Men of nowadays...!!!

Na so oh, last week I was gisting with one guy like that, he now said that he asked his girlfriend "what are you bringing to the table"? hin say e no fit marry girl wey no dey work, say he dey find partner not house wife. Marriage is 50/50.  Ok. We haff heard! This is sha not the first or only guy saying this...if you have been discussing wife matter with boys of nowadays you will discover kpe their head don fokasibe! I gree kpe its not good for women ambition to be marrying rich man and become housewife - gone are those days! Yet sometimes i sit and sigh and say "oh! how lucky those women of my granmama generation were".... Anyways that is not my portion!

Back to the story, I sha noticed that the boys of this awa generation ti baje! I dont now who to blame for what some of them have turned out to be! They are toooo lazy! And they want to drink their beer and have it, but na lie! e no fit happen! "How"? you ask....Lets go back to the days of our granpapa and granmama...who was in charge of the family? who was the SOLE PROVIDER? hold on.Going back to that generation sef is too far, look at our own papa and mama; for most of us the papa is the provider. Who pay school fees? daddy! Who buy you christmas cloth? daddy!! Who drop the popular "garri money"?daddy!!! There you go! Daddy was everything (although that has its disadvantages but that is not todays topic!). We all felt that the sun shone out of daddy's yansh, didnt we?! After God, na who? Na daddy!

These days what do you notice? Our boys2men will split school fees, wife go pay half, him go pay half, wife go provide garri money (afterall what is she using all the bank money for abi?), wife go buy all the shidren christmas cloth. These days wife go even build house! Proverbs 31 women don full everywhere like pure water  but what is lacking? their husbands! All men can quote Proverbs 31 by heart but dem go jump one verse which is verse (23)" Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land"...the bible did not say her husband is known in the beer parlour oh, they said he is an important figure, a man handlin bizness if u know what i mean (wink!). He's da BOSSMAN!

Of course the consequences of sharing 'manly responsiblities' with your 'partner' will be felt sooner or later. Una don notice kpe these days women no dey too respect their husbands? the rate of divorce don high and the amount of women wey suppose marry wey no gree marry don brokoto? ask me why and i will tell you! Thank you! E go hard to 'cut' (respect) for man wey no dey move things. If daddy pay shidren school fees, if he say 'jump', the woman go say 'how high sir'?the shidren sef go believe! But if the wife pay half, oga husband pay half too, if he says jump, the woman go hala  FOR WHERE?! Ni Bo??! Lets face the truth, money is not everything but it is something and that something can add jara to the normal respect wife bin get for husband. 
Divorce rate is high  because, men dont mind their bizness no more, they are busy poke nosing everywhere, and if as a woman you feel you can provide for yourself, why will you tolerate arrrrrrant nonsense???? na winch? Girls wey never marry nko? na the same rope tie all these mata.

Yes I gree! Some of our mothers stayed with our fathers even though the men were carrying kobo-leg girls pio pio pio. Why do you think they stayed? Is it not because Daddy is King? and Daddy sabi make things happen? make una talk true. Its easier to be patient with a whoring man who is taking care of his family. Infact, for some women, as far as the husband is providing for his home/kids and all, he can keep whoring till he cassssshhhh Gonorrhea! If pepper rest for a woman and she and her husband share the responsibility 50/50, the man should prepare to share other things too 50/50...e.g 100% respect. Or how can we share everything 50/50 and then  oga wakes up one day and screams SUBMIT!   E. Go. Hard.! Women go work, women go carry belle(... and na we two do am oh), woman go take care of children, woman go wash cook and clean, woman go still bring money and to bring the money in submission too ke? Bros! E. Go. Hard. Die! And ontop of everything some men will still beat their wives...this is slavery na. God abeg oh! Anyone who thinks marriage is a 50/50 partnership knows nothing about men, women, or fractions!

I have come today to tell our boys2men,"stop screaming at your wife to submit, take care of your responsibilty and women go mellow"! The reason your madam is not saying yessir is cos you are not acting like the BOSSMAN! You do not want to not be needed, do you? Reason am, if we (women) can do it all, we do not need you except to procreate, and we all know sperm banks are becoming popular these be kiaful my fren! Make una take time oh!lol

#DearFutureHusband....jor oh!


  1. This is so F***'n true...
    Common people!
    Of course I wanna be able to contribute my own share but when the man thinks it's my right, then come on...

