Recently I was at a gathering and I heard this confused Nigerian chic referring to some other girl as 'razz' because she speaks Yoruba. I overheard her saying to some people "her Yoruba is so 'konk', i feel its too razz", she said, with her nose in the air. And they all laughed. I turned to her and said, 'I beg your pardon'...and na so we start to argue...cos first of all I don't like it when people make derogatory comments about others. 

Ok, I will start by saying that today I am advocating for the pidgin language to be installed in our country and to be globally recognized and accepted as a language. Y'all beware cos when I become president, its ON! and we will have a pidgin dictionary as well(i think we already do tho)! lol. I haff tired of people referring to alot of Nigerian customs as razz...why should eating eba with our hands be considered as razz? why should wearing buba and sokoto be considered as razz? why should kneeling to greet one's elders be labelled razz? See, I nor dey lie, I have heard so many people label all these things as razz, if I dey lie make I naked baf!


Sigh...Im sure y'all know the tory about the oyinbo blue-eyed-blonde-baby that one 9ja couple produced, how they did it, I have no clue. Once again, we Nigerian's make international headlines with unusual news stories...first it was our pata (underwear) bomber, then our super eaglets at the SA World Cup...now this! We have actually produced a white baby! Bravo Bravo! I'm actually waiting for the end of that story cos we know say e no go end there. Na so oh, that night after reading the news I went to bed and na so I dream kpe...

Fastforward to JULY 2021

I was pregnant with my 5th child oh and hubby and  I were so excited about it- he had succeeded in naming our first 4 kids who were boys and I was so glad to be the one in charge of this one. Infact, I don get the pikin name since wey I dey secondary school, she was to be named 'Pearl' after one fine half-caste babe like this for my primary school dat time, so I believe say If I name my pikin after her, she go fine too. I was just excited about this baby, period. How can my hubby score goal four times and dem be boys? no even penality for me? I announced to everyone that I was having a girl and I begged all the fine girls in my church to be rubbing my belle while I waka far from dose wey wowo bellup them.

An attitude of gratitude!

Happy Sunday oh! Hope no sme sme today? Today I feel 'LED' to talk about good and godly things, for those looking for posts that will not glorify my heavenly father, please click here. Peace on you. Like I said, I am trying to be very good today; I woke up, said my prayers, played gospel music like most people do on a sunday morning to ginger themselves for sunday service. Today, i have come to show an attitude of gratitude. I should have gone to give this testimony in church but since im too shy nothing spoil, na here I go do my own cos the bible said, where two or three are gathered that the presence of the Lord is there (cant remember where exactly), so you and I equals two. Listen and be blessed!

Praiseeeeeeeee de Lord! Children of God praiiiiiiisssssssssseeeeee master Jesus!! Pra-pra-pra-praaaaaiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee de Lord! (in igbo accent). God is good (reply with 'all the time'). My brethren, last week I dey pack comot my house to this my new place, naim I look my load burst cry. Why? because the load dem plenty. I dey bite teeth, dey complain seriously even the taxi driver go don dey wonder if one nut never lose for my head. But as I was complaining, I felt ungrateful.


I have been having some kind of malaria abi na sickness symptoms and I was wondering, 'what could have caused this', apparently the answer is because I havn't blogged in 7 days and I've been moving house and that kain thing is tedious...Its like carrying cement bags and modelling it on a runway! Infact, I have a long post on that. Watchout! lol. As for those rotten minds thinking and insisting it was because I was doing another form of 'weightlifting' during my vacation all I can say to you is this ...IT IS WELL WITH YOUR SOULS! lol

Anyways, I moved into this apartment and met this lovely 9ja chic on my block (she dashed me indomie the first day and Lord knows thats how I met my boyfriend-indomie). So she invites me out and because boredom don bellup me I kuku carry myself go chop osho-free rice. I heard it was going to be a nigerian thingy, and trust me, it was. From Ebenezer Obey's music, to peppersoup, to agbada-wearing-men and loud-waist-shaking-mothers in gele skentele. Trust me, the whole works! If you like call me , 'mo gbo mo ya', na you sabi!lol

Lurf in Tokyo...

OHKAY! In case you're thinking of honeymoon location you should add this grenada  to your list, its one of the Carribbean Islands however bear in mind say dem no get 9ja food and their garri is salted and expensive! Infact eferitin is expensive. But the ocean is free and the sandsand is free so u can pack some as souvenirs for all your extended families and all those people that keep bugging "buy me something oh"...Also carry raid when u dey come cos these mosquito's for here fit kidnap pesin! Well me I sha didnt come here for honeymoon, I came for lurf in tokyo and I had fun. Yes! na man I come see, abi I never old reach? My mate don born ooo. Anyways now I have to get back to real life and its paining me...e dey pain me oh gan gan...Enjoy some of the videos and pictures. Seriously Grenanda tourism should pay me for this work no pay wey I dey do so .

My visit to annandale waterfalls...I was the camera woman so u can't spot me :). The first video is a lovely one of this dude serenading us...he said I look like ashanti...Is that a compliment?I'll take it as one :)

When I grow up?

Mehn...when I was a shild (child) things were so much more easier jare now when pesin don dey old many tory don dey get k-leg. I remember anytime any of my papa friends ask me, ‘babygirl what do you want to be when you grow up’ and my answer would be ‘Doctor’ cos my fada don dey sing am follow me since dem born me . Infact  ‘doctor’ was on the list of names dey use to do my naming ceremony. Not too long,  I discovered I was not the only one who wanted to be a doctor: all the shildren for my class wan be doctor, and all d shidren for dat my street too wan become doctor, all my cousins wan be doctor too. Na wah oh. I was now reasoning to myself, if all of us become doctor who go be the bus conductor? Or who go be gateman? I sha know say no be me and my mama don tell me say Godforbiddatkaintin!!! Ori mi ko!

  Na when I reach SS1 I know say to be doctor no be beans...infact to be a science student is not moi-moi. I hated maths, the numbers always confuse me, I could never successfully cram multiplication table-no wonder anytime exam reach I was ALWAYS sick! I hated chemistry, and physics was my enemy but how I go be doctor if i no do all those courses? 


Its actually true,Just try it


Don't tell me your age; you'd probably lie anyway

This is pretty neat. DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST!It takes less than a minute .Work this out as you read .Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've worked it out!This is not one of those waste of time things, it's fun.

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have sex(more than once but less than 10). Or perhaps pick a random number if your're celibate like me :)lol

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