frack! At this juncture I'm begging God, please give me money make i buy moto!

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