...NOT! lol. I'm only dreaming, I'm definitely not crazy! £2500 on a bag??!Seriously!!!! Oya now, my close friends know I have been hunting for a bag lately(siiiince last year lol), there is no shop wey i never enter. I go enter look price tag comot. Shoooooooo. I go enter shop, as the weather cold reach i go dey sweat! Why?!I enter House of Fraser for London, na so as i enter i notice kpe the atmosphere different from Primark so I comport myself. I try to take in air and act like a big chic that I am (Gulp!) Na so I see one bag and I got that feeling- you know the feeling you get wey you see fine girl/dude and just as he/she is about to say hello to you, the girl/boyfriend shows face! LOL. I got a big slap on my face when I saw that the bag was £2500! (Insert flabbergasted face). The sales lady just waka near me (she could tell all was not well)

Mulberry Lady :Are you alright?
Me: i beg your pardon? (i have to beg na, shoooo £2500?)
Mulberry Lady: Can I help you with any of the bags?
Me: Oh no, thank you, i haven't found one i like (with L-I-A-R boldy written on my face)lol
And then I walk away quietly...humbly...annoyed! and all I just wanted to say is : WHO DA HECK IS MULBERRY???Who GUCCI be? CALVIN KLEIN na god? PRADA get 2 head? Even if the bag is made of gold nko? shuoooooo!

Na so I see one girl for facebook, have u guys noticed the polo shirts? not the pidgin polo oh. lol. I say the Ralph Lauren one? So many people are sampling theirs. Me I kuku did not know the name before, all I know is that people are wearing tee shirt wey get one horse or man wey dey hold cane.So i say to myself,kai!this must be designers. I kon go google, i almost jump out of my chair like say fire burn my nyash! Whaaaaaaaat?Ordinary Tshirt na £120?kpe kini? Becos dey draw man and horse? The bigger the horse sef the higher the price. I just jejely go buy my usual Tshirt kon tell my friend say I don buy Polo shirt oh, I am now on the big girls league!lol.

Friend : oh where is the polo shirt?
Me: Cant you see?
Friend: But this is plain!(pointing at my Tshirt)
Me: Well the horse and the man have rode away...!Hian!lol

Na so so designers everywhere, and I never see people wey like designers pass Nigerians! GUCCI sunshades, FENDI shoes, LV bags, LOUBOUTIN shoes, CALVIN KLEIN perfumes....the list is endless! Designer labels everywhere, sotay Aba/Ontisha people have started their own too GUGGI, FENDU, CALVIN On a serious note, this is too much money we are spending on things that have no REAL value, material things! We ignore orphans, charities and refuse to give aid to the needy but we can spend all our money wearing just a LABEL. That is what it is. LABEL! If they ask some label-wearing person to show their account balance here now, na zero kobo go dey! No Savings! Its about getting the new season's bag! Who did all this classification sef? "Oh...that dress is so last summer!" E concern you? I have clothes Ive been wearing since 2007 and they have refused to spoil or tear, yet no be designers.

Sadly, its mostly the youths doing this. How many of our parents wore designers at age 20? if we gather the money we spend on these labels e reach for some people to buy land. But no! We want to Wear Designers. We want to show off. We want people to know we are BIIGSSS. Show me your Account balance na! Hian!This is part of what leads to YahooYahoo.

I will not kill myelf, I have figured out why I don't have a bag yet, nor be say bag nor full market, the one wey I like my pocket no reach! lol. Next time you are about to buy something ask yourself, Am I buying a product or buying a BRAND?!


  1. Lovely post....and the designer crazed people can learn a thing or two. I think some people have misplaced priorities. I know someone who once had a Hermes bag yet did not have car. Well I say, to each their own.

  2. Thank u's all so annoying.

  3. LMAOF @ this post! 2 funny!

    Lol at your cloths refusing to tear.

    I agree with most of the things u said. Label whorism is not attractive especially when u still look a mess after spending all that money!

    However I am also in support of splurging every once in a while. I believe we all deserve it. Cliche but life really is indeed too short.

  4. Apt.Filled with humour and laced with the truth.
    I once read a battle of comments on linda Ikeji as people were verbally abusing each other based on kpe person wear primark or not---->
    well sha I like your posts jare..well written

  5. True talk. Tell them. LOL @ the man and the horse rode away.

  6. Lwkm! 'the man n the horse av rode away' hahahahaha.....nice one!

    True words all da way....

  7. Hahahah!! ROTFLMAO! I'm actually trying to hold my laughter cause i'm in the office and i'm really not supposed to be on blogger! LOL!!

