Sweetkiwi is a self serve, soft serve frozen yogurt bar which sells premium frozen yogurt in over 100 flavours. Sweetkiwi is an urban English word for "unforgettable thing". Sweetkiwi frozen yogurt was birthed with the intent of introducing a healthier alternative to the calorie filled Ice- cream. Every cup is an 'unforgettable experience”. Sweet Kiwi's natural premium frozen yogurt is deliciously soft, refreshingly light and fat free. It contains active live cultures, naturally organic and comes with your choice of sweet, dry and healthy fruit toppings.

I've been to Sweet Kiwi now about 3 - 4 times: I've been there with Bobo, my mom, my sister and Semilore's mom and in fact, I have been there on my own- the craving was real. The last time I went there I ran into Salewa of ForStyleSake : it was interesting how she knew it was me when she was standing behind me and that was my first time meeting her! Interesting!
This was a while ago...even the baby in the belly loved it
I love the Sweet Kiwi brand, the colours are so pretty! You all know I love colour: the building was pink and white, the insides were a combination of bright green, whites, pinks and yellows. Just so cute and pretty to look at, invigorating really! It is really welcoming. Colour has a way of brightening your mood especially on a dull day.
The staff was very hospitable, warm and friendly. The first time I walked in I was greeted nicely and was given suggestions of flavours to try out. I'll add free wi-fi to hospitality: I mean...free wi-fi anywhere makes me happy! They had a nice toilet as well, so thats a thumbs up. Nothing to complain about!

I cannot remember what flavours I had at each time but I have had the Pink Guava, Irish Cream, Passion Fruit and Mango flavours of the frozen yoghurt: I loved it all. The menu consists of frozen yogurt in a variety of flavours, daily cut fresh fruit and seasonal fresh fruit toppings, as well as creative premium dry and liquid toppings, fruit cups, smoothies and parfaits!

Tip time!
You my dear friend, determine the price of your yoghurt: it's self serve so the heavier your cup, the more naira you have to release. The price is not bad at all, the most I've spent on a cup is about N1000 so I can't complain, the content of each cup is weighed on a scale and that determines the price. You heap your cup at your own risk. LOL. 

I love Sweet Kiwi because it is good clean eating: it's yoghurt which in my head I interpret as better than ice cream. The frozen yoghut comes in sweet flavours and you can had your favourite toppings as well, so health wise, I love it. 

I love the environment, the one I go to is at lekki Admiralty Way and it is such a colourful building: it stands out. I love the colour and ambience.

Pricing is actually ok. 

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  1. Seeing you guys had fun at sweet kiwi. I too would also love to take some time off for myself being a full time mummy and wifey to take a load off. Its not being easy taking care of a toddler. Dont mind going with my family though but it will be a treat I will or we will never forget. Pick me plzzzz.
    Mary onyeka

  2. Trust you to give detailed reviews of correct enjoyment places as usual. I will lead the family there sometime soon. Thanks Sisi :-)

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  3. When I went..I took the big cup, my sly friend didn't tell me it'll cost more even if I don't even get Plenty yoghurt loool

  4. you had me drooling over those pictures>>
    i love the tip box message, those words can make anyone drop lot's of change:)
    The Beautiful Eagle

  5. So nice to know that we have a frozen yoghurt place in Lagos. I've always wanted to go to one. I would love to go with my friend. demmydoll@rocketmail.com xx

  6. Wow! The yoghurt looks just like ice-cream, I want to lick the screen! Thank you for taking the time to share these delicious photos details with us. My husband and I have only managed one date since we had our baby. I think it would be awesome to go to Sweet Kiwi! How nice would it be if SureGifts paid for one spouse...me? :D girlaware@ymail.com

  7. I'm elated to know that Sweet Kiwi sells fat free yogurt. I am famous in my house for being a yogurt lover. I crave for yogurt every single day! These cravings have lead me to always ask my brothers to buy yogurt for me (*****covering face***). If I win this giveaway gift card, I will be over the moon and delighted. More so I will give my brothers a break. Regardless of the outcome of this giveaway, I will be a loyal customer of Sweet Kiwi. Dear Sisi, please kindly send the address.

