How to Make POUNDED YAM Without Pounding Yam!

How to make Pounded Yam without the rigorous activity of pounding Yam - how to make pounded yam without a mortar and pestle. Pounded Yam is a favourite swallow in Nigeria but the hard task of Pounding Yam makes it a meal that is only indulged on special occasions. This video will show you how I make Pounded Yam easily. 

LIVE BIRTH VLOG | 3rd C-Section | Final Gender Reveal !

Baby is here and we are so pleased! This video documents my 3rd C Section in Lagos. Thank you for coming on this journey with us! SUBSCRIBE to the Youtube Channel if you haven't 

Lucrative Work From Home Jobs & Side Hustles in the Food Industry for 2022

Work From Home jobs are easy to find these days, all you need to know is what you are looking for. Today I share with you Side Hustles or Opportunities for Multiple Streams of iNCOME that are FOOD Related. Hope THIS VIDEO  helps!

BIRTH VLOG : 3rd C-Section + Last Meal + Checking Into Hospital + How I Feel ( Day 1)

sisi yemmie pregnantWe are ready to Meet Baby No. 3. Checking into hospital for my 3rd C-Section in Lagos. I'm nervous but confident in God. Follow my baby updates by subscribing to my YouTube channel HERE . If you have questions about my birth experience, leave them in the comment section. 

HOW TO ROAST YOUR OWN FISH AT HOME - Smoked Panla Fish πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ #EjaKika

Roast Your Own Fish At Home. I’ve started Roasting my own Fish at home because: 
1. It cut costs! 
2. It is an enjoyable process 
3. I know what’s in my food!


If you've been following my YouTube Channel, you will be aware that we've been on a journey of Baby No. 3. I'm documenting this experience so that I can always look back on it and to share with my loved ones and of course you! Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven't :)

How To Make THE BEST AKARA | Cook With Me

Akara is the go-to meal in my home on Saturday Mornings as a typical Nigerian Family and this video shows how to make Akara. The Akara Recipe is really easy and I hope you enjoy it! #CookwithMe
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