    I totally feel you. I can't carry that much money just for a label oh! WHat if you pass one doorway and your shirt or bag tears! Wahala! I look at labels with side eye and just buy whatever- as long as it fits me and i like it.


  8. Sisi Yemi oh! You have me in stiches!! Too funny :D
    You really are something!
    "Label whorism" as Dith put it isn't going anywhere soon oh! Add our human need to show off to our Naija "I pass my neighbour" mentality and you have a combination that guarantees luxury labels will never lack customers.
    Those bags were not made for spirits oh! When I can afford to spend, I will. Until then, I'll live within my means and dream on...

  9. Lolllllllllllllllolll, have you ever thought of starting comedy as a part-time job ehn?..i can be your manager & be taking! i mean 20% chei..hahhaaaa.

    Ha! my thought exactly, that when aired it in Linda's, i was insulted! Which name dem no call me! Up to riff-raff! hypocrite! fasto!.

    abegiiiiii!...SOME 9jas too dey form o jare!

  10. roflmao! @ the rider and horse rode away!

  11. The horse and the rider rode

    Ah, I no dey talk oh. If na clean Oshodi jeans my money fit reach, that na wetin I dey buy.

    Some people fit cut pea-coat from their cloth, me if na waistcoat my cloth fit reach na waistcoat I go cut.


  12. lol.. ur too funny sisi
    well if i were indian, I'll sell my hair to raise money 4 £2500 handbag

  13. LWKMD!!! OMG you are hilarious. hahahah@"not the pidgin polo oh"
    anyways.. there is truth in everything you have said. most pple buy brands not actual products. but if you can afford it.. why not se. God dey ooo....we Nigerian peeps need to get our priorities right sha, that's all I ask.

  14. LWKMD! Sisi Yemmie you have do it again o! Saying the truth in a comical manner. I guess people just have misplaced priorities. My Aba brothers can't be left out of the game...they will always have

  15. True talk...i couldn't agree more. I would rather buy something I can afford and still have money in the bank than buy designer clothing and be broke. The designers are getting richer while many of us are going broke trying to be in vogue. And to think these designers could care less about us...I rest my

  16. lmoa
    u left me in stitches
    so true though, 2500 for a bag, it better come with a free bb torch, ipad 2, 100ml bottle of vera wangs rock princess, and a diamond ring inside #tar, wil i carry the bag to heaven.

  17. hahahahahah! i was laughing through out this post! u'r so funny :p
    and to me i jst dnt see the difference between these very xpensive designer items and their cheaper relatives,lol. infact sef..most of them are either plain or ugly, it's hard to see a designer thing that's very pretty. even if u show me a pretty one, i'll show u ten prettier cheaper ones :p
    ..i would never buy a 2500 pounds bag, when my dad isnt bill gates,lol.

  18. LMAO at "the horse and man have rode away!"

    This post is very true. And its silly because ppl go spend all this money to wear a logo and all they are really doing is giving free advertisement to the brand. Not even, they are PAYING to advertise the brand. Nonsense. Me, im too cheap to fall into that kind of business lol.

  19. You wanna see label whoreism? Go to tumblr. Simple plain envelop wey dem go write YSL on people will reblog it from now till tomorrow! Na ordinary paper with YSL logo on it. I seriously don't get it

  20. loool, am not a big fan of "designers" but am not against it either... ha! People just "over_do" it... (esp. Nigerians and oh so Chinese people too o) what's wrong with getting regular trendy nice things on deals (A.K.A. SALESS!!!)? do people just FORGET about those?

    But once in a while sha, it's good to treat yourself(if u av d money ofcos) or for someone else to! :D

  21. Lol Nna na wa and man with cane!

    I think its all an identity crisis...‎​​We must separate ourselves from the life.....and Live the real life found in God alone

  22. I for fear o, lol...funny post! True too.

  23. truth telling in a humorous way as usual. Fela Durotoye said a white t-shirt can be N500, but when you place a tiny crest on the front, it will become N5,000. Is the thread they use o sew the crest N4,500? the truth is that you are not paying for the shirt, you are paying them to wear their brand. Which is so so pointless.
    To me, the fact that you wear a designer doesn't make you big. what makes you big is how much worth of investemnt you have, whether shares, real estate, etc. How liquid you are (Your current account balance), etc.
    Some people just like to invest in trivial things, things that will fade soon and get them nowhere. That is materiality.

  24. OOHHHMMMMGEEEEE !!!!! you are freaking hilarious. i dont know how i never came across you blog, but you are surely subscribed too right this very moment. abeg oh. you bring out the razz side of me in a good way.

