His Jokes cracked me up!!!!!!!! So sad he's gone!!!!



"The very talented comedian died this morning from injuries sustained in a car crash.
Eye witness report says the comedians car crashed into a carelessly parked car on wednesday night march 23,2011.
John was the one driving and he had other passengers in the car but he was the only one who died.
This morning thursday march 24,2011,his mother has gone to the hospital to sign the death sad!..God please give his family the strenght to bear the loss of their first child and breadwinner!" SNG!

Im sad that he's dead but glad that he happened!


 I cannot remember how many times I have almost been killed just by opening my email. People can be killed in more ways than one. Before, Sisi used to kpeme once in two weeks, from all those Chain emails I used to get. You know dem na...."forward to at least 20 people if not you will have bad news by tomorrow morning". Odiegwu! When i just started using technology in the early 2000, I used to be soooo scared when I read those messages ehn, my past mumu self will now be rigorously searching for emails addresses to forward to! But now I don wise....once I see FWD: in front of message, na delete kia kia! So na me Bill Gates love pass for this world soootaay he wan put me in his will if I fwd the message to 100 people abi??? I carry yansh for una!

Any how sha since I join the Association of BlackBerry Babes (Gbobgbo Bigs tinz) I have been getting some kain FWD messages ehn....some are cute: "Describe me in one word, and send it back to me! send this to all your friends and see what they think about YOU too!"... Some na FWD or DIE, sending Pastorly messages kon add jara threat at the end..."If u love Jesus pass it on or else your prayers will not be answered! But there are some on another level that I just have to GISTDOTCOM about dem. Shooooooo! Wetin pesin eye no go see these days? Anybody waiting for me to seriously update my status with the messages below are simply sleeping on Okada!


...NOT! lol. I'm only dreaming, I'm definitely not crazy! £2500 on a bag??!Seriously!!!! Oya now, my close friends know I have been hunting for a bag lately(siiiince last year lol), there is no shop wey i never enter. I go enter look price tag comot. Shoooooooo. I go enter shop, as the weather cold reach i go dey sweat! Why?!I enter House of Fraser for London, na so as i enter i notice kpe the atmosphere different from Primark so I comport myself. I try to take in air and act like a big chic that I am (Gulp!) Na so I see one bag and I got that feeling- you know the feeling you get wey you see fine girl/dude and just as he/she is about to say hello to you, the girl/boyfriend shows face! LOL. I got a big slap on my face when I saw that the bag was £2500! (Insert flabbergasted face). The sales lady just waka near me (she could tell all was not well)

Mulberry Lady :Are you alright?
Me: i beg your pardon? (i have to beg na, shoooo £2500?)
Mulberry Lady: Can I help you with any of the bags?
Me: Oh no, thank you, i haven't found one i like (with L-I-A-R boldy written on my face)lol
And then I walk away quietly...humbly...annoyed! and all I just wanted to say is : WHO DA HECK IS MULBERRY???Who GUCCI be? CALVIN KLEIN na god? PRADA get 2 head? Even if the bag is made of gold nko? shuoooooo!



I am here again! I know some people are already saying...ah! Sisi Yemmie haf carried belle oh....! Before una go carry kpangolo dey knack round village square, no be so! I was talking with a friend of mine and she was ranting about how much she's got to spend getting married because of all the ceremonies. Seriously! Weddings have been going on since the beginning of time, you would think things get easier but NO! We have to go through the whoooooole process! Hian! Bellanaija is not helping matters with all these lavish weddings they showcase.

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