  8. I've never had frozen yoghurt and it looks soooo good. I have to try it out

  9. Would love to go there with my sister because she has been feeling sad and down. She is heart broken. And I would love to cheer her up. This will really cheer her up and put a smile on her face. #sisterlylove
    Chinwe elizabeth

  10. I'd love to win the gift card as a present for my sister. Its her birthday in 28 days :) I'm sure gonna pass it on to her if I get lucky.


  11. And thanks for the sweet kiwi review, I'm not a yorgurt lover, but this sure does look tastefully tantalizing.

  12. I would really love to go with my Bestie!! I would turn 21 on the 17th of August and I would love to have this as my birthday present. Nwakibabe2006@yahoo.co.uk

  13. i have not heard of sweetkiwi before,i will love to explore their varieties with my boo my boo is a lover of yorghurt i am very optimistic that after the 1st treat we will be a regular visitor there .cos its just 13days to my birthday,winkwink.

  14. men now i want to move back home immediately lol.

  15. I love froyo uh oh,its so yolo uh oh,frozen yoghurt is my favourite treat,sweet n yummy froyo is all i eat cos you only live once. I'm a froyo addict/inevstor lol,i even have pics of froyo on instagram,i hope I'm chosen.

  16. Over excitement won't kill me oo,lol.mama4yankey2009@yahoo.com

  17. Wow these pics are so yummilicious!! We in the east don't have such nice place to go for relaxation.
    Really wish sweet kiwi would come down here..:) #dreamingofsweetkiwi

  18. Your pictures are very lovely and i felt like grabbing all the yoghurt from my screen. As much as i would like to go to Sweet kiwi i live very far from their office in Lagos so it makes no sense for me to request for a free gift card that i might eventually not use. I hope one day i can get to experience sweet kiwi. If their yoghurts are like (or better than) yoghurtland's own then they would do very well. Nice review.....


  19. I have totally enjoyed reading this post. Especially with the knowledge that you can have the same benefits with yoghurts just like ice-cream. And Oh! The pictures are so captivating, making me salivate already.


  20. Hey, I love Icecream and yoghurts to a fault! Its so funny how I have bad dentition but for the love of God I can't stop taking either or both. And I deserve to win because I just got back home from a very stressful semester (Life as a law student isn't easy o!). Give me the gift card 2 relax this cute brain of mine biko. P.s kiwi yoghurt isn't sold in Benin, indulge me in dis pleasure a bit, Sisi.

  21. My first encounter with Sweetkiwi was 10th of June 2014. It was my birthday and my colleague and her boyfriend offered to take me out after work that day and we landed somewhere close to the office. Very courteous staff I must say. I had so much fun tasting and tasting to see which flavour to choose(awoof) and finally heaped my cup like the outlet was gonna shut down that day(yoghurt must not waste faa). I weighed my cup and walked out knowing fully well that my hosts were going to settle the bill. I really really really would love to have another experience..

  22. Where in Lekki is Sweet Kiwi located please. I must visit them asap

  23. @Sisiyemmie u r making my crave for this right now....can see u guys had mad fun...enjoy and remain for us ooo

  24. I hope its not too late to get a giftcard? Lol. I am deserving of this cos I've got cold/catarrh and this is just the medicine I need.
    I'm sure Semilore's mommy enjoyed d yoghurt; and she would be forming 'decaf' tea things for me. If I catch her, ehn!
    My email addy is moroun2002@yahoo.co.uk

  25. I have had yogurts in the past but am sure iv never had any close to Kiwi's ,would really love to have a taste. helenaira2001@yahoo.com

  26. Onapina says- I wish itz never too late 2 win, I really need diz sweet kiwi enjoyment.expecially now that am on break to quench every craving. Will really appreciate it if I win .osometha.blessing@gmail.com

  27. Am so loving loving everything here from colours, vaieties, topping, ohlala mouth watering, its been a while i had yogurt, and seeing the beautiful environment,lovely colours, varieties of flavours, toppings and the creative designs make me salivate and i crave to have one like right now. cant wait to have a taste.. fa4odonyi@gmail.com

  28. ashbabexd96 at aim dot com is my email address. I would really appreciate it if I won because it would help me buy some dorm things for college. Im going to be a freshman all over again lol
    My town has a frozen yogurt place like this too, except it's called yogurt city. I like the vibe of sweet kiwi better though, it seems like so much fun :)


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