Hey fellow foodies association, I have an exciting review today!!! I love Chinese food, interestingly I never liked it when I was younger, but now, love it! If you’re my friend you will know that we went to Dubai for our honeymoon and we came across this restaurant in Dubai. I’ve never heard about it before and I was so willing to try it! Its called China Times…before I go on I’d like to beg China Times to come to Nigeria because I liked the set up of the spot in the mall…please come to Lagos China Times. In fact, I’ll send them an email! LOL. If you're ever in Dubai, I'd recommend it to you.

He he he I went with Bobo, my new tear-rubber husband of life and like I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy eating with him because we enjoy food together. Food is speereetuaaaa! I think God is just too awesome with the kind of food he gave man the inspiration to cook. Good Food = Good Life. Sisi Yemmie Olounje!LOL
Ready to eat!
Well fed and H-A-P-P-Y
I truly do not remember everything but looking at the bill, we had Chicken Rolls, Corn seafood soup, TomYom Rice, Beef Curry, 1 whole roasted chicken, 1 Kiwi juice, 1 Thai Coconut juice, 1 Mango Juice… We visited this place twice in a row, and if we discovered this spot earlier, na there we for chop during our stay in Dubai. Everything was delicious! *licks lips
Kiwi juice
Mango juice
Lemon Chicken, This was delicious!
my plate!
Whole chicken cut in bits
seafood sweetcorn soup
Bobo sipping his orange juice
Thai Coconut juice
Me and my Thai Coconut
Hospitality was alright, the mall is really busy and when we went it was during Ramadan so the only time people could eat out was after 6: 00pm so you can imagine the rush! Even with that, the service was quick and the food came HOT!!! I’d say the wait time was between 15 – 30 minutes but that depends on what you order. When we ordered the whole chicken it took about 20 minutes to arrive but we weren't complaining because when the food came….it was so worth it! 

I remember while waiting and the waiters passed with other people’s orders, Bobo and I would stare longingly at the dishes on the plates, wondering, “ did we order the right thing”? “ Are you sure we shouldn’t order what’s on that guys plate?” LOL. Eventually we ordered the TumYum rice a couple close to us was having and it was indeed….YUM!
"Please what's this Tse---che--- biko wetin una write here?"

It cost us 269 AED –Emirati Dirham which the equivalent would be around 11,000 naira. That’s not bad at all! If you know of a place in Lagos where you’d have the options we had and still pay 11k max, please tell me oh, I want to experience it. I don’t think damage done to the wallet was much …!
We still had enough left over to take home
Our bill 

What Chinese/Asian restaurant have you been to in Lagos? I'm looking out for your recommendations!


  1. you should try ribs and rump when next you go....divine

  2. Sisi, see how you just dey torture me at this time of my 21 days fasting. DiarisGod o!!!

  3. I agree sisie....... good food is equal to good life! Keep 'em reviews coming.

  4. Sunrise on adeniyi jones is my favorite chinese place.


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