When I grow up?

Mehn...when I was a shild (child) things were so much more easier jare now when pesin don dey old many tory don dey get k-leg. I remember anytime any of my papa friends ask me, ‘babygirl what do you want to be when you grow up’ and my answer would be ‘Doctor’ cos my fada don dey sing am follow me since dem born me . Infact  ‘doctor’ was on the list of names dey use to do my naming ceremony. Not too long,  I discovered I was not the only one who wanted to be a doctor: all the shildren for my class wan be doctor, and all d shidren for dat my street too wan become doctor, all my cousins wan be doctor too. Na wah oh. I was now reasoning to myself, if all of us become doctor who go be the bus conductor? Or who go be gateman? I sha know say no be me and my mama don tell me say Godforbiddatkaintin!!! Ori mi ko!

  Na when I reach SS1 I know say to be doctor no be beans...infact to be a science student is not moi-moi. I hated maths, the numbers always confuse me, I could never successfully cram multiplication table-no wonder anytime exam reach I was ALWAYS sick! I hated chemistry, and physics was my enemy but how I go be doctor if i no do all those courses? 

The only science course wey I like that time na biology and my favourite topic was always reproduction, I dey pass biology like fire...I could tell you everything in the male anatomy.lol...Erm but now i haff forget. I like Econs too but that was because the lecturer was a very nice man (no, I didn’t have a crush on him...rotten mind) and I will never forget his explanation on demand and supply and utility. I loved literature and I loved English...I was pretty good at those.

  Okay, university time don come, time to choose which course pesin go do and we all know kpe in 9ja some of our parents only recognise 3 courses Medicine, Engineering, Law  just like they recognise only 3 major languages Hausa Ibo and Yoruba...hmm...sometimes they can accept Accounting in the same way they are beginning to accept the Niger Delta. Oya I tell my mama say na Air Hostess I wan be, she twist my mouth. “Don't u know is ashawo those people are doing eehn? My child cannot do that oh...all those rich men on the plane will now be toasting you, you can’t even marry sef cos u will always be in the air, and even sef what if the plane go and crash”? That, was her argument, so I say ok oh, mo ti gbo.

  My second idea was to be an actress, my parents yari...”actress ke?is that a professional course ni?u want to go and be like Iya rainbow? (I was thinking in terms of Halle Berry ).Actress don’t have money and most of them are ashawo too, you will have to sleep with director ati be be lo and that career is not a responsible career for responsible people”.  Oya I now said I will like to be a writer, d eye wey my papa give me ehn na d kain eye wey dem dey give pikin wey carry belle come house.  The argument was this “writer? How much will you make? You think I will waste my money for you to go and be a writer? You must be kidding” he said with the authority of Jide Kosoko. I could not be a painter...or a musician...I couldn’t be a model also cos my legs no gree long...e just short like pistle.

  After they lambasted all my choices of a career I was left with just Medicine and Law...so I went in for medicine...e no reach 2nd year I comot, I say I no go do again. I jump enter mass communication (my father has not yet forgiven me...how will he explain to his friends that the doctor wants to be reading news on tv? )I consoled him with the fact that I’m aiming towards CNN  or I’m going to be like Orprah (Amin oh). Now I’m halfway into my masters in International Diplomacy (beautiful course for a beautiful girl...lol) and I’m back to square one again...what do I want to be when I grow up? Some people are lucky and have it figured out since they were born, I don't want do 'anywhere belle face' kind of career. I need a professional Career Advisor or coach, help! I just want to be successful!!! I guess I should spend more time studying the diagram below...sigh.



  1. LMAO @ your parents veto'ing your career choices, I went through the same with my peeps until I just got agidi and they left me alone! LOL!

    No worries, God will direct you :)

    And Happy 4th of July to you too!

  2. God will direct you, just let Him.

    It can be crazy. Career decisions are usually very confusing.

    But, all the best!

  3. Maybe you do need to talk to a career coach but with the course you're doing and how far you've come, I think you're on the right track. Just begin looking for the kind of jobs you want now. All the best.

    Happy 4th to you too.

  4. LMHO!...you are one funny babe o!.. really like your sense of humour... i dread maths & physics when in school, loved biology & agric.... managed chemistry...hehehe...
    just follow your passion.... parents are always like that...i would had taken to nursing or teaching but parents no gree..wanted professional courses.

  5. LOL!!! One word to describe ur posts - Hilarious...u had me so laffing.

    A sure way to success n satisfaction in life is to allow God take the wheels, let Him steer u aright buh since u already av a focus n career pattern, u could look at those areas where ur interests lie n where u function effortlessely i.e. where ure gifted. Sometimes, peeps choose career parts tt fetch money buh not much satisfaction. I wanna 'hammer' n at the same time wake each morning with a spring to my feet to get to work.

  6. You certainly are hilarious!!!Was laughing so hard i forget all the points i wanted to comment on!!!

    Yup, it all comes down to God's direction. N yeah it helps to let your decision revolve around what you're interested in. That way there'd at least be some respite when the job becomes a monotonous drudgery!

    Coming from somebody who's just about to make a drastic career change after 3years working...these are certainly just my few kobos!

    Tho ur path does far does sound mighty colorful. At least u stayed well clear off the mean subjects;)

  7. Girlllll, are you in my head? I'm clocking 30 and have no friggin' idea what my passion is or what I really want to do in the next 10 years. I dey jelox people wey don figure am out o.

  8. you are really funny..was laughing all the way..

    I pray the Lord directs u and ya i think u shld see a career coach as well

  9. I think it's best to do what comes natural for you, your parents have lived their lives, it is up to you, do something you enjoy and will change lives and enrich yours..

    Dokita ke, na hard work o.

  10. lolllzzzzz....my dear, we're in the same shoes. Infact some of my dad's friends still call me doc as my papa no know how to explain to them. Na my dad fill JAMB form and 1st choice- medicine, 2nd choice- medicine. AHHHH!!!!!! I don enta be that na..but i dnt like blood and hospital environments make me sick. 200L....I tear race comot, and now totally off science. With a masters in International Business Management, i ask the same question....where do i go from here?? Sweetie, ma wori, God has planned our steps even before we got here so HE'll direct us to where we should be. I'm still laffin at your language style....


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