Get The SISIYEMMIE Cookbook " A Time To Eat" at 1/2 Price !

It’s Black Friday all over and I must join in this parade!

My Cookbook : A Time To Eat is now 1/2 Price! If you’ve been stalling to get it, you have no excuse now! It is a Digital Cookbook and Downloads straight to your device :)

KIDS COOK FOR THE FIRST TIME! Favourite Pasta Recipe

Tito and Tiara cook their first meal! They always love this pasta in their lunch box so I decided to show them how I make it. We had so much fun filming this and we hope you enjoyed watching too! What did you do with your kids for their mid-term break?

5 THINGS I DO at the beginning of EVERY MONTH!

Happy New Month everyone! I'm excited to kick of the month of November by sharing 5 Things I Typically do at the Beginning of every month. Are you like me? I wish you all an amazing month!
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