  25. As much as this post is funny, you have spoken the truth!

    Misplaced priories, inferiority complex, low self esteem is worrying some people.

    Your value does not stem from the material things u have...if only people knew this

    thanks for this post.

  26. haha...I read the title and thought, this has to be a big

    Thank goodness it is.
    The things I could do with 2500 pounds...hmm

    VERY funny post tho.
    I like how the horse n man rode away...too funny

  27. Yemmie i knw ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ cnt try ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ sef! Bt al d same naija peeps like show n dats wats killing dem! Bt mi 4 no mind d bag sha.
    Head 4 dey carry am put! Lol!!

  28. sisi yemmie! cant bliv i havent been ff u. u hav such a fabulous blog hun. i think if u work hard enough n u can afford designer stuffs comfortably... n u have genuine likin for a particular item, y not? wot i dont support however is doin it bcos u want 2 b biggz wen u dont even have one naira in ur acct.

  29. humour laced with correct talk.
    Every body must to bigz.

    I would rather carry my money travel than too buy material things.

  30. ROTFL @ the horse and the man have rode away...

  31. This is one funny blog, where have I been. Lol @ 'the man & D horse av rode away' U too mush jare, keep it up.
    Following u right away, u could 'retaliate' @ mine too:

  32. Great post. As funny as it is, you've spoken wisely and I commend you.
    Folks need to realize "That is what it is. LABEL!"

  33. Youy this Yemmie girl have killed me with lafta and I have died. I like your style jare. If pesin buy bag for GBP2,500.00 how much money pesin go come dey put inside. Which kain sense dey for make pesin buy bag with her life saving she no come get money put inside the bag. The bag go protest now.

    Wetin me dey do be say, I dey buy normal shirt come go Aba go buy designer label gum to the shirt. If I wear am, anybodi wey talk say no be designer shirt I wear, make he come commot am for my bodi.

    I dey gbadun humor o, omo infact I dey follow you like follow follow straight away.

  34. I had a good laugh! Thanks. I like the rider and the horse rode away comment. Oh my! Tears running down my eyes!

    I am in the market for a new bag too and have seen some really good 100% leather bags for under 100quid. What more can a girl ask for? I do have to say though that some people can truly afford designer clothing and bags and that is fine. The others who drink garri so that we think have arrived are the ones I feel sorry for.

    A few years ago, I would not even spend 100pounds on a bag and had no qualms about carrying my N4000 bag. It is called self confidence people.

    Life is in phases. You jum ahead, you are asking for trouble.

  35. Loool! @response to bag lady: "...Oh no, thank you, i haven't found one i like" Now THAT is a smart answer!! I shall use this when I find myself in a similar situation lols! I loved this post!

  36. Hahaha, u just made my day. Same thing has been happening to me, I have been looking for a nice black back since April 2010, I haven't found. Shops are just getting too excited with their prices. Designer ko, limited edition ni, mschew!

  37. hahaha, you made my day. As if you know what is disturbing me. I mean I have been looking for a very nice black every day bag since 2010 oh, mi o ri!

    These designers are just getting too excited with their prices, infact shops in general, its o annoying. How am i supposed to open my eye and buy a £2500 bag, kilode, cos its channel!

  38. Great posts

    Truth be told some of those bags are worth the money.

    Each time i go shopping my eyes are drawn to particular bags, the price of which I cant afford. why my eye no 'draw' to the cheaper bags na?

    Plus I have two highly fashionable sisters. One of my sister is the type to buy a hermes bag in several colours 9apart from her LV ati be be lo oh, whareva)

    I place value on ther things so it doesnt sway me. I know its a big deal back home and thats why I am not looking to go back to such a materialistic yet poverty stricken mentality back home.

    Anyway I hope you got the bag that matched your budget? Why dont you try TK maxx? they have some awesome deals


  39. Ehhhn Sisi Yemmie, na true you talk but let me ask.....If i give you, you go take abi you no go take am on principle??

    My norwegian friend refused a diamond engagement ring on principle... that it was stolen from SA, so her fiance had to get her some other stone. Will your principles take you that far???

  40. Lol this is the second blog I am reading and I am glad im back to blogville. Very nice! Wait-converting dat money makes it 5000 united states dollar...oga ooo..
    definitely gng to kip coming to ur ur blog

  41. babes you make too much sense o jare! my bank account is plump and I still have enough to burn on a nice trip. so why i go dash calvin klein some long tinz?! the guy go take my own, add am to him own..mbanu, sam!


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