  2. Sisi Yemmie, this is the funniest blog write up i have seen in ma entire life.

    Boys will not be smiling on this write up o! its something that is very difficult to discuss, especially as Africans. The truth is now that women eye don tear finish for work, we cannot but agree that it out rightly reduces the chances of men to get jobs some what.

    Also your government doesn't help matters either and also remember say no bi all fingers dey equal o.

    There are cases where a female will be a provider but be sure there is a measure that is not familiar to both men and women that is not usual in which a man can support that kind of woman.

    Yemi, make we live past for past o. women no get mouth before o. Plus im sure alot of men if they had their way wont want to be in this POSTION.

    u know say if u dey abroad, u know get choice but to share the bill. Nigerian man for Nigerian go try sef to hold water for basket.

    mehn, else guys wont get married and alot of them arent getting married cuz they never think that the money is enough for a family.

    Na respect and wisdom, husband and wife go use manage this kin thing.

    The cross wey God don give u make you carry am..

    Na God jor oh!

  3. as a man, this your post pain me, but u r so on point. i like ur blog for d umpteenth time :)

  4. I was just laughing all the way through. Relationships and marriages of these days no easy I tell you. Both people have to just sit down and talk am out jare.

  5. hahahahahaha ok....So I have visited this blog so many times but I'm gonna leave a comment for the first time today...OMG You are so funny. You had me laughing from the beginning to the end......E go hard die! hahaha

    If daddy say jump she go ask "how high sir" rotflmao! even the children go believe....lollllllll

    Nice write up so true

  6. LMBO! This is toooooo funny! I agree with Myne, times have changed mehn....ppl need to figure it all out b4 saying "I do"

  7. kai!!!! i hafff die!

    sisi Yemmie.. abeg no be lie u dey talk

    tell it like it is jo!

  8. @Tinuke God say make man go toil and make woman go through labour pain so e don share am from time.

    Well said Yemmie, boyz2men should see it as a willing effort of the wife to contribute and not as a compulsory task she has to do.

    As women we nor like to dey carry last so we dey try especially for our children body so make men cool temper and allow this contribution come naturally and not with force

  9. hehehehehe...sisi yemmie ur too correct, thats our men of today o. u put i put, God no go eee b their slogan.them no one no their responsibility.

  10. Absolutely correct....

  11. Boys no go too gbadun this post o. But e make sense die. Publicize it abeg. Let everyone read.

    Me I support sey make woman sef dey contribute financially, u kno, economy is hard. But ehn, de tin no be 50/50 at all.

    Lol, your pidgin is a trip mehn. Loved this post. You would be a hit on Wazobia FM if you had a show dia. 3 Thumbs up!

  12. Mscheew some of them even have the audacity to specify that they a want professional as a wife..
    Really infuriating.
    I gotta say it's the world we live in as women contribute to this silliness.
    Cause if a woman doesn't immediately agree to this 'nonsense agreement of 50/50' , which I don't know if it's out of desperation or s stupid need to please without reason then this surely won't arise.
    It's the hand that you give to your man that he deals you.. It's that simple..
    Women are to blame too.
    Now, that's not to say that a woman can't help out her husband if he hits some difficult times or setbacks.. Just saying..

  13. LMAO!

    Yemmie yemmie! You are so on point!
    Are you sure you're not running marriage counselling services as a business? 'cause you wrote this funny piece like some urban thesis put together after a great deal of research!

    I'm a guy...a husband for that matter. I'm a tetotaller and other married guys who drink beer see me as a weirdo because I'm not in their caucus...that apart from other things that men do that I don't concede to; keeping 'extra tyres' outside (almost every married guy in my workplace has an 'extra tyre' or patronises 'take-aways') Its hard to come across a real good hubby nowadays. My wife knows that I'm doing my best to be an exception.

    Its sick whats happening to the bandwagon of men of nowadays - minus the exceptions!

  14. LWKM! U r so on point! The man is the breadwinner, the woman his support period! Responsibility is very directly proportional to submission whether it is supposed to be so or not.

  15. lol, if the men want 50/50, hen they should be ready to share the house chore 50/50 abi? why would i share bills only? & he sits to watch t.v. read newspapers or go out with the boys why i slave my ass off doing the chores at home! They are not serious! want to drink their beer & have it indeed! They should also be ready to baby-sit while women go out to have fun with the gals if they want 50/50 marriage! It's only in MONEY matters they want 50/50 but in respect & slaving away, they want 70/30!...A wonderful write-up, & i can just imagine how some guys would be cringing from this post.

