Lurf in Tokyo...

OHKAY! In case you're thinking of honeymoon location you should add this grenada  to your list, its one of the Carribbean Islands however bear in mind say dem no get 9ja food and their garri is salted and expensive! Infact eferitin is expensive. But the ocean is free and the sandsand is free so u can pack some as souvenirs for all your extended families and all those people that keep bugging "buy me something oh"...Also carry raid when u dey come cos these mosquito's for here fit kidnap pesin! Well me I sha didnt come here for honeymoon, I came for lurf in tokyo and I had fun. Yes! na man I come see, abi I never old reach? My mate don born ooo. Anyways now I have to get back to real life and its paining me...e dey pain me oh gan gan...Enjoy some of the videos and pictures. Seriously Grenanda tourism should pay me for this work no pay wey I dey do so .

My visit to annandale waterfalls...I was the camera woman so u can't spot me :). The first video is a lovely one of this dude serenading us...he said I look like ashanti...Is that a compliment?I'll take it as one :)

This is a video of talented kids playing kpangolo...i know they call them 'steel pans' but no be drum una dey see there so?

the water is really that blue..lasgidi beach is black

its real oh...not photoshop...
Yes...I gree say i no dey hear word!
I think this is my fave picture..need to frame it
I wont tell u how many situps i had to do so i can wear a bikini...finally!of course i was scared jumping...shuo! i neva ready to die oo

they love colourful houses...

          i really loooove this picture

sisiyemmie grenada

                                                     ERM....THE END! *sob sob*


  1. 1.1sttttttttt,I hope?!!
    2.Greeeen yellow blue n black with envy!
    3.*Sizzle sizzle sizzle*, Ashanti’s an understatement gurl!Just spilled the darn coffee!lol.
    4.Nice Nice Nuiiiiice, I like!
    5.Looking awesome 2geda!Carry on,apporved!

    Wikipedia Grenada, scarcely heard of that destination!

  2. Nice... they have a medical school there that i think i applied to before i got accepted in the states. I could see u had fun. Jealous!!!

  3. hmmmm ... in 9mths time we shld be having a thanksgiving on blogsville!!(dis my mouth sef)

    where's my PA?(as if I ve 1).great honeymoon destination.sticking d name down smwhr 4 future reference.

    If I ever get to take my woman there, we wld definitely be coming bk wt triplets in d kitty!

  4. Love it. I've heard of Grenada, but never thought of going there. Now I will. You look gorgeous darling.

  5. Please tell me how you got flat stomach. Share.. you look good.

  6. best pix, the one with the 'keep off the grass', u really r a character.

    Fabulous pictures, buh u like enjoyment o...(who doesn't?)....n may I just say ur man's HUGE!....bouncers.....hehe....erm sorwie....i meant well built :)

    Very nice, plus i guess Ashanti aint gat nufin on u, buh since i ddnt see u as u were the camera can i tell? *wink*

  7. Oh men, na so so love in tokyo today o, hehehe...your pictures are so beautiful. I'll def be putting Grenada on my touring list.

  8. Nice pics... u r just enjoying urself. Indeed, lurf in Tokyo. lol

  9. First.... you are very beautiful, lucky him! no de hear word!..u no see the sign?..hehehe...9jas!
    Thirdly...i could had fitted well into your suitcase & won't disturb you guys if only you had asked if i wanted to go! *sulking*
    Lastly...the scenery /landscape look very inviting...& laughs @ the mosquito & salted eba.

  10. Thanks T.Notes, YankeeNaija, LDP, NGTOHW...U guys r making me

    Lol...Musco in 9months time nottin dey happun oh!

    Sting...u guessed right, medical schools over there loads..

    Omoregee...pleasee stop looking at my bobo oh...i know how to do karate! lol

    Andrea...ill do a blog about how i got my tummy...but uve gotta pay!

  11. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....I wanna go. I wanna go.

    ps: I love the picture where you gave him a peck. #Mushy. Lovely photos.

  12. thut you will add one picture of sex on he beach..nna wetin sef?

  13. the pictures are so so lovely!! aww! looks like a beautiful place... oh my! u must hv had the time of ur life oooo!!! i am jelox!!!!!

  14. am so jealous right the pictures, see you really had fun.

  15. Go away jo. We love our Lagos beach. You have to find the correct angle to see the blue color. Mschew! Because we didn't go to Grenada?

    I dey vex sef.

    Yes, I am beefing. Lol. Looks like you had a lot of fun tho. Good for you.

    Have a great weekend.

  16. awwww I need to visit the islands...:) Lovely pictures!

  17. wow
    im jealoux!!
    beautiful--nd that pic u sed u need to frame?--totally agree with u on dat one.

  18. Aww...nice holiday. Am jealous.

  19. lovely photos..and u are so pretty :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  20. PS:
    Go jare! Taqua Bay beach is an "alluring", fair-skin repellent, amazing dirty brown... hehehe. Cuts and bruises all over my bori for attempting to go swimming in it! Still, had small fun on the beautiful, scarce-trash-littered, fine sand!

  21. over-jealous de worry me o! beautiful pictures, love....

  22. I am literally stalking here. I got even excited seeing post on your visit to Grenada. I am currently in Grenada and it intrigues me to see the environment hasn't changed much except for the school pics. I don't know why i am excited sef. Buh yea, Grenada is a good tourist location that is not talked about that much. SisiYemmie forgive my stalking. I was just taking some personal free lessons from your blog


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