I was asked a couple of weeks ago about how I am so confident, I didn’t even think I was! For me, like others it is a journey...when I was in secondary school, and even university, I was not confident at all. Not being confident can stem from a number of things: from your upbringing to the kind of friends you keep. Today I’ll share tips on how you can become more confident! Share yours with me as well! We are all growing...

You need to know who you are to be confident in yourself. If you don’t know, I would encourage you to start from who God says you are. It will build your confidence. If I ever lose my way, or forget about why I exist, I am always reminded of God's love for me, and that reminder comes from studying God's word. Don’t let anyone else but God define you. 

Seriously, na only you waka come and what you are is what someone needs. The thing about copying someone else is you would always think they are better than you. Nope. They are better at being themselves. You need to be your own person and stop trying to be like someone else because no matter how you try, pussy cat nor go even grow to become lion. Focus on being you. Stop comparing.

What kind of friends do you keep? There was a time I had a friend and this babe would always find something negative to say about how I dressed, talked…” na wah for this your short legs oh”, little comments like that made me so self conscious and affected my self esteem. You need to surround yourself with people who help to build and not break you down. I don dust that babe since…no time for people like that. Nobody love my short kobo legs pass me right now.

You’re not perfect, no one is. You make mistakes, we all do!!! Move on after failure. Accept yourself for who you are, accept your nose, accept your accent, accept your strengths and weakness. Feel free to be yourself. Striving for perfection is going to make you feel like you’re not good enough. It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. Celebrate yourself.

Sometimes lack of confidence might stem from inadequate knowledge or just the feeling of inadequacy. Knowledge creates confidence. I lose confidence when I say something without thorough knowledge…The more you build yourself, the more confident you’ll be. Dress well (doesn't necessarily mean expensive), know your stuff and love what you do!

…you have to keep building your confidence daily, if not for anything build it because it is attractive!

"Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!


  1. I LOVE MYSELF, MY SKIN, MY NOSE AND BOW LEGS :p..........and Sisi we were talking about this on Moby's Blog yesterday READ IT HERE Well done Sisi :)

  2. sisi......hmmmmm,,,,,i dey always enjoy all your torri....abeg visit my BLOG

  3. well written there is nothing like owing it

  4. very helpful tips, and well written too.

  5. " It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. Celebrate yourself." This quote right here is the truth that a lot of people need to hear. Well said Sisi!

  6. Great write up. Well written and practical!! Pples lack of faith in u has no power over u, only ur lack of faith in urself can stop u.

  7. Great write-up well written and practical. It doesn't matter who doesn't believe in u, d faith dts most import is d one u have in urself and in God.

  8. Great post! Very helpful

  9. Yesss Boss... True that! this line had me thinking the most:

    ""......Striving for perfection is going to make you feel like you’re not good enough. It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.....""

    Mehn I am so inspired. Self confidence like you said is a matter of knowing who we really are yeah, and accepting ourself for what we are regardless what another thinks. Thank you so much for this post, it was an inspiring read.

    Ehennnn... Thank you sooo mucchhh for visiting the Young and Confused blog, my am i humbled. I mean when i saw the notification yeah, i could not believe it, i mean your like the coolest Blogger on blogsville, and like the Obama of Blogsville.. My Thank you sssoooo much for visiting. (Pardon my Famzing, I am young and Confused like that :p ) Cheers. Thank you again. Its official, i wanna be like you when i grow up. :)

  10. Dress well...very important. Nothing pushes your confidence higher, notches at a time, like knowing all those eyes are absolutely 'feeling' your outfit!

  11. resilientimmigrant.blogpost.caJanuary 16, 2015 at 8:41 PM

    This is a very good article..good job:-)

  12. This piece is soo true. i used to have a friend like that as well. used me to be doing show. i was her handbag and always felt small around her. i later found out say she dey use me shine. and then as far as she was concerned her intelligence was out of this world. made me feel stupid.
    i also had a job like that as well. at some point me self come dey feel like say dem make mistake born me. but as soon as i distanced my self from that relationship and resigned from that job, i got a good hold of myself and trust me, i am fabulous.....

  13. my third attempt to comment....
    I enjoyed this piece more so because i can relate very very well.
    while growing up i was very timid (just realized there was a fine line between shy and timid). any way was very timid and it translated into my friendships and relationships and even my job.
    i realized quite late that the person i called my bestie was only my bestie because she could make me feel little, it gave her some sense of power to ride on my lack of self, at work i suffered worse fate, no matter how well i tried to do my job, it came back to bite me.
    at some point i was losing my mind, and then it was either i got out of the situation or took a bullet.
    i decided no one had the right to make me feel that way but i gave them the right, and the only way to take them back would be to resign and get out of that friendship, and that was exactly what i did. resigned that job and felt liberated, ended that friendship gradually though.. but it felt good. and with the love of God around me, i now walk with my shoulders and my head high. it is not important anymore for anyone to like me, as long as i love me im awesome.

  14. Mine stemmed from the fact that i wasnt on the tall side. I was so shy and crawled into myself and everyone knew it. Then i read somewhere that if you want to be something,you start by acting it and in no time ,you will be it. So i started acting all confident and before i knew,it became a part of me. If you see me now enn, i dey like sey na me get the whole world. I was even recently called ego centric by a dude.


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