  16. ROFL - I'm not sure I'm supposed to laugh but I like this post. Some very valid points
    Your future husband berra listen up sharp! Lol

  17. Heck,i cannot even think up a sarcastic response to refute all of these long yarns, so i must admit that, Na true u talk!!!But wait small, i will find a counter argument soon!

    Haba, see how women just dey throw you hi-5 comments!

  18. Looks like you are an expert in this field, you really got some great points there, thanks.

    - Robson

  19. Love this post...for humour and for the sense it makes.

  20. LOL.. Wonder.How.I.Never.Stumbled.On.This.Blog.So.Far...

    O make sense gaan.

  21. lwkmd,my dear na so oh, it used to be ,"what does your husband do?", now its "what does your wife do?",psheeeeeeeeew,nonsense banga rice

  22. I just gave you for an award for Stylish and Versatile blogger.

    Check my page to see how it works

  23. Hi Sisi Yemmie, Long time. I have given you the Stylish and Versatile Bloggers award. To know waht to do, see my blog for more details.

  24. Happy new Year o, who dey here?

  25. First of all I have to say that I miss broken english...this brough back so many memories...and u r so right! Im still smiling though. I love ur writing style

  26. your argument is invalid, it makes a very emotional case but not a logical one.
    so if a man contributes 100% of the finances to the relationship/marriage, does that mean that he has the right to disrespect the woman??? or does it mean he decides everything regardless of what the woman wants or needs??? i mean, why shouldn't he because he is the sole provider and according to your argument, he is king and therefore the woman is meant to submit??

    Relationships/marriages are about sharing and compromises, i.e. financial responsibilities, occupational aspirations and goals, personal growth and mutual respect between the sexes. not one person's goals, finances or ambitions should be held higher or esteemed over the other spouse.

    if your measure of a man depends on how financially secure he is then your compass on relationships may be skewed, it would almost be the same for me to measure a woman on how attractive she is and how much babies she could have for me.

    thats just my 2 cents or my 2 kobo.

  27. This na true talk sisi Yemmie!!
    I bia la! gbam!

    Sisi Adia.

  28. lmao if Daddy say jump,the woman go say ow gifted Dear,the way relationships and marriages dey go self na only God go help us.

  29. I cnt say I completely agree w Sis yemmie. Today girls are in school to become important n world changing persons, they earn a living and therefore there is nothing wrong in also paying the bills.
    Now, u say today everything is 50/50 well I say it's d couple who agreed to that nothing imposed that on them n am sure if they decided that then it works for them. A man who pays 100% in the home does not justify extramarital r/ships frm either partner.
    Hey, wateva works to make ur r/ship rock *wink* do it!!!

  30. I am currently experiencing this in my marriage. My husband even asked me to sit down and discuss how 'selfish' i've been by refusing to share the bills equally. This is a man who earns three times what i earn o!! I was so furious, i told him to pls bury that thot sharp sharp. No way on this earth will i share anything in household expenses. I already buy my kids clothes and add to the food money i'm given. For the first 18months of our marriage, no food money o until i vex. Currently, that is ALL i get from him o. No birthday gifts, no val gifts, NADA. On top of that, i should come and share in things like petrol, internet and dstv bills. Told him to just forget it sharp sharp. This is the WORD Sisi Yemmie!! Wonder why i'm just finding this blog.

  31. Sisyemi, God will continue to bless you all around. This your topic is like an eye opener for me. It made me realized that have not been grateful to God for the husband he gave me and I do not show or appreciate him the way I should. Since have moved to the Uk have not been able to work because of my kids over 5 years. My hubby has being the only one taking care of the bills, on top of that I do not respect him. Am so guilt right now for not appreciating all is sacrifices. I need to change!!! Thanks Sisyemi. This is my first time reading your blog though am one of your subscriber on YouTube right from the start.

  32. Dear sisiyemmie, your post is very funny, and real...but why can’t a man and a woman share responsibilities in the home. These days when women are going to school, coming out with good degrees, and becoming professionals, there is nothing wrong with them contributing partly to the finances in the home. She is a partner, not an onlooker. One size doesn’t fit all. It really depends on how you look at it. 50/50 share of responsibilities doesn’t mean divorce. Women are stronger than that...but great blog!


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