Something happened a few days ago that made me realize how much gossip has eaten into us; and we don’t even know it! Before I go on, I am not a saint, I don gossip wella but these days I have a constant reminder in my head about the type of conversations I have, I always find myself asking: Is this gossip? Can I say this face to face with the person I am talking about? I don't always win but I try to refrain from malicious gossip. There's a difference between just having a normal conversation about someone and deliberately saying unkind things about them. There are so many kinds of gossips but I feel these are 5 types that I am familiar with:

Gbeborun Nigeria Limited: These ones are well known gossips, there's no shame in their game.Whatever they know will be spread like wildfire. You want anybody's gist? Ask them! How they find these stories about people I don't know but they always do. And they have facts and figures, this is not moin-moin gossip oh. These are the types that will confront you with your own gist...dem nor dey fear face. Who you be??!

Chameleon Gossip – These types love amebo but doing it so casually: they are masters of the craft and I always carry yansh for dem. You find them saying things like “I want to advice you to be a better person so that your life will be better. For example Mr A is poor, he only buys indomie hungry man pack, his mother in law even abuses him, the other day I even saw that his trouser was torn on the side, and sometimes he smells... but I don’t want you to be like that, that’s why I’m advising you”. Elejo wewe…who asked for advice? Shior.

Sly Gossip – I actually think this is one of the worst kinds of gossips because you think they are friends, you think they are looking out for you, meanwhile dem just dey build ammunition for their aproko work. They often ask personal questions that they have no business knowing about. They coax you, “babe talk to me, what is the matter, I can help, a problem half shared is solved” and you sef thinking you’ve found a caring person will just be downloading data. You usually don’t catch them until something major happens and you begin to trace who said what.

Elejowewe Gossip – These ones don’t know you, but can tell you almost everything about yourself. Na dem dey comment on gossip blogs pass, they are like virus, they just go somewhere and corrupt it. They pass on false stories as if dem dey there and dish it out with so much authority… This is the typical demsay demsay. They are easy to spot, dem get everybody gist inside their head, like dictionary. The difference between this one and Gbeborun Nigeria Limited is Gbeborun gives you facts, these ones just jump to conclusions and pass it around. How do you come to such conclusions about people ? I'd like to say amebo nor be work...but na work these days oh.

Brethren Gossip - This one na for religious places dem dey find am. So Sister Emily says to Sister Patience and co " I want us to pray about sister Faith, she kinikan this, she kinikan that, she carry cocaine but no one knows, she's a runs babes, I'm not saying this to bad mouth her oh, just saying it so we can pray for her"...LOL. Ok. Oshe prayer warrior. I experienced this once and I was taken aback...did sister Faith request that you table her matter like this in front of everybody? In her absence?

Some of us recognize these gossips, some of these gossips are us. To gossip is easy, another pesin matter dey always sweet to gist, I tell you. However, it ruins a lot. It ruins relationships –all kinds. Watch yourself…don’t be it, and don’t be dragged into it. Like I said I try not to be dragged into the elejowewe club but social media doesn't help. LOL

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  1. Truth...so much Truth, it always ruins relationship:)
    Sisi t'was funny reading through but it's the truth.

  2. Elejowewe yayyyyyy!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  3. lolll too funny but do true.

  4. hehehe didn't know there were various types of gossips o

  5. You really got it right! To some people gossip is food to their soul they can't do without it!

  6. Gbeborun! Gbefila *clear_throat* I can like to pokenose sha...but I don't spill d ofofo to others sha! Lolz #ok_bye

  7. Gbeborun Nigeria Limited..... they are terrible

  8. Your best post ever. I don't think people realize how much damage they cause with their idle gossip and lies. Plus those little little abusive words. A girl's wedding pictures were posted yesterday and next thing, people were saying she's ugly, she looks impoverished even though she has access to money etc. These words sow seeds of discord in lives of those affected. That kind church brethren thing, I will speak up and ask the sharer if she got permission to share. I no send.

  9. Laughed so hard at the categories but it's soooooo true!! Great post hun loool

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  10. Lwkmd! Really true,and a lot of us do it without knowing. God help us

  11. Where I come from, we start a gossip session with 'aproko na my hobby'. Its a kind of caveat for the hearer(s) as in that case, anything you hear has been garnished with salt, Maggi and pepper! Lol! Aproko sweet sha, but the consequences of malicious aproko.... hmmm! may God help all of us!

  12. I know lots of elejowewe people. Dem plenty for my estate. Gossips without facts. They've destroyed families ehn. God help us.

  13. Sly Gossip!!!!!! these past years I don LEARN LEARN well well! Only the Grace of God that lifted me up from the SLY GOSSIP!
    They coax you, “babe talk to me, what is the matter, I can help, a problem half shared is solved” and you sef thinking you’ve found a caring person will just be downloading data.


    WHEN I had Me time with the Holy Spirit.... I said TOFIAKWA..... ehm we all live under the Grace of God. Just because someone looks blessed and carry Jesus For their front head.... The Lord knows the real DEAL!!! the sly PESIN di ask me say how do I do it. I just remember when the Lord said many will say I cast out demons in your name and the Lord will say I knew you not!!!

    I pray the Holy Spirit and the Love of Christ will minister to us all from the repercussions of GOSSIPING AND GOSSIPERS... Hurt people Hurt other people. So any weapon that fashion against you shall not prosper In Jesus Name. Amen!!


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