So the other day I went to buy asun from one of my favourite fast food outlets, if you've been reading my previous posts you will know the baddest asun I'm talking about.

In walks this gentleman, proceeds to be served, he wanted jollof rice with fried meat, the moin-moin looked nice too so he ordered for one. A portion of fried plantain, spaghetti and  a bottle of malt and he was done with the order. This man must be very hungry...see how stacked the plate is, but that's none of my business! LOL. Next thing that ensued was chaos. 

Bros brought out his card to pay and then the attendant told him, " Sir, our POS ees not woking"...
Bros: "Come again"?
Attendant: "The mashine is not woking" he said a bit could tell he was thinking about the enormity of that response. 

Next thing I know bros shouted, the guy flipped and I didn't see that coming, hunger nor know wetin be gentleman oh. "Are you mad??? I've been here ordering and you not even tell me that your POS is not workin...why did you now put it here? he said, picked up their POS machine and flung it, then proceeded to give them a good hearing and stormed out. 


How do you tell a hungry man after ordering food, salivating that he has to wait first, drive off to go and look for atm, come back and then eat the food he ordered. That's witchcraft in my opinion and if it were me no one can hold me responsible for anything I say or do when I'm hungry. 

My turn.

I went to a supermarket after work on Monday, I was so tired but I needed to pick up a few items, so I went there and spent a good almost 45 minutes picking this and that, add to the basket, changing my mind...normal supermarket runs. I was so hungry so I picked up 3 packs of plantain chips so I can just be munching before I get home.

I stood on this yeye queue for like 10 minutes only for the babe to announce that they've stopped using POS. I'm like...ehn? Why did you now gum interswitch in front of your supermarket. I really vexed but what vexed me most was the plantain chips that I had been practicing self control not to eat until I paid for it. I had to go home because the atm machine was too far for me.

I was upset.

This cashless policy doesn't work in Nigeria at all. Now the CBN has reintroduced N65 payment on all withdrawals when you use another bank's atm....from what I read the first 3 withdrawals in a month is free. Life is hard in this Nigeria oh. Imagine if you had to withdraw 100k at once, you know that will be N65 x 4 right? 

Not fair.


  1. Yep!!! I fully agree with you on that - the cashless thing does not work. I've observed all sorts of scenarios at supermarkets - customers having to fore go their shopping bcos no internet service etc. I always make sure I have some cash at hand for emergencies.

  2. 65 Naira?? who are they deceiving in this country.
    it does not make sense at all.

  3. first time im hearing about this N65. I always make sure i have cash on me o. learbt my lesson

  4. I'd rather take the stress of walking to my bank's ATM than make them remove N65 from my money. N65 wey fit spoil the remaining money.

  5. You see it is just hard to have faith that this country would change anytime soon. Cos as it is it seems to be getting worse than what it was before. What if the bank closest to me is not the bank i bank wa o ... I know how i am when am hungry chai i pity that man...and what if you had started eating the plantain chips sha....this country smh

  6. POS palava! That is how I went to one Makeup store(name withheld) to purchase products in Benin. After I've finished ordering my many many goodies, I withdrew ATM n asked to use POS. The silly being that calls herself a receptionist said 'can't u see the light is off, its not working abeg'. Ha! I lost my cool and just slammed the whole bag on the table and made my kingly departure. I wasn't even mad at the fact dt POS wasn't working, its the rude manner in which I was addressed.

  7. We have too many problems in this country. And now they've decided to add one more. It is only God that can help us in this country.

    Anyways,let's laugh our troubles away. LMao...this is def the silliest post ever..the silliestest sef...enjoy and LOL

  8. Haha... I've been a victim to this so many times in my life. One of my embarassing moments in life has to do with this mashine thing. Cashless policy in Nigeria is a capital NOOOOOO.

  9. But dey also charge in America,once u don't use ur bank to withdraw dey charge u $2.25cent which is more dan 65naira

    1. I was just gonna say the same thing!! Infact BOA is gangsta like that, they charge you too for using their card to withdraw @ another banks ATM. So you pretty much get charged twice. N65 ain't nufyn compared to that.

    2. You read my thoughts, you two.

  10. Running business in naija is expensive, for the brave at heart and for those with strong shock absorber, so to include POS wahala in the existing wahala and bills being managed is usually tiring and least of the things most businesses might want to deal with.Let me state the issues.
    1.) Network failure both 3G and broadband internet aren't always optimal or are completely none existence most times to support the service.And customers will so shout on your head if service no dey.Chei.
    2.) Bills to be paid; a merchant is charged upto 150 on transactions upto #10,000, tell me how do you want to sell at the same price and make profit.
    3.) Imagine a customer comes to pick up some items walks away and payment no reach your account.You have to chase bank with emails and phones to have access to such funds that's if you get it back.

    Sis i just tire for this POS matter jare..
    Please have a nice weekend.

  11. Thankfully, I haven't experienced this sort of thing, maybe cos I ask before proceeding with my purchases.
    I can't help but wonder what my reaction would be like, especially on an empty stomach! Someone would have to pay for the meal (AMEN!)... cos I ain't leaving without eating :)

  12. Its crazy!!! They should just forget about cashless policy biko.

  13. Honestly i tire for this country and it seems all the leaders are so far up they don't know what is going on. 65 naira ehen?! God is watching all of them.

  14. Nne!!! That's how I went into shoprite too o...this faithful evening, I was even glad that they hadnt closed yet. After picking everything, POS was not working! Took the grace of God for me to leave there without dragging someone by the tongue.

  15. To avoid this kind of heartache and knowing I'm in Nigeria, I always ask if the POS is working before I start shopping. If they say no...I just walk away. No time to waste!

  16. That's ridiculous!
    Its always one step forward, two steps back with us *sigh*


  17. Not only does it pain me that the Pos don't work, but the attitude of the receptionist/attendant.
    They talk to you like they are doing you a favour not realising it's the other way round.
    Very cold rude and caustic response.
    Happened to me at Poise Ikeja Mall.. MAC ikeja mall...very recently sweetkiwi lekki. Bobo and I had ordered.. I was salivating badly so i left him to sort the bill...couldnt wait....I had even chook spoon, looked for a good spot, balanced well and started eating...only for him to come and say that they said Pos no dey work. I was mad. We were cashless.. thank God I had 2k on me. Na so we gather change go pay. It is very embarrassing. .l

  18. Sisi Yemmie, biko ebukwala m ohhh. This is too funny esp. the part of the guy flinging the POS machine. I've even printed this entry out do I can read at home and laugh my brains out.

    I personally try to have faith/support in all these new policies they bring out especially since they lean to the side of convenience (since I'm lazy AF) but pple will just be laughing at me bcos of the hand-falling I have experienced at the hands of POS terminals and the like.

    It is a painful situation gaan

  19. It is annoying
    On Sunday I had to take a keke marwa to the closest GTB so that I would not pay any money online.
    It was offensive.


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