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First things first, Happy New Year Everyone! (Day just break me). Hope you had a swell time? I did....i did...i im about to burst into tears cos the holidays are over!Anyways, I was tagged by two fabulous ladies whom I have never met but hope to meet one of these days when i decide to meet a fellow blogger...Nutty Jay  who I recently discovered knows me in REAL LIFE! ahhhhh....and i thought i was invincible!and  Atilola . Thanks girls,I wouldn't have posted nada if not for the tag!

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1. I looove pictures! chei! I never see! Call it vanity or whatever but i love pictures...i can pose for a photo in my sleep-my friends know how vain i get with pictures,. They are Its just that I believe memories are special and i do my bestest to CAPTURE each moment Im alive...seriously, i can take a picture of me walking down the stairs, coughing, standing, sitting, toilet, kitchen, pot, i decorate my meals b4 eating for pictures...however in all my years of photographing myself I have never been able to get the perfect pout (you know the kind we see on avatars, display pictures).

 2. Im very versatile...erm is that the word?MULTIFACETED I can have different personalities to different people. To some im quiet and soooo nice, to others im too talkative, to some im bold, while to others im majorly confused and can be quite blonde!lol. I know. Its all a part of this multifaceted me. I doubt that i can be described by a mere single word!

3. I love PINK! Ohno!I wonder how come. I have tried for so many years to reduce my love for pink, and I must say that I assume i have succeded. These days I buy things that are not pink when shopping with friends, however when no one is watching, i return unpink items to the shop and buy the pink coloured items i intended to buy from the get go. My romance with pink don tey, no be today!

4.It is a fact that shoes and I dont agree. I dont have 1 shoe in this life that is comfortable! You see, when i was a kid my feet kept growing everyday...if dem buy me shoe for Christmas, by easter the shoe no go size me again. So I was very angry with my feet. I had size 7(41) shoes at age 12 I believe and I thank God they stayed 7....nevertheless i dont feel comfortable wearing shoes...never. These days i dont even know if im a 7 or 8, i sha feel im 7 and a half...and its hard to get shoes in that size

5. I have motion sickness, when Im in a car or train its hard for me to kill time by reading books or even text with my phone! Na so e bad reach! I get dizzy and nauseous! Such a horrible state. Wish i could just appear and disappear at will ( witchcraft be that oh...)

6. As much as I love a full head of hair on me, be it brazillian, indian, dada, woreva...i HATE seeing that hair in the tub, sink or any where water should be. I do not feel hair and water should be in the same place. Hair disgust me so much that it is a real pain to shave armpits. If i could i would close my eyes and hire someone to do d dirrrty You can tell i shampoo my hair once in a green moon (and for someone that loves gawjus hair)

7. Im not a morning person, you would hardly catch me awake at 8am, and when you do, I'm in a grumpy mood, well, unless im going shopping that day oh. If not!  Thats why i loved school life jor, i can afford to skip lectures but now.......sigh! I hate waking up early so baaaad that Ive been thinking of the ideal career I need to get into so that I can laze in bed all morning (did "ashewo" come to your mind?lol). Well Im still open to career suggestions...

So that's 7 things about me that is safe to share about me, its so hard to click, copy, past, edit!

I wish everyone the best this year!xxx


  1. I'm with ya on #2 and #7 *high-five*

  2. Yaaayyy!!! Welcome back, happy new year. I have missed your funny posts. Please, please, please, don't disappear again (Batting eyelashes).
    From you blog, its obvipous that you love pink and you love pictures (uhhmmnn- you are vain).
    You don't like shoes (surprised face), that's strange, considering tha fact that you look very fashionable.
    Eeeeww, I don't wanna see you in the morning.
    Nice knowing more about you.

  3. Tanks 4 resurrectin! Luv ur post as usual & tanks 4 d links 2 oda blog sites...u r a darlin

  4. Whew! Thank goodness I no dey that list.

    Funny...are your legs still growing? Goodness! Motion sickness ke? Thats serious. Do you ever get to drive yourself at all?

    you do not like water and hair in the same You must love dreadlocks..

  5. are you a student? how else can you possibly be asleep at 8am? i love pink too and i suffer from car motion sickness even cabin pressure and aeroplane travels as well

  6. oh my! did ashewo come to mind, you are hilarious


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