We basically struggled to break the ice, so we started by sharing our likes and dislikes then our individual experiences. He kept saying ‘…back in school that was when I met this girl or that girl’. So I knew I was right, he was a cute rookie; barely knew anything about relationships. I picked up my phone and sent him a message on Palmchat: 

‘Don’t worry dear, I don’t bite…it’s my first date too’. 

He simply cracked open and laughed his embarrassment away, that was the peak of the moment and when I fell in love with him. He replied on Palmchat: 

‘Thanks dear, I didn’t know it was so obvious…Jblushing face’. 

How did I meet Francis? Ok, are you a Palmchatter? If you are then you must have seen the Look-Around feature, right? Cool (if you ain’t a Palmchatter…er, I guess you just have to imagine itJ). I live at Alaka Estate just after national Stadium at Surulere and yeah, one boring afternoon with my friends I was playing on Palmchat with the Look-Around feature then I saw him, he was also within the Estate but I didn’t chat him up right away-naa, my friends Tonke and Mimi coaxed me. They won’t let me be; we were all bored and just didn’t know what to do. That is after of course bringing Mimi out of her sulky mood; she had a fight with her man a night before and we were kind of resolving the issue at my place. That was when they turned on me to get myself a man. 

They knew I wanted one and my loveable friends never made me feel bad about my failed relationships (guys if you’re reading this, I love ya…#hugs). It was actually Tonke who suggested ‘we’ (in this case, ‘we’ means ‘I’) try the Palmchat Look-Around feature, that it is cool and since one can really spot the spot the person one is chatting with if close, it won’t be such a bad idea to try a blind date. So, voila I did (lol) hit on Francis using the Look-Around feature and …my god, he responded. 

It is been a year and 4 months I met Francis Usoh; a civil engineer with Messrs. Julius Berger and life has been quite a fantasy. Yeah I had been quite bothered; I wasn’t getting any younger, at 32 I felt sometimes that ugly feeling of having missed out, you know, not being part of the lot anymore-old bloody cargo (lol). But it is funny, I am standing in front of the mirror dressed up in a wedding gown, this is the fourth gown I have tested and it still feels like a dream. Well, Francis after the last Valentine night while he was dropping me off sent me a rather…well (chest heaving) interesting message on Palmchat. He asked me to marry him; I looked at my phone, saw the message and tears swelled in my eyes. He was still driving with his face on the road like he didn’t just set the fire within me. Of course I replied: 

‘I will Frank, I will…Jblushing face’. 

He looked at his phone; saw my reply and heaved a deep sign of relief and then he smiled and turned around and kissed me (if he had crashed our car kissing me, I bet we won’t have noticed). I can never forget that night was; it till causes a stir within me how I met my hubby on Palmchat.


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